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"Terminal Astafieva" made a snowstorm

Socially responsible port invited children to the Christmas tree with gifts from Santa Claus

"Terminal Astafieva" made a snowstorm

On the eve of the New Year, Astafieva Terminal organized the Astafiev Cape for small residents of a residential tree with Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden and the Snowman. Sweet gifts were given not only to those who could come to the Christmas tree, but to all 300 children living in the microdistrict.

To make the holiday truly winter and fabulous, the company provided a real, albeit short-term blizzard near the Christmas tree: it was created by a special technique that is commonly used at the plant for dust suppression, covering the places where the coal was loaded with snow. The children were delighted to see the snowflakes whirl in the frosty air. Fun added Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, instigators of a festive dance and contests. This was an unusual day walk for kids from the nearest kindergarten and first graders from a nearby school.

Children who went for a walk with their parents were able to join organized groups. The residents of Cape Astafyev were notified on the eve that Santa Claus would give presents to all children living near the terminal.

Alexander Ganin, Executive Director of Terminal Astafieva, OJSC: “I believe that the main achievement is that we are successfully implementing a program of social partnership with the residents of the microdistrict, including a project to relocate residents of damaged houses on Astafyev’s Cape. In particular, we completed the resettlement of the first emergency hut, and in January 2019, we will begin to resettle the second. I hope this initiative of ours will be supported by the other stevedores, because in Nakhodka there is not just one such barrack, but about a hundred, and if every stevedore takes on similar obligations, then in several years we will completely solve this problem when people in the 21 century live in 17 conditions. We help people who themselves could hardly improve their living conditions. This is our social responsibility. ”

After the matinee in the open air, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden visited the children, who for various reasons could not join in the general fun - and handed them gifts at home. And then the fabulous Grandfather, with his companion and a bag of gifts, went to the Nakhodka Center to assist the family organization of orphans and children left without parental care. There were also greetings, round dance and children's smiles.

Recall, Astafieva Terminal OJSC consistently implements the policy of social responsibility, helping the residents of Nakhodka to improve the quality of life. In August, 2018 of the year, Astafieva Terminal concluded an agreement with the initiative group of the Astafyev Microdistrict on social partnership. Under the terms of the agreement, the company invests heavily in dust suppression technologies, leads the design of a closed terminal and implements social programs in the neighborhood.

Thus, ten stationary and mobile dust suppression installations operate at Astafyev’s Terminal, which provide permanent snow cover for coal piles. The 4-I is commissioned by the dust suppression plant made in Italy with a radius of 150 meters. "Terminal Astafieva" completed the construction of a fence with a height of 21 meter from special panels, which quench the oncoming wind flows and avoid dusting. For the purpose of operational monitoring of atmospheric air, two sensors were installed - one on the border of the enterprise’s territory and one in the residential area of ​​Astafyev’s Cape, the readings are displayed on a separate page of the Astafyev’s Terminal website.

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