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A favorable investment area

Magadan region is more than a pantry of natural resources

The Far East is today at the center of Russia's geopolitical and strategic interests. And in the Magadan region they are trying to create all conditions to realize the potential of the region. Here they understand: the investor goes to where he is comfortable doing business. Therefore, improving the investment climate is one of the priorities of the regional authorities. Their openness and willingness to help investors is a factor that creates attractive conditions for doing business here.

A favorable investment area

Following the results of 2017, Magadan region was included in Group A of the National rating of the investment climate in terms of "The availability and quality of regional legislation on mechanisms for the protection and support of investors." This confirms: the legal framework for supporting investors has been fully established in the region.

Investment activity in the region is regulated by the Law of the Magadan Region from 27.12.2013 year № 1681-OZ "On Investment Policy in the Magadan Region". This law provides investors with stable work in favorable conditions, and the Magadan region itself - the required amount of investment. The agreements on the model of public-private partnership are concluded in the region from 2008 year. The project is undertaken by the investor, and the leadership of the region assists in the preparation and adoption of the necessary documents.

An investment attraction agency has been created in the region, and the Magadan Regional Innovative Business Incubator is operating. There is a regulation for supporting projects on the principle of "one window". More than 100 state and municipal services are available to businessmen at the MFC Magadan. A permit for the construction of housing and capital construction in a special economic zone can be obtained in 65 days, for other capital construction objects - in 80 days.

Work is underway to form a single service of technological connection. Its creation will make it possible to solve the problems of connecting to electric networks in the "single window" mode.

Significantly reduced - from 5 to 3 days - the time of state registration of legal entities. This service is now provided by the MFC. The rights to non-residential objects and land plots can be registered in time up to 5 business days. A land plot for the implementation of a large-scale investment project can be obtained without holding competitive procedures.

For organizations implementing investment projects in the region, there is a special regime for taxation on income tax. In particular, there are tax holidays for startups within five years after the start of work. In the next five years, the tax rate will be only 10%. Also in the region, a number of laws have been adopted, halving the tax rate for some taxpayers working under the simplified taxation system.

Tax holidays for beginners are introduced, using a simplified or patent taxation system. The right to "tax holidays" has individual entrepreneurs who work two years after registration without a break. Until 31 December 2020, the tax rate for them will be zero.

Since 1999, the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has been operating on the territory of the Magadan Region, where comfortable tax and customs conditions for doing business have been created. The preferential tax regime provides for partial exemption from the payment of profit tax and a tax on the extraction of minerals in the share of the federal budget. The customs regime provides for the operation of the free customs zone procedure: foreign goods (other than excisable goods) are imported, placed and used without payment of duties and taxes, without the application of measures of non-tariff regulation. In 2014, work in the SEZ regime was extended to 2025 year.

Measures to attract investors and create new industries give results. Over the past three years, the turnover growth of small, medium-sized enterprises and individual entrepreneurs in the region amounted to 13,4%. According to the National Rating, the number of small businesses for a thousand people in the Magadan region is 68,6. This is significantly higher than the average for Group A, which is 59,6.

The share of participation of small business in state purchases is growing. Only last year, with small business entities, contracts worth more than 1,5 billion rubles were signed. This is 17,4% of the total value of purchases, which exceeds the norm established by federal law - not less than 15%.

The infrastructure of the Magadan region is also developing. The region is reconstructing roads, modernizing the Magadan Sea Commercial Port. In the near future, it is planned to build a passenger terminal of the international airport of Magadan. And the commissioning of the Sakhalin-Magadan submarine communication line has increased the speed of Internet access in 20 times.

There are many different types of business support in the region. Details can be found on the websites of executive authorities, on the official portal of the Magadan Region, the Investment Portal of the Magadan Region, the website of the Regional Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship.

Today the region is ready to offer investors several promising projects.

Construction of the ski complex “Sunny. Magadan.

Winter sports are popular in the homeland of Elena Vyalbe, Dmitry Ipatov, Maxim Tsyubin, Anastasia Kazakul and other athletes who have honorably represented Russia at the world level. And now in the vicinity of Magadan it is planned to build a sports and tourist complex "Sunny. Magadan. It will receive visitors from other regions of Russia, as well as tourists from South-East Asia. The potential audience is 430 thousand people per year. Competitive advantages of the complex will be the slopes of high quality and the duration of the winter season. A proximity to the capital of the region will provide vacationers with access to the entire urban infrastructure.

On the territory of the complex it is planned to build 4 lift, 7 ski slopes, hotel, cafe, and also a service center where you can rent equipment, buy souvenirs and sports goods. The complex is designed for 2600 people.

Development of the master plan of the project has already been completed, land is allocated for construction of an area of ​​29 ha and 59 ha. The next stage is land survey and design.

