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Desire for leadership

The real leader is always at the forefront - the achievements of Vostochny Port JSC in the difficult 2020

The launch of the most modern railway fleet in the Russian Far East, the introduction of unique innovative technologies for environmentally safe transshipment of Russian coal and the successful completion of recertification for compliance with international environmental management standards - these and other achievements in the assets of Vostochny Port JSC in the difficult 2020.

Desire for leadership
Photo: Vostochny Port


The railway station, festively sparkling with lights, is the high-tech electrified park “Novy” of the Nakhodka-Vostochnaya station of the Far Eastern Railway, designed to receive trains going to the specialized coal complex of Vostochny Port JSC. The official launch of the park took place on November 18, 2020, and the command to receive the first wagons with Kuzbass coal intended for export to the APR countries was given by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin in a teleconference during the XIV International Forum Transport of Russia.

The “Novy” railway park consists of 12 electrified railway tracks, designed for trains of 71 carriages, and a 19-meter dead-end branch line for the storage of electric locomotives after they are uncoupled from the carriages with coal. The total length of the constructed tracks is XNUMX km. In terms of technical equipment, the Novy railway park is the most modern and innovative in the Russian Far East.

“With the completion of the construction of new facilities, the total throughput capacity of the Nakhodka-Vostochnaya station has been increased by 25 million tons, which ensures the supply and cleaning of wagons, the movement of freight traffic. Thus, we have synchronized investments in the railway and port infrastructure and removed restrictions on the "last mile" of the Transsib, now it is truly "green". In total, Vostochny Port JSC has invested about 5 billion rubles in railway construction. This is a serious figure. The projects will give Nakhodka-Vostochnaya technological freedom, optimize the operation of the station, and reduce the time for supplying and cleaning rolling stock. The increase in capacity will help reduce the problem of "abandoned" trains on the sections from Ussuriisk to the Nakhodka junction. And this is our great common achievement with the railroad workers, ”commented Irina Olkhovskaya, Director for Port and Railroad Projects at UMMC.

Innovative approaches make it possible to process trains around the clock on this important section of the Eastern range of Russian Railways. Electrical interlocking posts, transformer substations, household facilities for workers have been erected here. Microprocessor-based centralization of arrows and signals, devices of all modern types of communication have been introduced. The heating of the turnouts guarantees their uninterrupted operation even at negative temperatures. The unique ASKIN technology (automated system for monitoring the inventory numbers of wagons) allows using television cameras to automatically recognize the inventory numbers of all types of freight wagons at a speed of up to 60 km / h. and generate electronic data. As in the port, nature-saving technologies are used in the projects of new railway fleets. An automobile overpass has been built over the railway tracks, thanks to which "traffic jams" from cars and trains have disappeared, which means that harmful emissions from transport have been reduced to zero. At the borders of the railway parks along the entire length, a noise protection screen with a height of three meters is installed. It isolates residents of nearby houses and ecosystems from the industrial load of the Nakhodka-Vostochnaya station. In addition to the railway facilities, the stevedore has built new drainage systems and treatment facilities to collect surface runoff.

Park "New" is not the first railway project of the stevedoring company. Investments in the final point of the Transsib - the Nakhodka-Vostochnaya station, where cargo flows along the Far East highway, JSC "Vostochny Port" began at the end of the last century. In 1998, the enterprise built an additional receiving and dispatch park - the so-called "fourth bundle" - and handed it over to the railroad workers for free. And with the opening of the electrified fleet "B", intended for the withdrawal of empty cars from all companies in the Wrangel Bay, five new tracks with a length of 7,3 km and a total capacity of 355 cars were added to the eight tracks. Thanks to the Novy Park, 100 qualified jobs will be created in the state of Vostochny Port JSC.

