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"The connection between radiation and mutation is"

"The connection between radiation and mutation is"

Vladimir Rakov

Senior Researcher of the Pacific Oceanological Institute Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor of the Department of Biodiversity and Marine Bioresources of the School of Natural Sciences of the Far Eastern Federal University, Doctor of Biological Sciences

Vladimir Rakov, Chief Researcher of the Pacific Oceanological Institute, FEB RAS, Professor of the Far Eastern Federal University, Doctor of Biological Sciences:

- Radionuclides in the Sea of ​​Japan began to appear immediately after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They are present in sediments, we consume them with fish. The Chernobyl accident also added radiation, and today there is already radiation from Fukushima. These radionuclides are fresh, there are probably a lot of them. They entered the Sea of ​​Japan with atmospheric precipitation, when isotopes were released during the accident. Also, radiation gets here with currents. And since the Fukushima NPP continues to exist, this question remains open, and it is difficult to say how everything could end. Radiation spreads throughout the Far East through the biota, through migrating animals and birds, so the situation must be constantly monitored - to check the fish caught in the Southern Kuriles, near Hokkaido.

This accident can have serious consequences for our region, because through the Fukushima region there is a migration of many species of fish, for example saury, and saury is followed by a squid. And it's not just the radioactivity they can accumulate in their body, but also how it will affect the next generations of animals. Our institute studied the effect of irradiation on different marine species. So, for example, sprouts of laminaria after a dose of radiation were so abnormal - instead of a long thallus of cabbage there were pinnate leaves, like palm trees. Therefore, what monsters will appear after the accident at nuclear power plants, nobody can foresee. All kinds of deviations already occur in the sea, for example, in the Chazhma region we found fish larvae whose spine is bent by a hump. But when you tell Rosatom specialists that it is their influence, you hear in reply: "And you prove that it is ours." But how can I prove it? There is a direct connection between radiation and mutations, but it can not be proved without global scientific experiments.


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