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Therr Maitz: to success in English

The band with the Far Eastern background will announce a new album for the Grammy Award.

For some, Therr Maitz is a guy with glasses with a billboard (probably a foreigner). For others - the Russian participant of the show “Voice” -2013, who took off to the semi-finals with the song “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaac. For Moscow stars - composer and arranger. But fans know that “Ter Mates” - as the name is pronounced - is Anton Belyaev from Magadan and five more talented guys. Since 2006, Therr Maitz is a metropolitan team, today the group has millions of views on YouTube, touring in our country and abroad. Why fame is “a jacket from someone else’s shoulder,” as foreigners belong to an English-speaking team from Russia, and when the new album comes out, East Russia asked the band’s frontman.

Therr Maitz: to success in English
Photo: Courtesy of Terr Maitz

- Anton, remember when you decided to leave the Far East? What drove you?

- At that time I reached the maximum development in my environment. It was difficult to develop further and no matter what. It seems to me that all musicians seeking to expand the audience need to scale from their native city to the central cities of their country, to go beyond, this is a natural process! The idea to be somewhere else, to play in some other places, not limited to the city, visited me from the institute. At first, desires did not coincide with the possibilities, it took time.

- How much in your pocket did you go to Moscow?

- I had several tens of thousands of euros. It seemed that this wealth, but in fact I rented an apartment for a year, bought the equipment of the last sample, and that’s it, the deep poverty began.

- 2006 year, in front of you - Anton Belyaev. What mistakes would you warn yourself against?

“There are so many of them that I don’t know ... It’s impossible to move back to change something, it’s fantastic.” It is very important to decide everything in your situation, because the guy who then went to the capital, he thought, did something, and this led to what is. Now, with my experience, I may be too clever for that situation, that is, I may not correspond. And then it could not be useful, and, maybe, and prevent, you understand? I did some things headlong, analyzing, but not knowing how the business works. Now a similar situation (laughs). Everything is good in its time. Personal advice is difficult to try on a wide audience. I am often tortured by people starting a career. I want to help, but, unfortunately, this jacket can not be put on another's shoulder, do everything so, here is the instruction, here are five actions, and you will have everything, like me.

- What kind of haters from Khabarovsk who "sleep and see that you stumble"?

- At the start there were people, next to whom we developed, they said: “You don’t need to go there, there are people like you - hundreds, thousands. You are no different from them, you will come back with a tail between your legs and break your life. ” Perhaps they said it with good intentions. After the person told you this, it’s bad for him, when he is wrong at the end, he feels frustrated. At the very beginning of the journey, I communicated with many people and did not recall what parting instructions they sent me in the back. Until you shoot and win, all those who thought it impossible are justified as follows: “See, I told you! They left, three months passed, but they are not shown on Channel One. ” Or we say that we are leaving, and on our page someone writes: “they didn’t leave anything, saw them last week”. And at that time we really did not leave. This is a little ridiculous, but when you are in an unresolved situation, it can hurt. Do you think, here are some goats, for what? We are all living people, and the reaction is present inside, cuts, fear, dissatisfaction with ourselves. Outwardly, I never react, because I hope these people did not get much pleasure.

EastRussia help. The group Therr Maitz was assembled by musician and producer Anton Belyaev in 2004 in Khabarovsk. Funk, Deep House, Indie, Trip Hop, Jazz, Disco, Soft Rock, etc. The hometown of the leader of the group is Magadan, where Anton simultaneously was in a music school and a teenage gang. Getting local Gopnik to Mozart and the keyboard version of The Prodigy is his merit. When the musician was 17, he moved to Khabarovsk, where he graduated from the Faculty of Variety and Jazz at the Institute of Arts and Culture. In Khabarovsk, the first professional staff assembled. The name of the group - a mysterious script for fans and entertainers - derived from the word "termites". At one of the parties on the table covered with alcohol, ants were crawling. “This is how English was born - Termites, which we divided into two parts. We decided that this is such a pseudonym for a person, ”explained Anton. Later, a familiar designer designed the logo with extra letters.

In 2006, Anton-Therr Maitz moved to Moscow. With 2011, the band is actively touring. In 2013, Belyaev pumped his popularity on the show "The Voice." The group was already known, but success on the First Channel became for them a “catapult, jumping through several steps”. In 2015, Therr Maitz led the Russian segment of iTunes and Apple Music. In 2016, the single "365" became the soundtrack for the youth TV series Univer. In 2017, Anton sang the song “Fly” OST (Original Soundtrack) for the film “Ice” - so far the only song of the group in Russian.

