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Raw materials, logistics, food and tourism

Head of the Development Fund of the Far East Alexey Chekunkov spoke about the priority directions of investment

Raw materials, logistics, food and tourism
As previously assumed EastRussiaThe Development Fund for the Far East was approved by the government subcommittee for the implementation of investment projects in the Far East for investing in a plant for the deep processing of soybeans in the Amur Region. At a meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister - Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev, this project was adopted along with co-financing of the logistics hub of the Post of Russia in the Khabarovsk Territory in the amount of 5,7 billion rubles Transbaikalia worth 1,8 billion rubles (fund investments - 72,9 million rubles). Today it is the first and so far the only project in which support from the Development Fund for the Far East is allocated to a resident of the Far Eastern territory of advanced development.

The Far East Development Fund invests 2,14 billion rubles in the construction of the second and third stages of the plant for deep processing of soybeans in the Belogorsk TOR, with a total investment of 5,8 billion rubles, according to Alexander Sarapkin, the general director of the project's initiator, Amurragrocenter, "Thus, by the present time, the financial issues of the I and II stages of the soybean processing plant have been solved, the construction of which is assumed by the project. It remains to fully understand the financing of the third stage. For the second stage of the project, it was possible to obtain funds not only from the Fund, but also from the side of the bank. But the choice of "Amuragrocenter" still fell on the Fund, as the terms of financing put forward by it are better - more profitable for the company. Both the conditions for obtaining a loan, and its cost and terms. "

Alexander Sarapkin notes that "being approved for the Fund's funding for the project has allowed it to meet all the parameters that are required when providing this funding." And not some of its special, distinctive features. "

The head of the Far Eastern Development Fund, Aleksey Chekunkov, in a conversation with EastRussia correspondent noted that the cooperation with Amuragrotsentrom lies entirely in the strategy of investing by the Fund of its capital. "At present, the Fund has four main areas of work, each with stronger and less powerful initiators," says the head of the Fund.

"Yes, on my part, recently a statement was made that although the Fund's money is cheap and long, but they are available only to borrowers who can provide first-class guarantees of return of funds to the Fund," Alexei Chekunkov, Director General of the Far East Development Foundation, told EastRussia. "But the assumption that only raw material projects or raw transport-related transport can rely on the support of the Fund is fundamentally wrong. It is absolutely true today that the opposite is true - that the Fund is not only engaged in resource projects. "

According to Aleksey Chekunkov, the first direction of providing the Fund's resources is really connected with raw materials - but, in addition to the extraction of natural resources, it also includes their processing, and as a whole is a very wide range of projects. And the presence of a large explored deposit in the project, although it determines certain financial benefits from its implementation, but is not at all a sufficient guarantee for the Fund's return in full.

The second important direction, under which the Fund is working on providing funds, is logistics. The guarantee of projects with which the Fund deals in this direction of its work is the presentation by its initiators of the sales base of their services.

As a third direction, as Aleksey Chekunkov told EastRussia, the food field is in the broadest sense of the word. That is, projects relating to drinking water, food and the rest of the chain of this type of value-added products. A guarantee sufficient for the Fund in this direction is also the presentation of a sales base - a certain number of contracts with customers, the conclusion of which can be calculated after the implementation of the project.

The fourth direction, according to the head of the Fund for the Development of the Far East, is tourism. There are no such projects in the active portfolio of the Fund, but several hotel histories are at the stage of consideration, in which large Russian and international operators are interested. In favor of these projects, says the fact that there is an increasing interest in the Far East for a variety of tourists from the Asian region. Therefore, there is no doubt that these projects will be able to provide the Fund with a guarantee of a refund.

Alexey Chekunkov also drew the attention of the ER correspondent to the fact that “so far from the capital about 17 billion rubles, including a subsidy to the Baikal region, the government subcommittee and the Fund have already distributed 15,9 billion rubles. Free investment capital was reduced to 1,1 billion rubles and in the next two months it will be fully directed to effective projects in the Far East. At the same time, the total value of applications for funding received by the Fund exceeds 1 trillion rubles. In order to continue active investment activities, the Fund needs additional capitalization in an amount that allows to annually send at least 20 billion rubles to support projects. ”

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The Fund for the Development of the Far East and the Baikal Region was established in November 2011 on the initiative of President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. They invest in the creation of new enterprises and infrastructure that have a significant socio-economic effect for the development of the region's economy. The form of the Fund's investments is a loan for 5% per annum for up to 10 years, and participation in the authorized capital. The only shareholder of the fund is currently the State Corporation "Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs" (Vnesheconombank).
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