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Subtleties of Zhilfin

Residents of Primorye were told about resolving financial issues related to property

The intricacies of housing financial literacy to owners and tenants of housing, as well as specialists from state and municipal bodies, organizations of housing and communal services were told in Primorye. The experts of the information portal Zhilfin.rf (within the framework of the project of the Ministry of Finance of Russia on financial literacy) held special events for residents of the region and told what an energy service contract is, can homeowners leave the HOA and refuse some housing services, for example, the concierge.

Subtleties of Zhilfin
Special project Financial literacy

Earning opportunity

Participants learned how to get income from the common property of an apartment building, and how to take it into account in order to spend it correctly. The expert urged the owners to pay attention to the possibility of such earnings.

“In the management agreement for an apartment building, you can prescribe, if the house receives income, how to account for this money and how to spend it. Otherwise, the money falls into the account, and then every time you have to hold a general meeting to decide where to spend it, ”said Olga Arintseva, chair of the Public Chamber of the Kaliningrad Region, expert of the Zhilfin.rf project.

A home can earn from installing equipment for cable or other television, the Internet, and even from alternative energy sources, for example, from solar panels, as well as from renting or selling parking spaces. A similar practice exists in different regions of Russia.

Resources and house maintenance

Experts also spoke about the peculiarities of paying utility bills and maintenance services for common house property, about how owners have to pay and for what.

“The more money the family spends on the payment of resources, the less is spent on the maintenance of the house, on its maintenance. And the less money is spent on a house, the more resources are consumed. If we do not invest in the pipe, there is a leak - heat, water. And the less we spend money on a house, the faster its destruction occurs, ”Olga Arintseva noted.

Experts explained how important it is to invest in a house, given its age. As for private houses, it is for them that energy service contracts will soon be relevant, since they are concluded with the sole owner of the premises.

Owners and tenants

Also, experts answered participants' questions regarding real housing problems. They were told who can make the final decision on certain issues - HOA or the general meeting of tenants, who can take part in meetings of tenants - the landlord or the person who actually lives there. The participants were interested, and what sanctions the municipality can apply to tenants of apartments who do not live in them, but rent out to others.

“If the contract contains a ban on renting the premises to third parties and if the municipality has evidence of violation, this is the basis for terminating the contract of employment,” said practicing lawyer, project expert Zhilfin.rf Lolla Kirillova.

If municipal authorities are in no hurry to check such apartments or terminate agreements with tenants, you can complain to the regulatory authorities about tenants who receive income and do not pay taxes. An appeal to the Housing Inspectorate can also help, because officials as homeowners do not fulfill their duties.


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