Anton Belyaev remains faithful to the English language, his glasses and talisman - a teddy donkey who accompanies Therr Maitz on all tours. Composition: Anton Belyaev (vocals, keys); Victoria Zhuk (vocals), Nikolay Sarabyanov (guitar), Dmitry Fomin (bass); Ignat Kravtsov (drums) and Ilya Lukashev (sound producer). Wife Julia Belyaeva works Discography: Sweet oldies (2009); Make it last (Single, 2014); Unicorn (2015); Tokio Roof (2016); 365 (Single, 2016); Capture (at the beginning of 2019 of the year).


- To compose in a foreign language, you need to think on it, to live?

- No, it is not. This is an instrument of international music. We sing in English not because we do not like Russian, we are a Russian group, we think in Russian, but there is a focus to bring the Russian way of thinking in an international language.

- Suddenly. Do you get it?

- Yes. The track “Container” is just a successful example of such a transfer, tested on the media. This fall, we were between touring in Florence, and met there with two elderly American couples, for 70. My wife told them about me, put on our music, and their children are musicians, they live in the musical staff, in general, everything coincided. The acoustic work of Therr Maitz made a pleasant impression on them, and I decided to show “Container,” which was just released. They said it was just kapets and wept! For me it was like “Grammy” get. Because adults - native speakers - said that they really liked, it was poetry. Now the problem of modern music for them is empty texts. I did not prepare for this test, but it was infinitely pleasant. While this is the highest achievement of Therr Maitz, there was nothing better than us.

- Do native speakers hear your accent?

- Yes, of course, but then the question is in the amenity of this accent. I have it is not hard Eastern European. This is identification, and I am not a spy to train a lack of emphasis. In fact, our compatriots are most worried about pronons, and the pronunciation is criticized precisely in Russia.

- bother and those who do not speak the language?

- Yes, Russians especially vehemently criticize the group Therr Maitz, singing in English. The man writes: "I am an English teacher in elementary school, and I don’t understand what you are singing at all." Well, OK. It’s not because people are angry, it’s because it seems to us that we have a multinational history in the country, in fact, if you walk along one street in London, look into several shops and cafes, you’ll run into different 10 accents. For me, shock when I go to buy a card on the subway, and a Hindu sells it to me. I do not understand anything of what he says, but he works in the service sector and speaks English! And the British are very calm about this, without pathos.


- Your Container and My Love Is Like clips scored on Youtube over 5 million views. And who generates ideas?

- I am writing the first paragraph in which the whole story is in a nutshell. For example, a boy enters the hospital, this is his life path, he goes through his memories. Ideas often transform when confronted with reality, it happens, I came up with one thing, and it in the process turned into another. Sometimes completely unexpected people invade these ideas and radically change them. As part of the “Container”, the merit of our sound producer Ilya Lukashev. Once we were sitting at the airport, tired after corporate parties. I told Ilya the story I made up. She was different at all, and he said that, yes, this is not bad, but it is better to do it a little differently. I agreed. Initially, we planned to shoot in the field, but we realized that if these islands of memory were built on the street, we would go crazy with the cold, and transferred everything to the pavilion. In general, I give the initial idea and give it to the hands of professionals. I care about the visual, as a producer, I control from beginning to end, I direct a little, but I don’t intend to take away the laurels of directors, screenwriters, or operators, because without these people it’s impossible. I am the unifying link, directing and bringing to the state in which it suits me in all areas.

- Tell me, how on tour give the viewer fresh emotions if you play a song for the hundredth time? How do you invigorate yourself?

- We must love your work! Plus we are a living team, nothing repeats. I do not know how people who drive with mini-disks work include the same thing that they feel. Surely they are very tired of their music. I don't like listening to my music. After I finish it, I can turn it on for a couple of days, I will never return to it again. And I feel embarrassed when my songs sound somewhere. And playing live, you create a song again, and it entertains me and the audience. If I get bored, then probably everyone else at the concert will get bored. Sometimes I hesitate to go out on people, and I feel embarrassed, despite the success, but I overdo it. Profession requires not to be shy.

- Is it a time when Therr Maitz doesn't have to prove anything to anyone?

- I would like to feel relaxation, but if this happens, this is a bad sign! Because it is impossible to be fresh all the time, if you do not invigorate, as it is impossible to wash once for the rest of your life.

- In all the interviews you call yourself a perfectionist. And how do you relax?

- I buy tickets to the fabulous islands ... I love the sun very much, so everything is primitive, there is no special practice. I rest like everyone else, do nothing, try not to be distracted. It is difficult, because management does not allow to exhale completely even on vacation. For example, when we leave after the New Year, and at this moment some release comes out. We do not leave empty space around us, anyway we throw something away, and only then we disconnect.



- In the past, you were afraid that the show “The Voice” would make you “wonderful yogurt”, compared the Russian showbiz with the “smelly sewage pits”. Has the rethinking happened? What are our "stars" in reality?

