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A stake on coal

"Mechel OAO did what the Soviet Union could not do for a number of reasons - it built a railway connecting Elga with BAM"

A stake on coal
Special project Coal of the East of Russia

The coal industry celebrates its professional holiday with a host of unresolved problems. General Director of Yakutugol Igor Khafizov looks to the future with optimism: proximity to seaports, low cost price and the best quality of coal in Russia are the competitive advantages of Mechel's key enterprise.

The cost of coal reached a record low level: spot prices for coking coal in the main market - in the Asia-Pacific region - fell to a minimum over the past seven years. Nevertheless, a number of coal-mining enterprises are boldly moving ahead, making a bet on coal and demonstrating impressive results.

One of the most effective coal mining companies in Russia is OAO HC "Yakutugol". The enterprise provides a significant part of export earnings and participates in the development of the main project of its founder (the Mechel company) - the Elginsky coal complex. Recently, a millionth ton of coal was extracted on the Elga, which confirms the company's output on an industrial scale.

"Now here it is extracted according to 200 thousand tons of raw coal per month. At the end of last year, VEB approved project financing for the Elginsky Coal Complex in the amount of $ 2,5 billion. This amount is enough to complete the first stage of construction with an annual capacity of 11,7 million tons of coal. This means that the work on the Elga does not depend on fluctuations in market prices or the financial state of Mechel itself, "said Igor Khafizov, General Director of OAO Yakutugol.

According to him, the field plans to plan vertically for the construction of three major factories. Design work is under way to transfer the seasonal concentrator to year-round operation. At the beginning of 2015, the construction of the first main factory with the capacity of 9 million tons of coal will start, the transmission line from the Prizejskaya substation is being prepared, which is being pulled by the FSK.

I. Khafizov is sure that "Mechel OAO" did what the Soviet Union could not do for a number of reasons - built the railway connecting Elga with BAM. "

"The Elgin project in terms of profitability and competitiveness is one of the best in the world. The situation on the market does not affect it, since since last autumn the construction is not financed from the cash flow of Mechel (as it was done since 2008), but from VEB's credit line. Therefore, its development continues on schedule, "- said the general director of OAO HC" Yakutugol ".

The company has already conducted a whole range of activities for marketing Elginsky coals among potential buyers in Russia and the world. Experienced combustion of high-quality power products was carried out at five power plants of RAO ES of the East. In the tender 2014 Yakutugol will also participate. If to speak about export deliveries, they are carried out to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region: Japan, China, and Korea.

The carrying capacity will expand as production increases: if in 2014 Yakutugol plans to produce 1,35 million tons of raw coal, then 2015-16 will have more than 3 million tons, and in 2018 - when the main processing plant will start operating at full capacity - 11,7 million Tons of coal. The company is going to develop the Ulak-Elga road in such a way that it meets the needs of the project for transportation of finished products.

"The branch of Ulak-Elga, in fact, is a unique case when a private company built its own railroad. It opens access not only to the Elginsky deposit, but also to all 40 billion tons of the Tokinsky basin reserves, which is a real Klondike for industrial development, and for the Russian Railways - security in transport for decades ahead, which makes repayable investments in the Eastern BAM landfill " , - said I. Khafizov. He expressed regret that investors have not yet assessed the full potential of the railway: they can analyze the world market, but can not calculate the risks associated with the development of rail transport in Yakutia.

High hopes are pinned on the Elginskoye field in Yakutia that is being developed: by 2017, it will create 5000 new jobs. 

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