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Sberbank offered the market new products to assess employee development

We are already accustomed to the fact that professional services in the HR field, for example, training or employee assessment, can be purchased from specialized providers. But there are organizations that independently develop great products and have extensive experience in their application. Sber recently offered the market several of its own developments: the SberQ executive assessment tool, the HR4HR development program for HR professionals: How to manage human resources in the digital world, and soft skills training. Yulia Simonyan, a business partner for working with personnel of the Far Eastern Sberbank, told EastRussia in more detail about them.

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- For whom it was created SberQ?

- Initially, SberQ was developed for internal use, to assess the competencies of Sberbank managers. It is important for us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each leader in order to set him up for suitable tasks. The results of this assessment are used, for example, to make decisions about hiring new managers, promoting within Sberbank, or for key roles in companies in our ecosystem. In addition, we actively train our leaders, and it is important for us that leaders know what to focus on in their development.

- Who can use SberQ now?

“We have actively used SberQ within our large team and have appreciated its reliability and efficiency. And we realized that we are ready to share it with the market. This is a quality product that has no analogues in Russia and meets the latest trends, for example, it uses gamification. SberQ can be bought by both corporate clients of any industry, and individuals, for example, people who have set themselves the goal of achieving high managerial positions. We also have experience of using this product in regional authorities.

- What customers SberQ is received as a score?

- This is a detailed report that includes scores for 32 characteristics of the head. In addition, we certainly offer each participant a feedback session with our expert. The meeting can discuss the results of the assessment and formulate conclusions. Such work helps the leader to see himself from the outside and understand how to become more useful for his organization.

- How is the assessment going?

- One of the most interesting features of this tool is one full day of simulation, when the assessor experiences one day in the life of the CEO of a large corporation of the future. Preliminarily, the participant gets acquainted with the business case: a description of the company's business, its structure, competitors, and the external environment. Then, online, the participant is faced with a huge number of the most realistic tasks and situations typical for the CEO level. All this time, experts are watching a person through a webcam. This allows you to qualitatively assess competencies and have no doubt that the assessment is passed by the participant himself, and not someone else instead.

During the day, the participant answers calls, letters, invitations, offers, “meets” the characters, and solves complex problems. At the same time, he is constantly forced to prioritize and make decisions about which events to react to and which not. All this is happening in a very dynamic format. Thanks to this, we can identify what competencies the subject has, evaluate how he gives feedback to his employees, how his communication skills, decision-making skills are developed, whether he is emotionally stable and whether he is generally able to be an effective top manager.

Before the simulation, the participant must go through the stage of psychodiagnostics - he fills out special questionnaires (online, at a convenient time) and undergoes an hour-long interview with an assessor in Zoom. Psychodiagnostic tools are formed on the basis of generally recognized and already proven techniques, as well as on the basis of the developments of the Sberbank Laboratory of Neurosciences and Human Behavior. The questionnaires are designed in such a way as to minimize the effect of social desirability. At the intuitive level, the assessor will not be able to determine which questions will make his portrait more attractive and somehow influence the result.

SberQ works great in a remote format, which makes it convenient for use in a pandemic.

- Sber also has a line of soft skills development programs. What is this product?

- These are trainings aimed at the development of so-called soft skills (a set of non-specialized skills important for a career that are responsible for successful participation in the work process, high productivity - прим. ред.), for example, systems thinking, emotional intelligence, responsibility, client-centeredness and others. These skills are universal and in demand everywhere, but there is an opportunity to adapt training to the specifics of the customer organization. We are now offering these trainings online, but as soon as possible, training can be conducted in person.

- Who can get soft skills training? To whom will they be most useful?

“We offer these trainings to a wide range of corporate clients. The available training topics cover many of the training needs of companies - to tighten up teams, strengthen the skills of leaders, and provide effective operating tools for work.

- What is HR4HR and who is this product aimed at?

- HR4HR is an educational project for HR professionals. Part of the project is a free video course available to everyone on the official YouTube channel Sberbank. The video course tells about the most striking cases of implementing digital HR tools in Sberbank. In addition, corporate clients can additionally order customized HR4HR webinars for their team on topics relevant to them.

The HR4HR program is developed by the leaders of Sberbank's HR areas and trains HR teams to create and implement digital tools for effective people management, identify the needs of employees within the organization, and form the best experience in using and communicating HR products.

- What the webinars are about HR4HR, how do they go? Are they available to everyone?

- Webinars HR4HR is a product for corporate clients. It is relevant if the company is ready to implement new HR tools and has set itself the task of digitalizing the HR function.

The customer company can choose the number (at least three) and topics of the webinars. There are a lot of possible topics, and all of them are selected for specific client needs. For example, new approaches to the selection, assessment, development, career planning, corporate culture management, the introduction of electronic HR workflow. One webinar is designed for an hour and a half, it is led by an expert practitioner who is ready to share life hacks and answer questions from participants in a live mode.

- Are such proposals relevant in the current conditions, when companies are trying to save on everything?

- Sure. Now our clients are most interested in obtaining tools that will make the organization more effective here and now. These are investments not only in the future, but also in the present. Sberbank has the opportunity to invest resources in new developments, but not all companies are now ready for this. In this case, you can purchase ready-made solutions from us and significantly save on development. I also believe that in a pandemic, it is more important than ever to mobilize existing resources and include new ones that are not yet being used.

In the service area of ​​the Far Eastern Sberbank, you can consult on these products by sending a request to the mail (Yulia Simonyan, HR business partner, Far Eastern Sberbank).

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