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Irkutsk airport will be visited by investors

The government of Irkutsk Oblast received control over OJSC Irkutsk International Airport - the object was transferred to the region from federal property, but on the condition that a strategic investor will be found for it, capable of reconstructing and, in particular, building a new terminal. Experts told the special correspondent EastRussia that in the current crisis conditions it will be difficult to find investors.


Projects after PE  

The existing Irkutsk airport is located within the city limits. For more than 30 years in the region, the issue of its transfer outside Irkutsk is being discussed - it is believed that in this way it is possible to improve flight safety. The transfer subject is usually updated after another emergency at the airport. So, for example, it was after the last major plane crash in 2006: then the Siberia Airlines air carrier left the strip when landing, struck the concrete fence of the airfield, crashed into the garages and exploded.

In 2008, as a site for the new airport, the authorities offered a place near the village of Pozdnyakovo, at 25 km from Irkutsk. It was assumed that there will be a runway (runway) length 4,2 km, a new airport terminal designed to serve up to 1,8 thousand passengers per hour, 28 parking spaces for aircraft. The preliminary cost of the project was estimated at 37,7 billion rubles, but from 2008 year, as they say, and now there. Then the designers, as an alternative, considered the reconstruction of the existing airport - it was planned to build a new runway, deploying it at 30 degrees relative to the existing one. This project was estimated at 49,6 billion rubles - more expensive than in Pozdnyakovo, it turned out because of the allegedly large number of excavations.

The topic of the new airport was again discussed in 2012, when Sergei Yroshchenko was appointed governor of the Irkutsk Region. The topic of transport is obviously close to him - Eroshchenko before the governorship created the Eastland Group of Companies, which includes, in particular, Angara Airlines, based in Irkutsk. The governor then stated that he would seek the transfer of the airport from federal to regional ownership and would seek an investor for it.

Reversal of the strip

In December 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree instructing the government of the Russian Federation to ensure the transfer of 100% of Irkutsk International Airport shares to Irkutsk Region. In early April, the Irkutsk governor said that control over the enterprise was received, a new board of directors of the company will be formed until June.

The presidential decree says that the shares and property of the airport are transferred in order for the region

attracted at least 1,1 billion rubles for its modernization and at least 20 billion rubles for the construction of a new airport complex in Irkutsk. At the same time, the federal budget plans to undertake the construction of a new runway and an air traffic management system. Now again it is a question of building a new lane next to the existing one, turning the first to the second one by 30 degrees. The Irkutsk Governor estimates government spending on this project at around 22 billion rubles.

In addition to this, the regional authorities will have to find funds to complete the reconstruction of the existing strip (its total length is 3565 meters). In 2011-2012, the airport repaired two runway sections for 900 meters each, it remains to put in order the middle part of the strip, the project budget is 250 million rubles, the company says. This project will be completed in 2015 year, promised Eroshchenko. In 2016, it is also necessary to reconstruct the taxiways and the parking spaces of liners, the cost is 800 million rubles.

The pilot of one of the Russian airlines says that the airport of Irkutsk is one of the most difficult in Russia. "The strip is the worst one I've seen! In addition, it has a slope of almost one degree - that is, the difference between the ends of the strip is 30 meters.Radigion of the runway at 30 degrees will reduce the angle of the slope of the glide path (the plane of decline). Irkutsk from the skyrocketing liners, "- notes the source EastRussia.

The parameters of the new passenger terminal, which is supposed to be built at the airport at the expense of private capital, has not yet been confirmed. Previously reported that can be designed to serve 15 million passengers per year (for comparison: in 2014, the airport served 1,71 million passengers - this is 9% more than a year earlier).

Let us note that now there are two terminals in the Irkutsk airport. In the inner, an area of ​​about 13 thousand square meters. M, in 2009 year reconstruction is completed. International terminal area of ​​9,3 thousand square meters. M, launched in 1994 year, according to the airport, is very outdated - it is quite difficult for it to cope with passenger traffic, especially during the sending and receiving of two airliners at once. Even before the change of ownership, airport management was considering the possibility of building a new air terminal with an area of ​​12 thousand square meters. M and the cost - 840 million rubles.

Who is the investor?

According to Sergey Eroshchenko, both a pool and one investor can be investors of the airport. The governor named Incheon International Airport Corp., the management company of Incheon Airport (Seoul), as well as Rosneft and Rostec as potential ones. The second is owned by 50% of shares of East-Siberian Fuel Company, CJSC, which refuels liners at the Irkutsk airport. Rosneft, the governor says, can build a fuel center at the airport. Rostec can create a liner service center.

"It's unlikely that airlines with new airliners will fly to us unless we can properly service them in Irkutsk," says the governor.

At the same time, he has already said that he is ready to give control of the airport to potential investors, if they guarantee acceptable terms of reconstruction. Eroshchenko does not intend to postpone negotiations with them, despite holding elections in the region in September this year (in May he resigned and was immediately appointed president of the provisional head of the region).

The government of the region also plans to determine the market value of the airport. A representative of the Irkutsk airport explained to EastRussia that such an assessment was not conducted at all since the airport was transformed into 2011 from FSUE to OJSC with an authorized capital of 1,339 billion rubles.

The editor-in-chief of the portal Network Roman Gusarov explained EastRussia that the investor will make a decision to invest in the Irkutsk airport, assessing its prospects in terms of passenger traffic. "But today it is difficult to show the growth in passenger traffic." It is even more difficult to show the positive dynamics of profitability, "the expert notes. According to him, the investor, as a rule, attracts borrowed funds, however, in the current economic conditions, it is not easy to organize project financing. "I believe that potential investors need to enter the capital of the airport today, and invest tomorrow, when the cost of credit resources will decrease," - said Roman Gusarov.

Oleg Panteleyev, the head of the analytic service of the AviaPort agency, says that investors, despite the crisis phenomena, have an interest in the development of existing large airports. In 2014, the consortium of RFPI, Basel and Singapore's Changi decided to purchase blocks of shares in Vladivostok International Airport and Vladivostok Terminal, and soon a contest will be held to select an investor for the Krasnoyarsk airport.

"It is necessary to build a new international terminal in Irkutsk and possibly expand the domestic terminal at the turn of the decade, but the latter is still coping with the load." Given that the airport already has a developed infrastructure, a route network, such an asset will certainly be of interest to investors, " Oleg Panteleev.

Experts do not presume to assume that it can become an investor of the airport, except state-owned companies. A representative of the latter says that, for example, in 2011-2012 years the airport was interested in "Basel Aero". There EastRussia confirmed that interest to the airport is still preserved.

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