“Long-term relationships link us with the main supplier - Russian Railways. We are not just partners, we are a single whole, - said Vadim Baibak, Managing Director of Vostochny Port JSC. - We have put into operation the New Railway Park - this will allow us to increase the turnover of goods up to 55 million tons per year through the terminals of the Port. For comparison, in 2020 we sent to 16 countries, including China, South Korea, Japan and India, about 27-29 million tons of coal. 55 million tons is a large figure, no one in the country has such capacities. It is safe to say that in recent years the export of Russian coal has covered ¾ of the world market, and nothing prevents us from striving for unconditional leadership in high-tech coal transshipment in Russia. "


The COVID-19 pandemic has become a real test of survivability for both small and medium-sized businesses and heavyweight enterprises. "Vostochny Port" met a dangerous infection fully armed. In difficult economic conditions, the stevedoring company has mobilized labor and production resources, continuing to fulfill its obligations to partners clearly and on time. Prevention measures were introduced here at the end of January 2020 (the first statement about the mutation of the coronavirus and the threat of a global epidemic was made by the PRC authorities on January 22, - editor's note). For 11 months, the organization has been observing the mandatory mask regime - a replacement kit is given out at the checkpoints of the enterprise - and the treatment of hands with a sanitizer. In addition, offices are regularly disinfected and air in canteens is disinfected. Employees who come to shift are examined in the first-aid posts organized here, and non-contact thermal imagers operate around the clock at the transshipment complexes.

"Vostochny Port" took care not only of itself and its employees, but also of those who found themselves in a vulnerable position. For the entire time of the pandemic, hundreds of residents of the Nakhodka urban district and the Wrangel microdistrict, which is part of it, including veterans and large families, received food packages as a gift. Volunteers of the Vostochny Port Foundation for the Support of Social and Environmental Initiatives, created as a platform for an open dialogue with the residents of Wrangel, carried them home in compliance with sanitary measures. And for the 75th anniversary of the Victory, the port workers traditionally presented flowers, food baskets and cash gifts to veterans and home front workers.

From April to July, the newest Koluman dust collectors with powerful spray guns were on the roads in Wrangel. They were equipped to disinfect the streets of the microdistrict with an environmentally friendly solution approved for use by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare.

In the summer, employees of the Vostochny Port Foundation delivered infrared thermometers, masks, disposable gloves and disinfectants to kindergartens in Nakhodka and Wrangel, and a large consignment of medical masks for the Nakhodka city hospital. A little later, in September, the port workers handed over express tests for COVID-19 to the medical facility. Since the beginning of the school year, devices for preventing the spread of coronavirus infection - air recirculators and pyrometers - have appeared in schools, kindergartens and in the House of Culture in the Wrangel microdistrict. The school of the neighboring village of Khmylovka also received a batch of infrared thermometers. Already in the midst of the "second wave" of the pandemic, another batch of infrared thermometers and automatic disinfectants was sent to secondary school No. 20 in the village of Wrangel.

Support to the healthcare sector is one of the 12 activities of the Vostochny Port Foundation. For 9 months of 2020, the Vostochny Port company sent to social development programs Veterans, Volunteers, Children, Spiritual Development, Health, Historical Heritage, Vostochny Team, Comfortable Environment , "Culture", "Education", "Social support" and "Sport" about 53 million rubles.

In the summer, the Foundation donated new office equipment to the Wrangel Council of Veterans, and also helped to create an electronic database based on updated lists of veterans and "children of war". And by September 118, 2020 children from large and low-income families received sets of school supplies and office supplies. Also in 19, the Fund helped insure first-graders from Wrangel and Khmylovka, completed a major overhaul at school No. XNUMX, insulated the facade of the Eastern Hospital and improved the territory of the neighborhood. In November, the stevedoring company began construction of a modern playground in the Wrangel microdistrict.

Due to the coronavirus this year, the deadline was delayed, but the sixth environmental educational project "Eco-marathon" was still held. Together with volunteers, employees of Vostochny Port JSC and Vostochny Port Foundation collected more than 270 bags of garbage on the popular beaches of Wrangel. Thousands of flowers and about five hundred trees and ornamental shrubs were planted in the village itself. Every year, together with the port workers, more and more local residents join the Eco-marathon campaigns - sea clean-ups, landscaping, ecological quizzes. 


Environmental safety during coal transshipment, care for the environment and residents - priority number 1 in the work of Vostochny Port JSC. Two and a half years ago, a five-sided agreement was signed with the administration of the Primorsky Territory, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Rosprirodnadzor and Rosmorport, according to which the company is implementing an Environmental Action Plan to minimize the impact on the environment. The document formed the basis for Vostochny Port JSC's own comprehensive environmental program, in which the stevedoring company will invest about 6 billion rubles.

