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Top 5 Popular Aviation Myths

On the plane you can use the phone, breathe calmly and not be afraid for autopilot

After all, did you hear, or, perhaps, were even sure that using a mobile phone could lead to a serious malfunction of the aircraft? Or the fact that on board people get drunk faster? Site Journalists Air charter service debunked the five most popular avia myths, and we suggest you familiarize yourself with them.

Top 5 Popular Aviation Myths

Chartering a private jet is a very expensive pleasure.

There is still an opinion that only celebrities and big businessmen can afford to charter a private jet. In fact, everyone can find advantageous offers on air travel by private flights. Discounts can be found on empty or, as they are also called, ferry flights. Consider what it is and how it works.

When booking a one-way ticket, the return empty flight of the aircraft is not profitable for the airline, therefore companies offer good discounts on such flights. Such offers can be found most in the holiday seasons. By the way, it is very beneficial to travel as a group.

Autopilot does all the work

According to some airline users, pilots do not do any work in the control of the aircraft, since the automatic piloting system does everything for them. Indeed, technologies in the aviation industry are developing rapidly, but at the moment, human participation is necessary for the flight. Autopilot system processes and reacts to the parameters set by the crew (course, altitude, navigation, etc.), so that without the participation and control of the pilots it cannot perform any actions.

The pilots themselves undergo a long and serious training, allowing them to navigate the complex aircraft control system both in routine operation and in emergency situations. But still, we note that autonomous flights of commercial aircraft, like unmanned drones, are not such a distant prospect.

Your electronic device may cause navigation system failure

It is believed that the included mobile phone, taken with you on an aircraft, can lead to serious malfunctions in the navigation system. But there is no official evidence confirming the veracity of this myth. 

Actually US Federal Commission limited the use of mobile devices on board aircraft not with the purpose of securing the navigation system, but in order not to clog the terrestrial network broadcasts with a signal reflected from several towers at once during the flight. This myth could have been born due to the fact that some airlines prohibit the use of mobile phones so that passengers do not miss safety briefings.

Dirty air in an airplane can make you sick

Have you ever been ill right after your flight? It is believed that this is due to the lack of air from the outside and the circulation of already recycled air between healthy and sick passengers. In fact, the aircraft are equipped with the latest filter systems that clean air from pathogenic microbes by almost 100%. So in modern aircraft, the air is cleaned about 30 once in one hour. And even with this air purification, the cockpit of commercial aircraft is subjected to deep cleaning every day. But the antibacterial agent for the hands will still not be superfluous in flight.

In a plane, alcohol intoxication comes faster

There is a myth according to which during a flight, alcohol faster affects the human body. And the “rationale” of this idea is this: the higher a person is above ground level, the lower the oxygen content in the inhaled air, and therefore the metabolism of alcohol changes, due to which more rapid intoxication occurs. But it is proved that height does not have the described effect on the rate of development of intoxication. Yes, in the cockpit, the pressure level is lower than on the ground, which is why there is less oxygen in the inhaled air, so that dehydration occurs faster. Therefore, after drinking an alcoholic drink, you will not become excessively drunk, but also do not forget about the possible dehydration.

A little more about common air myths

Other interesting myths related to flights are known. For example:

● Lightning strikes are extremely dangerous to aircraft. Modern engines are able to withstand lightning strikes without causing machine malfunction.

● The contents of the toilet from the aircraft are thrown into the air. This is not the case, all waste is disposed of exclusively at the airport, since we are talking about environmental pollution.

● Tweezers are not permitted on board the aircraft. It's also a myth: it's on the list of allowed items.

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