- First of all, “stars” are people, with their situations, fatigue. When you are outside of this story, everything is simplified: this one is singing garbage, this one looks weird, this one is still something. And these are all people, they have their own life, mood, today is good, tomorrow is bad, there are overloads. These words seem common, but the stars are living people, just like in your office, in your office, like your neighbors. This is a set of different people united by the profession that led them to the media.

For example, I am not a fan of the work of Dima Bilan, I never seriously thought what he was, I didn’t care. But when I ran into him on the set of Voice, after talking behind the scenes, I realized that this was a very nice guy, that it was interesting to talk to him. Now we are not that we are friends or often spend time together, but we meet by chance about once a year, and we are happy to share experiences and information. A completely unexpected character for me, I never thought that I would find a common language with him. That is, initially my view from the outside was very wrong.

- You said that you would not accept singing for plywood, hack work on stage.

- This is a general statement. Yes, it’s true, I don’t like people playing soundtracks, but in general I can understand an elderly person, if he lost his voice after his flight, and sings several songs to a soundtrack, realizing that otherwise he will be bent after the performance, and he will ugly and awkward, and that's how it gets out of the situation. What should I condemn him? He has to work, feeds this family, after all. It is clear that this is not entirely fair, but ...

- But to disappoint the audience will be even more offensive?

- Yes, there is always something on the scales, or – or. Just a lot of things open up, I learn, as we all do. In something I became harder, in something - softer. The constant deformation goes, it would be wrong to freeze in one state, and it would be strange if I thought in 40 years, as in 21.

- Your son Semen and a half, how does he react to music?

- Semyon - Instagram star, playing drums all the time there. Now there is a traction, I don’t know whether it will disappear or remain, as long as it behaves very musical. I think he will receive a general music education, the concept of mechanics. Whether this becomes his profession is absolutely none of my business.

- Fans have not seen your talisman - donkey Plush for a long time, where is he?

- In the same place where he was always - in the pocket of a backpack, he never went away from there, and did not get out without work.


- If we recall the same Ilya Lagutenko, in the songs “4 th trolleybus”, “Vladivostok 2000” Primorye is reflected. Is it possible to guess the Russian, Far Eastern, Magadan from the songs of Therr Maitz?

- We do not identify with such precision as to sing about Magadan, I do not keep it in my head and do not shove it into songs, because for me this is a strong narrowing. If I sing about boys and girls, then these are not Magadan or Khabarovsk boys and girls, this is any. It seems to me that the principle works more widely, although in the case of Ilya, Vladivostok gave him an initial impetus. He is very kind to this. There are not so many port cities in Russia, he has glorified his city and that is good. But, again, Ilya used his recipe natively, he did not invent it, did not suck it out of his finger, and it worked. I also act on my desires, but I am not ready to sing about the hills of Magadan yet.

- DIY and indie projects have an explosive growth in Youtube, do they really need to rely on old crutches and scale through the move today? What advice do you have for beginners from the same Far East?

- While in Russia, and anywhere in the world, a physical presence in the center of movement is still necessary! This is an illusion that you can do everything from some village. You can create an interesting Internet project that is not specifically shown anywhere, but anyway, you will have to solve some issues on the spot, conduct a touring activity. While in Russia to monetize anything virtual so that a group exists for it, a new product is produced, tracks are recorded, clips are shot - it’s unrealistic.

- Today, something binds you to the Far East? Tours, visits, friends?

- The landing of Far Eastern musicians unloaded the other day, they want to meet, talk, ask me where they should run in Moscow. Some of them I do not know, with others I played once. It is impossible without these connections, these are roots, we communicate and support the guys. No matter how hard I try to be objective, for me people from Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and Magadan are a little different from residents of other cities.



- Is there a collective portrait of Therr Maitz fan?

- Fortunately, no. If you make such a portrait in a single copy, it will be a terrible Frankenstein - because these are people from different walks of life, different ages, social and financial positions. We used to think that we are a female group. It turned out the boys are also actively visiting us. The most active audience between 23 and 35 over the years.

- Share spoiler: what clip or release are you preparing? Fans in your bands all cry about the new album.

- We are working on the album "Capture". This is not a spoiler, we strongly detained him, but this was done to make it good. We have big plans for him: we submit to Grammy. There are some complaints, plus we started working with a prominent Swedish production team. And now we are working on the biggest release of Russian cinema, on the second part of a famous film. I write music to him.

- Not the melodrama "Ice" about love and figure skating, by chance?

- “Ice-2” can also happen, there is no exact information yet. It depends on the producers and the company. Again, this is work. Sometimes from the outside it may seem that the life of a musical group is a fantastic adventure. Everything is fun and cool. But in reality, this is a routine in which you switch from one task to another, and you plant a lot of energy in order to stay in the field, to remain needed, to become better. Because the better you did last time, the more difficult it will be to you next time, and each new time you have to try to do at least a little bit better - and this is not easy.

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