In 2020, the terminal of Vostochny Port JSC modernized the aspiration and dust suppression systems in the buildings of car dumpers with a total capacity of 600 thousand m3 per hour and the aspiration systems inside the transfer stations with a capacity of over 100 thousand m3 per hour. In addition, self-propelled all-season dust suppression systems were launched here, year-round dust suppression systems operating under high pressure on ship loading machines were modernized.

Wind and dust screens with a height of 20 meters along the perimeter of the enterprise have reached a length of more than 3 km and a coverage area of ​​over 60 thousand m2. The main task of perforated steel panels, which have already successfully passed the "crash test" by seaside typhoons in September 2020, is to stop the fine fraction of coal so that it does not fall outside the sanitary protection zone of the enterprise. The volume of investments for the installation of wind and dust protection, taking into account the work in 2020, exceeded 2 billion rubles. One of the key directions was the modernization of the irrigation system at the coal warehouses of the enterprise - a number of its components are unique and have no analogues in world practice.

“As a responsible user of natural resources, Vostochny Port JSC strives to develop its leading position as the most powerful, modern and safe specialized coal transshipment complex on the Pacific coast of Northeast Asia. A complex of the best available technologies is used at the specialized terminal of the enterprise, not only ensuring high quality of loading and unloading operations, but also excluding the contact of coal with the environment outside the territory of the complexes. Including, these are closed buildings of car dumpers and transfer stations with an aspiration system, covered conveyor equipment, systems for multi-stage water treatment, dry fog, dust suppression on coal sorting and transportation devices, specialized dust removal equipment and other technologies, "said the managing director of Vostochny Port "Vadim Baybak.

In 2020, the company continued to implement high-precision automated digital metering systems for electricity and water for their economical use. On the basis of its own accredited laboratory, Vostochny Port JSC monitors the state of air, industrial waters and the water area of ​​the Wrangel Bay every day, the strength and speed of the wind are also monitored. Dust analyzers and four meteorological posts are installed here, data from which are quickly sent to the site of the Primorsky Hydrometeorological Center.

A significant event of the outgoing year for the port workers was the successful completion of the ISO 14001: 2015 recertification. Several years ago, Vostochny Port JSC became the first coal terminal in the Russian Far East to receive a certificate of compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001: 2015 “Environmental Management Systems. Requirements and Application Guidance ”. Last fall, the largest international certification company, DNV-GL Business Assurance, conducted an annual audit at production facilities and divisions of the enterprise. The experts checked the competence of the employees, the documentation developed in accordance with the requirements of the environmental management system, the implementation of the relevant procedures and the readiness of the enterprise to prevent and eliminate accidents.


Investment in personnel and a favorable social climate in the region is one of the basic principles of Vostochny Port JSC. Today the company employs over 2200 highly qualified employees, including entire labor dynasties. The average salary in a stevedoring company is 80% higher than the average in Primorye, respectively, and the volume of personal income tax deductions from Vostochny Port JSC is one of the highest in the region.

JSC "Vostochny Port" is traditionally one of the five "anchor" taxpayers of the Primorsky Territory. In 2019, the total budgetary allocations of the enterprise amounted to 2,7 billion rubles. Almost two-thirds of this amount went to the treasury of the Primorsky Territory and the Nakhodka Municipality. For three quarters of 2020, Vostochny Port JSC transferred more than two billion rubles to the budgets of all levels, of which more than one and a half billion - to the regional and local budgets, over 200 million - to the federal treasury, and about 455 million rubles - to non-budgetary funds. Indirectly, the stevedoring company stimulates the growth of payments to the budgets of the Far East with its corporate housing program: the company's employees can choose and buy apartments without overpaying interest on mortgages. Also, employees and their families also receive monthly compensation payments under the collective agreement of the company with the staff, spa treatment, vouchers to children's health camps, etc. For 9 months of 2020, port workers allocated more than 53 million rubles for these purposes.

“To attract and retain qualified specialists, it is important to create attractive living conditions, this is an axiom. But the modern socio-economic policy of our company is not only high salaries, guarantees, comfortable and safe working conditions, but also global investments in the development of the territory in which we operate. With the further development of the high-tech coal terminal of the Third Stage and the inclusion of all the facilities of the Novyi park in 2021, we will handle more bulk carriers, wagons, increase cargo turnover, relying on extremely safe coal transshipment using the best world practices, and increase tax payments to the region, and, of course, to develop all our traditional social programs ", - summed up the managing director of Vostochny Port JSC Vadim Baibak.

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