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CHP, fog, jellyfish

Winners of the photo contest "The Most Beautiful Country-2018" awarded in the Kremlin

At the 4 competition "The most beautiful country" Russian Geographical Society 46 000 received confirmation of the name of the photobattle. Of all the pictures, the jury selected all 13 - strictly according to the number of nominations. 3 prize frames were made in the Far East of the country - in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories. It is noteworthy that all of them are somehow connected with water. East Russia asked the authors about their formula for success.

CHP, fog, jellyfish
Photo: Andrey Gilyov, "The Four-Eyed Owl"

Vitaly Berkov from the Primorsky Territory thought over his winning picture in the nomination “The World is in Our Hands” for two years. The picture is multi-layered: in the foreground are fragile figurines of children, followed by a lotus carpet on the lake smooth surface, then sketches from a railway bed, and a powerful industrial backdrop with “towers” ​​- cooling towers of a thermal power plant.

mir_v_nashih_rukah_detstvo Vitaly Berkov, Lake Karasinoye, Artem town, Primorsky Krai.jpg

“I show the contrast between nature, industry and man, fitting everything in one frame,” says Vitaly Berkov. - And at the same time I demonstrate that their peaceful coexistence is possible. Over the 2 of the year, I made 5 trips to Karasinoye Lake to catch this photo, and the full 2 of the day was there. I did not achieve the ideal, I also wanted good thunderclouds. I am an environmental engineer by profession, ”continues the seaside photographer. - When the state district power station was going to be built on this lake, it was based on the presence of a natural reservoir. Now the CHP is in working condition, but no longer any discharges of warm water into this lotus lake are done. ” According to Vitaly Berkov, a relic plant appeared there either thanks to the former mayor of the village of Artyomovsky, or to the chief engineer of the power plant itself, residents of the town of Artyom still argue about this.

According to the RGO, the best deep-water frame of this year is from a professional diver and photographer. Andrey Shpataka. He shot an underwater flower of jellyfish-cyanea in one of the bays of the Primorsky Territory.

podvodnyy_mir_Andrey Spatak, photo Underwater jellyfish flower, Rudnaya Bay, Primorsky Krai.jpg

“In some years, we have a lot of jellyfish, and most of them in the cove in front of the entrance to the bucket of Rudnaya Bay,” the photographer says. - In October, it may be a situation that 10 days have perfect weather and excellent visibility, although this is an industrial area. It is very convenient there: the depth is small, but there is a lot of light. For the first time I saw a jellyfish wrapped in the form of a flower. ” Andrei Shpatak gave advice to budding photographers: “Shoot a lot and will end up working. In order to remove something new, it is not necessary to go far, it is likely that it is under your nose, ”- I am sure Andriy Shpatak.

16-year-old Aglaia Tsidulko from Moscow was awarded the nomination "The Best Young Photographer" for a landscape from the island of Reinek (Sea of ​​Okhotsk, Khabarovsk Territory). True, the jury clouded the misty cliff into the Sea of ​​Japan, in the Primorsky Territory, where there is an island of the same name. And if the archipelago of Empress Eugenia is not experiencing fog deficiency, then there are definitely no such stones on the seaside Reynard.

“We went from Sakhalin Island to the Shantar Islands with the club“ Boomerang ”and at the same time did the accounting of marine mammals. On the way we came across Reinhek Island, said Aglaya Tsidulko East Russia. It played a cruel joke. We made holes in both catamarans and eventually stood for a while and waited for them to dry out and glue to harden. As soon as we left the island, the weather had completely deteriorated and the fog crawled out from behind the rocks. Islands, I managed remove it ", shared the winner of the All-Russian competition.


December 7 winners were awarded by 250 000 rubles at a reception in the Kremlin. Below are the works of the winners of the “Most Beautiful Country” from other regions.

Alexander Rybin, "Evening on Ladoga". Cape Osinovets, Lake Ladoga, Leningrad region. Nomination "Landscape":peyzazh_Aleksandr Rybin, photo Evening on Ladoga, Cape Osinovets, Lake Ladoga, Leningrad Region.jpg

Vladimir Kushnaryov, "Hunter". Pos. Vosyakhovo, Shuryshkarsky District, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Nomination “Indigenous and Minority Peoples of Russia”:korennye_i_malochislennye_narody_rossii_Vladimir Kushnaryov, Hunter, pos. Vosyakhovo, Shuryshkarsky District, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.jpg

Vadim Balakin, "The Lady in a Dress". Volchikhinsky reservoir, Sverdlovsk region. Nomination "Russia from the height of bird flight":rossiya_s_vysoty_ptichego_poleta_dama_v_plate Vadim Balakin, Volchikhinskoe Reservoir, Sverdlovsk Region.jpg

Oleg Znobishchev, "Fly". Astrakhan region. Nomination "Birds":pticy_Олег Znobishchev, photo Fly, Astrakhan Region.jpg

Mikhail Nitishinsky, "Reflection". National Park "Russian Arctic", the archipelago of Franz Josef Land, Arkhangelsk region. Nomination "Wild Animals":zhivotnye_Mikhail Nitishinsky, photo Reflection, Russian Arctic National Park, Franz Josef Land Archipelago, Arkhangelsk Region .jpg

Vladimir Orlov, "Easter". Holy Vvedensky Tolga Women's Monastery, Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl Region. Nomination "Cultural Heritage":Vladimir Orlov, photo Easter, Svyato-Vvedensky Tolga Women's Monastery, Yaroslavl city, Yaroslavl region.jpg

Victor Silnov, "View of the winner". Penza city, Penza region. Nomination "Russia in persons": rossiya_v_licah_Victor Silnov, photo Winner's view, Penza city, Penza region.jpg

Andrei Gorbunov, Ordinskaya Cave. The village Orda, Ordinsky district, Perm region. Nomination "Caves":peshchery_Andrey Gorbunov, photo Ordinskaya cave, Ordinskaya cave, village Orda, Ordinsky district, Perm region.jpg

Valery Zverev, "I forgot the ice ax ..." Solnechnogorsk district, Moscow region. Nomination "Macromir":makromir_Valeria Zvereva, photo And I forgot the ice ax, Solnechnogorsk district, Moscow region.jpg

From 1 October 2018 to 31 March 2019 media project "The most beautiful country" takes work already on the fifth photo contest. There are no restrictions on the place of residence of participants in the rules, but all photos must be made in Russia. This time the creative competition will be held separately "The most beautiful country through the eyes of children " with five positions for photographers from 5 to 16 years inclusive.

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