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Customs freedom does not become complete

The reasons for the lack of demand for the preferential treatment of STZ in the Far East

To attract investment and rapid development of the territories of advanced development (TOR) and the free port of Vladivostok (SPV), there are various customs privileges, one of which is the free customs zone (STZ) regime, which provides for the complete exemption of resident companies from payment of customs duties. At the same time, this regime has so far benefited less than 2% of residents of the TOP and SPV of the Far East, and the rest of the companies are not in a hurry to do so. Why - found out EastRussia.

Customs freedom does not become complete
Special project TORA and Free Port
To take advantage of the benefits of STZ, companies first of all need to obtain the status of a resident of a TOP or FPV - to be among Russian companies, including those with foreign capital, ready to invest in projects at least 500 thousand rubles (for TOP) and at least 5 million rubles (for FPV), as well as comply with a number of conditions. A customs control zone can be created on a site that must be equipped and equipped for customs control in accordance with the established requirements and is owned or leased by a resident. In addition, residents in the certificate of registration of a person as a resident of FPV must indicate the possibility of applying the customs procedure of the FCZ.

Only if these conditions are met will the companies be able to add to the list of residents of TOP or SPV using the preferential treatment of STZ and take advantage of preferences.
Residents of TOP and SPV who took advantage of the benefits of STZ

LLC “Shipbuilding complex“ Zvezda ”
Project for the creation of a large shipbuilding shipyard, construction of housing for shipyard staff
TOP "Big Stone"
LLC "Masurial Extraction Plant" Amursky "
Construction of a plant for the production of refined oils and fats
TOP "Belogorsk"
Organization of production of the construction of arch structures
TOP "Kamchatka"
LLC "about. Russian"
Development of sea tourism in the Freeport of Vladivostok
Manufacture of small-piece formwork
LLC "Industrial Park Ussuriyskiy"
Creation of high-technology production of container cardboard and corrugated packaging from recycled materials (waste paper)
Development of the hotel complex "Warm sea" in the village. Slavyanka-3
OOO Gazprom pererabotka Blagoveshchensk
Construction of the Amur Gas Processing Plant
JSC "Mining and Processing Complex" Denisovsky "
Construction of a mining and processing complex for the extraction of coking coal and the production of high-quality coal concentrate
"South Yakutia"
OOO "Skifagro-DV"
Launching a full production cycle, from growing feed and ending with the sale of pork and offal
Source: Far Eastern Customs Administration, JSC "Far East Development Corporation"
At the moment, all the companies listed above have customs control zones. The total investment in the projects they are implementing, according to the Far East Development Corporation, is more than 200 billion rubles, and the total investment of all residents of the TOP and FPV is more than 2,5 trillion rubles.

The amount of customs payments paid during the period from 1 January 2017 on 19 February 2018 residents of TOP and SPV, which did not take advantage of the preferences of STZ, amounted to about 14 million rubles, the press service of the Far Eastern Customs Administration.
In total, 10 companies from 708 residents of TOP and SPV of the Far East used the STZ regime. One of them, the use of this regime will save about 1,5 billion rubles in the construction of the Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP) by minimizing customs payments for the import of imported material and technical resources. "An essential advantage of the TOR regime for its residents is the possibility of saving money at the stage of import of equipment for the Amur Gas Processing Plant in connection with the zero rate of import customs duties and conditional VAT accrual," the press service of OOO Gazprom Recycling Blagoveshchensk reported to EastRussia.
Vasily Omelyash, financial director of Amurskiy Oil Extraction Plant LLC (TOR Belogorsk), also speaks of saving money: “The first and main preference of the preferential regime is that you do not need to pay VAT and then reimburse it. Otherwise, funds would have to be diverted from circulation for about six months. Therefore, we took advantage of the customs privilege, we do not pay VAT and we use this money to develop our enterprise. "

As a result, during the construction of the first stage of the creamery in the conditions of STZ, the order of 53-55 million rubles was saved, and now the resident of the TOR "Belogorsk" plans to start the equipment for the second stage of the plant in the same way. "We do not create temporary storage warehouses, if we move equipment for ourselves - it is stored right in our territory, and this simplifies the order and procedure of customs clearance, and shortens the terms of circulation of these documents. And we immediately transfer this equipment to the installation stage, and due to this we shorten construction time, "says Vasily Omelyash.
The procedure of FTZ is not limited to exemption from customs duties. It also provides for the following preferences: preliminary notification of the customs authority for the rapid registration of the import of goods, the use of electronic customs declaration of goods being transported, a zero security fee for the application of the FTZ procedure.
At the same time, companies applying the CTZ regime may not enjoy all of its benefits. Andrei Mikulenko, one of the founders of the JV "ROSKOR" JV, resident of St. Petersburg, who realizes the project at the cost of $ 800 thousand for the production of small-piece formwork, told about it to EastRussia. 

"We only received a privilege to import equipment for production, which is in the constant customs control zone (PZTK). But, according to the norms of the federal legislation, you need to invest a lot of money to bring this zone in order. With regard to the importation of raw materials and materials for production, we can not fully use this benefit, because the program has not yet been developed, in which it is possible to keep records in the conditions of the FCZ. Now these benefits are only on paper, "- said Andrei Mikulenko.
No less large-scale and interesting projects are realized by enterprises and companies of the Far East without the application of the STZ regime, making excellent use of other benefits provided for by the legislation for participants in TOP and SPV. This is a special expedited procedure for the movement of goods through the checkpoints of passports, and round-the-clock service of checkpoints in the "one-stop" mode, and exemption from payment of import customs duties and VAT on import of technological, construction and industrial equipment, foreign goods used as raw materials and components, intended for production activities in the territory of the SPV and TOP.
“We have registered the land plot in ownership and do not pay taxes on the land,” says Pavel Yurin, executive director of EcoTechPrim LLC. This enterprise from Nakhodka (Primorsky Territory) is a resident of FPV and is engaged in the collection, transportation and disposal of waste, having invested about 10 million rubles in the project. “We do not use the benefits of STZ, because we have no foreign partners and customers, we have everything aimed at our local market. We even have Russian-made equipment that we bring from Ryazan, - noted Pavel Yurin. - Therefore, we use other benefits of the FPV regime - corporate income tax, insurance premiums and land tax ”
The Beringovsky Combine LLC, which has launched a shop for smoking and drying fish in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, does not need the STZ regime. According to Vitaly Kalinin, general director of the enterprise, this is not necessary, since the plant uses domestic equipment and raw materials. “We dry and smoke fish and meat products. Now it is smelt and venison, but in the near future we plan to expand the range. In addition, we want to rent fishing grounds and catch sockeye salmon, ”said Vitaly Kalinin.

At the same time, he notes, other benefits received by the company as a resident of the TOR "Beringovsky" help the project cost 700 thousand rubles to participate in various programs to support entrepreneurs.
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