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"Students must show their work"

Painter Natalia Popovich - about education, plein air and creative way of artists

Natalia Popovich graduated with honors from the Far Eastern State Academy of Arts and a year later became dean of the Faculty of Art. On her initiative, students every summer go to the open air and on an equal basis with professionals participate in city, regional and international exhibitions and competitions. In 2009, the Far Eastern Art Institute organized an international exhibition-competition of young artists and students of the APR "Art Vladivostok". In 2017, this competition was held for the fifth time. Popovich was awarded the gratitude of the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation and the gold medal of the Union of Artists of Russia. About the students-artists and why not all graduates become painters, she told EastRussia for the project "Unsuccessful". The

"Students must show their work"
Natalia Popovich was born in Vladivostok to a family of material scientists. As most children painted since childhood, and in 11 years she went to take exams in an art school. At 13, she told her parents that she would become an artist. Now her personal exhibition is held in Berlin, the other has recently ended in Shanghai. Last fall, two exhibitions were held in St. Petersburg, one of which she dedicated to her parents, who always believed in her and helped her. Natalia's first exhibitions were in Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Korea and Poland.

- To be creative is an inner need. It can not be replaced by anything. I always enjoyed this process, my life without painting is impossible. When a person honestly and sincerely engaged in his business, he will certainly achieve the result, which will pay attention, and it will bring him dividends, - Natalia says. - It was always difficult to become an artist. The works of many well-known masters for a long time did not recognize. There were artists in the history of art who were born in a rich family, and they were deprived of their inheritance, because the parents did not approve of their choice. But if a person really needs to draw, he will do it no matter what. If he does not have any colors, he will take a coal in his hand.


Popovich graduated from the Vladivostok Art College, then entered the Far Eastern State Academy of Arts (now the Far East Institute of Arts .- EastRussia.). On the sixth year she began to teach at the school, where she worked for two years, after which she was offered to become dean of the art faculty of the Academy and teach at the Department of Painting and Drawing.

"I was a young artist who had just finished training, and I understood what the students lack," Popovich says. - We wrote pleinair works near the academy, did not go anywhere and never exhibited anywhere. The artist's education is very long-four years average and six years higher. I knew for sure that in such a long period of time students must exhibit their works, immerse themselves in exhibition activities, participate in competitions.

Since 2004, students of the Faculty of Arts every summer go to educational and creative practice. Over the years, they have visited the villages of Danube, Volchanets, Rice Pad, Shamora, Vityaz bays and other picturesque places of Primorye. For the last two years, the Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University has provided the yacht club and base "Sidimi" at the disposal of students-artists. Since 2005, as a result of this educational and creative practice, an exhibition-competition of the best paintings and graphic works "Plein Air" has been held. The winners are awarded the title of laureate and awarded with a scholarship. This year, in April, the "Plein Air" exhibition-competition will be held in the "Arka" gallery.

In 2010 and 2011 the students of the Institute of Arts went to Italy to the international open-air contests and got the first and second winners' places of laureate there. Also took the first three places at the All-Russian open-air competition in St. Petersburg.

- In the summer we with students leave in interesting terrain from an artistic point of view. And we spend there one to two months depending on the curriculum, - Natalia tells. - In the open air from early morning until late at night, artistic life boils: teachers give assignments, students draw. This is an opportunity to get skills that are nowhere else to acquire. I myself often write alongside my group, it's good for them, it's not for nothing that they say it's better to see once. Plein Air is a place where artists are born sometimes.

Annually students of the Institute of Arts, along with professionals, exhibit their works at city and regional exhibitions in the Primorsky State Picture Gallery, in the halls of Primorsky Krai Branch of the Union of Artists of Russia, in the Museum of Modern Art "Artetage" and the Gallery of Contemporary Art "Arka". The best graduate work of graduates, written since 60-ies and up to the present, and open-air work of students of different years at any time can be viewed in the corridors of the Far Eastern State Institute of Arts.


In 2009, the Far Eastern Art Institute organized an international exhibition-competition of young artists and students of the APR "Art Vladivostok". Since then, it traditionally takes place at the exhibition grounds of Primorsky Branch of the Union of Artists of Russia and the Primorsky State Picture Gallery. Students, young artists and teachers from more than 15 educational institutions of 12 cities of Russia, as well as from China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, the USA and other countries participate in it. In 2017, the exhibition competition was held for the fifth time.

Most students enter the Institute of Arts after graduating from art school, but there are those who come after school. There are no restrictions on age to get to a budget place, you need to pass a creative competition, but you can study and pay for it. The Art Faculty provides basic education. His graduates are taught in art schools and colleges, are engaged in design, arts and crafts, go to another similar activity. And every year there are more and more graduates, for whom painting is a matter of life.

"In the Far East, we have the largest Union of Artists in the field and it's been rejuvenated by our graduates in recent years," says Natalya Popovich. - In 2010, the Youth Association of Primorsky Branch of the Union of Artists of Russia resumed its work, where one can join while still a student. It is important that now the Union rather quickly gives out workshops. Artists do not need to pay rent, only utilities.

In the next two years, Vladivostok plans to open branches of the country's largest museums: the Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum and the Hermitage. It is assumed that thematic exhibitions of masterpieces of world painting will be updated twice a year.

- Not everyone has the opportunity to go to St. Petersburg and Moscow on their own. Before 80-ies students of the art department at least once during the training together with the teacher went to the capital and visited the museums, - says Natalia. - Now we do not have such an article in the budget to go to the familiarization practice. Therefore, the opening of museum branches for our students is very important. In addition, it is also additional exhibition sites, which are not enough in the city. I love Vladivostok, I was offered jobs abroad many times, but I do not want to leave anywhere and am very glad that my native city is developing.
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