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The new electric grid projects will bring the Magadan region to a new level

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Dmitry Ilkovsky, deputy head of the Magadan section of Yakutskoye LLC, told EastRussia about the prospects for the development of the power grid complex in the North-East of Russia.

- Dmitry, why has increased attention been paid to the development of the energy infrastructure in the Magadan Region recently?

- In the Magadan region, very large natural resources are concentrated - mainly the mining industry (Pavlik, the Matrosov Mine, etc.). The potential of the region is great, and the development of processing is impossible without electricity. And what do we see? Grid facilities throughout the Magadan region leaves much to be desired. Dilapidated wooden lines fall literally before our eyes, unable to withstand wind and other natural loads. By the way, in addition to the large objects that we are building, we also have “initiative”, where, roughly speaking, we are heading towards Magadanenergo OJSC and are reconstructing old wooden lines. In any case, they are temporary: they must be replaced.

- Please tell us about the current large-scale project that Yakutskoe LLC is implementing in the Magadan Region.

- The project of transmission line 220 kV "Orotukan - Palatka - Central" (customer of JSC "DVEUK") was worked out in the summer of last year, now active work is underway on it. For today it is the main object of construction for our company. What is he like? These are two launch complexes. The first launch complex - from Orotukan to the Tent, the second - from the Tent to Magadan. In total, 377 km of lines that run mainly along the mountains, and sometimes even in swamps. 1407 metal supports of various types - both standard latticed and pylon-type supports specially designed for large wind loads and mountainous terrain.

The geographic factor was originally worked out in a technical task by the designers and the customer. Our organization already has experience of construction in the Magadan Region.

- Do you mean the "Central - Sokol - Tentka" transmission line?

- Yes, we gave this project in 2013 year. This section of lines in 105 km, with taps, with a lot of calls in the performance of 35, 110 kV. Two years ago here, in the Tent, there was a wooden line, which was in very poor condition. The first line 110 kV "Central - Sokol - Palatka" passed and united many lines that come to small settlements - the villages of Snezhny, Ola, Uptar, Sokol.

- What opportunities will give new networks to the region?

- The quality and reliability of energy transmission is increased - fewer failures will occur on the lines. Our job is to conduct high-quality wires to the substation. When electricity comes to the substation, it already goes directly to the consumer - be it an enterprise or a settlement.

- Recently, the media reported that the launch of the Natalka gold deposit has been significantly postponed. In this case, the line "Orotukan - Tent - Central", which you are building now, is focused specifically on this production. Will not the "monument in the taiga" turn out to be an unclaimed object?

- The delivery of our project "Orotukan - Tent - Central" is planned for 2015 year. The facility was in fact partially focused on securing the first stage of the Natalka deposit of the company "Rudnik im. Matrosov. " However, we are sure that in the near future the situation in the gold mining company will be resolved. Then this is not the only deposit in that area. For example, there is the "Pavlik" mine. It is possible that in the area of ​​the "Yano-Kolyma gold province" new reserves of precious metal will be discovered.

- We are going to ask the same question and JSC RusHydro - the Ust-Srednekanskaya hydroelectric power station is just around the corner, these are new capacities that are not in demand at the moment.

"In any case, it's better when there's energy." It can be left as a backup source. One line does not work, but there are many jumpers that allow switching in the event of an emergency. And when there are free capacities and efficient solutions for transport of electricity, this is a good incentive for the development of new enterprises. One of the landmark projects is a project for the production of liquefied hydrogen, which OAO RAO Energy Systems of the East is promoting jointly with the Japanese company Kawasaki.

In this regard, it is interesting to see our experience of power grid construction in Yakutia - an example of how a reliable energy infrastructure allowed the industry to take a tangible progressive step (for more details, see “Opinions” - Ed.).

- According to what scheme is the construction of power lines in Magadan?

"A ship arrives at the port with materials, it is unloaded, and the products are brought to the storage base - OOO Azis." According to our requests on the company's machines in the required quantity of materials (corners, coils with wires) are delivered to the site. And already from the corners we gather support. In our work, the clarity and consistency of supply is very important, therefore we choose enterprises that never fail us. This year we have already received about 1800 tons of structures, in December another ship with cargo of 1500 tons will arrive. Well, next year for us the decisive - we contracted all the basic materials for the construction of power lines.

By the way, parts for the supports are made by Russian manufacturers - the Omsk Metal Structures Plant and ZAO Umekon (the Urals Metal Structures Plant (Yekaterinburg)). We hold a competition - from time to time suppliers are different: it is not always profitable to work with one supplier, as he has certain capacities that he can master. And if our application is more, then we place it at several plants within the framework of competitive selections.

- How much does one support weigh?

- Supports are different. Each type is completed with a certain set of corners, so there is an order of 12 varieties of poles. Anchor-angular (weight of the order of 11,5 tons) hold the wire, intermediate supports weighing 5-6 tons support it. However, there are supports and above - about 14 tons, to lift the wire, for example, over the road.

- In your opinion, what should be done to turn the Far East into the "energy breadbasket of the country"?

- Far East - huge areas. And before settling them with people who will work on promising projects, you need to create an infrastructure - build roads, stretch power lines, and create comfortable living conditions. It turns out, one clings to another. And today we have a more popular idea of ​​the "shift" method of developing the region. And while this idea dominates, it will not be easy to master the region globally. And it will also be difficult to implement projects of priority development areas, because there is no integrated approach, when industry, energy, and infrastructure develop together.

- If, for example, to attract investors, can the situation be reversed?

- It seems to me that we and without private investors have opportunities to move forward. Just need a clear strategy, some literate miscalculation. And today it’s very difficult to lure people to the North, even with social guarantees - apartments, benefits, northern allowances.

People are afraid to change their lives. Not so many romantics who, having arrived for a year, remain for life. Such stories can boast, except that our grandparents. People are not interested in promises: "we will give you a bonus, a job, a free flight," but the specifics: "how much will you give to us"? Specificity is only in the framework of enterprises. People find a company, sign a contract and come.

- How are things going with personnel at Yakutskoe LLC?

- We have a shift method of work at the enterprise - people come from all over the country: mainly from the Far East regions, but there are also from Voronezh, Krasnodar, the central part of Russia. And it is interesting that almost no one remained to live here, although there is an opportunity to buy housing very cheap relative to the same central part of Russia. People just do not understand what to do here when the construction is over.

- Your base is located in the village of Stekolny. Do you participate in the life of the village?

- We are trying. In the autumn of last year, we covered a dirt road in the village, carried out flood control measures. And when in the nearby village of Palatka there was a threat of a river channel breakthrough, we sent our equipment to cope with the elements. To prevent the spill of the river in the spring of next year, we had already decided in advance that we would dismantle the ice so that the ice would not go into the reservoir.

If the administration of the region approves the project to build a bridge in the village of Stekolny, then we are ready to act as a contractor, since the bridge is a painful topic for the residents: after its collapse, the automobile flow passes through the village.

In addition, we are going to purchase hockey rinks for the village, as well as help in organizing the celebration of the New Year and Victory Day. 

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