The estimated cost of the project is 4,9 billion rubles. Payback period is 4 years. Construction of engineering and road infrastructure projects involves raising funds from the regional budget.

Reconstruction of the sanatorium "Talaya"

Balneological sanatorium "Talaya" was built in 1959 year in 276 km from Magadan. It is located on the northwestern slope of the Kolyma Range, at an altitude of 720 meters above sea level, in the picturesque valley of the Talaya River, surrounded by hills and lakes.

Now the sanatorium can accept simultaneously up to 200 guests. For their recovery, mud and mineral water are used here. Water from the Talaya deposit is included in the number of nitrogenous, slightly mineralized siliceous thermal waters. A therapeutic mud belongs to the sapropelic genetic group. This balneological group of water and mud is a valuable medical product that has been widely used in foreign practice. Reserves of water and mud deposits can ensure the work of the sanatorium for the next 100 years. "Talaya" also has a land plot of an area of ​​90,81 ha in perpetual lease.

The reconstruction project provides for an increase in the capacity of the sanatorium - from 200 to 500 people. The project also includes the creation of an energy, transport and tourism infrastructure. The sanatorium should become the center of development of a new type of tourism for the Magadan Region - medical and recreational.

The estimated cost of the project is 8,5 billion rubles. Payback period is 9 years. The investor is guaranteed a guaranteed state assignment. It is possible to implement the project taking into account the norms provided for by Federal Law No. 115 "On concession agreements".

Construction of a new passenger terminal at Magadan airport

Meteo conditions of the international airport of Magadan are more stable than in the airports of other regions of the Far East with marine climate. Its benefits are also provided by the location: the airport is ideal for intermediate technical landings on long air routes connecting America with Southeast Asia and Australia. To date, Magadan airport has the admission to receive 50 types of aircraft.

The construction of the new passenger terminal Sokol will allow the air terminal to increase its capacity and apply modern transfer technologies for passenger and baggage services. The new building is supposed to house representative offices of airlines, passenger transportation and security services, baggage services, ticket offices, border, immigration, customs, phytosanitary and veterinary control services, as well as a VIP lounge. In addition, restaurants, cafes, points for the sale of souvenirs and periodicals, and Duty Free shops will appear in the new terminal. The total area of ​​the new terminal will be at least 20 000 square. Capacity - up to 600 passengers per hour.

Total investment in the project - 2,9 billion rubles. The right to use the land plot on which it is planned to build the Sokol terminal has been confirmed by a lease agreement.

Modernization of the Pavlik gold mining plant

The "Pavlik" mining and processing enterprise was launched in 2015. During the first year of operation at the same-named deposit, the combine produced 1,1 tons of gold, in 2016 the production increased to 3,8 tons. In 2017, it is planned to produce 6,5 tons of gold.

Today, in a career, at a factory and related industries, about 650 people work at the same time as the shift method. They process 15 000 tons of ore per day. The amount of precious metal is about 1,8 grams per tonne, which allows you to extract up to 630 kg of gold per month. It is planned that the development of the Pavlik field will reach its design capacity by the end of 2017.

Since 2016, the plant has been conducting geological exploration to study the Pavlik deposit in detail. They will end at the end of 2017. It is expected that the total reserves of the field will increase to 250 tons. The initial amount of precious metal was estimated at 150 tons, which already allows to ensure stable operation of the company for the next 20 years.

Then the works will be transferred to the field "Pavlik-2" - its development will double the reserves of precious metals to 300 tons. In addition, in 2018, work will begin at the Radonovskoye field. It is planned that the development of all three fields will allow producing up to 18,5 tons of gold per year. Modernization of the existing production capacities of GOK Pavlik will double the extraction and processing of ore, gold production.

The amount of financing required to implement the modernization project is 12 billion rubles. Total investment in the project - 33 billion rubles. The volume of the project initiator's own funds invested in its implementation is 5 billion rubles. The volume of investments already made is 21 billion rubles.

Construction of a greenhouse complex in Magadan

Now the Magadan region does not provide itself with a sufficient number of vegetables. The greenhouses built in the Soviet years were dilapidated. New greenhouse complexes are not being built. At the same time, the demand for locally produced products is high. Having appeared on the market in sufficient quantities, domestic vegetables will gradually replace imported ones.

To close the demand for fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and greenery of domestic production, LLC TC "Agro Invest" plans to build a greenhouse complex in Magadan for their year-round growing. The total area of ​​the block of winter greenhouses with a service department, built-in administrative-household and auxiliary premises will be 5,07 ha. The project includes the construction of a coal-fired boiler house, outbuildings, a complex of auxiliary, domestic and administrative buildings, power supply and water supply infrastructure (a closed cycle with a pond system).

The total cost of the project is 1,7 billion rubles.

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