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ТОР prepare special networks

Supply of investors' resources near Khabarovsk try to speed up and reduce the price

Minvostokrazvitiya wants to achieve the cheapest tariffs for electricity and water supply for the residents of Khabarovsk's territory, First Deputy Minister Alexander Osipov told EastRussia. At the same time, the department intends to accelerate the construction of infrastructure - initially it was planned to be delivered by the end of 2017. Meanwhile, judging by the information on the construction schedules placed by the management company TOR, JSC "KRDV", with the speed of construction of a part of the infrastructure for TOR "Khabarovsk" there may be problems.

ТОР prepare special networks
The Ministry for the Development of the Far East is forced to look for mechanisms to accelerate the construction of infrastructure for one of the first territories of advanced development (TOP) in the Far East, established in the suburbs and suburbs of Khabarovsk. This was reported by EastRussia First Deputy Minister Alexander Osipov, who held on Thursday a meeting on the construction of infrastructure TOP. The event was attended by heads of development institutions, officials, representatives of resident companies.

“TOP“ Khabarovsk ”is ahead of schedule in terms of the number of residents and the volume of investments, determined by a government decree. Therefore, there is a need to build as quickly as possible the infrastructure facilities that we have planned to meet the needs of residents and to launch as many enterprises as possible, which are supposed to be commissioned at the end of this - the beginning of next year. We are dramatically accelerating the construction of infrastructure, ”said Mr. Osipov.

According to the official, the meeting also discussed the issues of tariff regulation for residents of the Khabarovsk TOR - it is expected that at the sites of this TOP "it will be possible to establish one of the lowest tariffs in the Far East for energy and water supply, sanitation". "Now we are negotiating with the tariff regulation body of Khabarovsk Krai, resource-supplying organizations and guaranteeing suppliers, we are developing such technical and legal solutions," the First Deputy Minister said.

"All industries need electricity. It is known that on the so-called high side, that is, on high voltage facilities of the unified national energy system, the lowest tariff. Therefore, we have chosen to join the facilities of the Federal Grid Company and provide electricity for this tariff for the power supply of the Khabarovsk TOR. It was decided that technically we will build a high-voltage power plant, which will reduce losses and rationally load equipment, and most importantly - will give a low tariff and large volumes, "explained the First Deputy Minister.

He specified that the "Corporation for the Development of the Far East" (KRED - the management company of the TOR) for the federal budget will make the main distribution of networks within the site. "We will leave the right of choice. If the organization wants, then depending on the volume of consumption of its devices can join directly to a higher capacity, "- said the official. In the coming days, added Alexander Osipov, the new tariff setting procedure for residents will be determined by government decree "On the peculiarities of joining the power system of the Khabarovsk TOP".

“The issues of water supply will be solved in the same way, because every resident needs water, at least for a washstand, and even for technologies. Due to the good position of the head of the tariff regulation body and the productive position of local authorities, a number of legal and technical solutions have been found that will help us have cheaper and more profitable water supply and wastewater tariffs, ”assured Alexander Osipov.

TOR "Khabarovsk" was created the second in the Far East - the government decree № 630 from 25 June 2015 year. Provide it with all the necessary infrastructure for the residents was originally planned by December 2017 year. The main site of the TOP, which calls for networking, is a clean field (greenfield format) with an area of ​​520 ha of land near the village of Rakitnoye in the Khabarovsk Municipal District.

Around the site in Rakitnoy should be repaired about 11,5 km of roads, built a new heating path from the current TM-11 JV "XTC" in diameter 300 mm, the length of 1,5 km, and the central heat point - they will provide up to 35 Gcal of heat per hour. Local treatment facilities should have a capacity of up to 1,2 thousand cubic meters per day, a new water main - from the point of connection to the main water pipe along the prospectus 60-anniversary of October to the border of the site "Rakitnoye" - to supply 4,5 thousand cubic meters of water per day. Residents should also be provided with gas (up to 19,5 thousand cubic meters per hour) and electricity (total power consumption - 92 MW).

Specially for supplying residents of the Rakitnoye site, PJSC FGC UES is to build a Vostok substation at 220 kV with high-voltage lines 220 kV Khabarovskaya CHPP-3 - Hekhtsir 2. The construction of the object is estimated at 866,3 million rubles. Techprisoedinenie to it - as early as 320,2 million rubles. The website of the KRDV in the monitoring of infrastructure construction indicates that "FGC" should complete the construction by December 25 for 2017 December, but so far it has not started - the company is waiting for the adoption of a government decree on the specifics of joining the power system of the Khabarovsk TOR. "In working order, the approval of PJSC" FSK "for the commencement of work and the implementation period - 1 year was received. PJSC "FSK" prepared documents for obtaining a building permit, "the report on infrastructure construction says.

A similar situation with water supply and sanitation. Water pipeline cost 320 million rubles. And cleaning costs of 323 million rubles, according to the KRDV, have not even begun to be built yet, although the deadline for completion of their first stages is December 2017. As a reason for the high probability of failure of the terms, "long-term approval of the territorial planning project (PPT) for a linear facility" is indicated. RPT for the infrastructure facilities of Rakitnoy was prepared by LLC Rosengineering Project.

It is noteworthy that according to the initial plans, investments in the infrastructure of the TOR "Khabarovsk" should have amounted to no more than 1257,99 million rubles. from the federal budget and at least 1103,11 million rubles. from the budget of the Khabarovsk Territory and extrabudgetary sources, and they were supposed to be implemented for the 2015-2017 years. According to the latest version of the government resolution on TOR, the indicators of infrastructure investments are set at 2319,17 million rubles. and 2298,76 million rubles. respectively, and the period of their implementation is extended by 2020 year.

Now for the sites of the TOR "Khabarovsk" there are general pricing principles. According to the tariffs, industrial consumers of electricity with a capacity of, for example, up to 150 kW will pay for one consumed kilowatt of 6,24 rubles, with a capacity from 670 kW to 10 MW - 2,15 rubles. per kilowatt. The standard consumption of a small business is 1-3 MW. Tariffs for other services are not differentiated. Therefore, one cubic meter of cold water will cost the industrial user both in TOR and outside it, regardless of consumption volumes, in 36,47 rubles, hot - 119,04 rubles, and 1 discharge of a cubic meter of effluents - 35,29 rubles. One gigacallorium of heat is estimated by the Khabarovsk resource-supplying organizations at 1575,16 rubles, 1 thousand cubic meters of gas - at 9681,9 rubles.
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