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Integrated development of South Yakutia in the new economic conditions


How KRYUYA fits into the new concept of the development of the Far East, the correspondent found out from the general director of the South Yakutia Development Corporation Mikhail Brook.

- Mikhail Lvovich, at what stage is the Project today?

- I will begin with what has already been done by investors, responsible executors, the republic and the Development Corporation of South Yakutia. For 2009-2013 years the project documentation on objects of transport infrastructure, Inaglinsky coal complex and the Kankunsky hydro power station, and also on the part of the electric grid infrastructure has been prepared. At the end of 2011, the coal mining company Kolmar started construction of the Inaglinsky coal complex. At the final stage, the design of the power grid infrastructure. Investors continue to design part of the industrial facilities.

During the period from 2007 to 2013 years, at the stage of pre-design works and during the design of infrastructure and industrial facilities, large companies and the state jointly invested more than 24,4 billion rubles. State spending (funds of the RF Investment Fund) in this amount is more than 7,3 billion rubles.

- What is the current project cost?

- The results of the design and exploration work allowed to update the cost of the builder Industrial and infrastructural facilities. Today, this amount is about 845,90 billion rubles. This is without taking into account the cost of construction of the Yakutia gas production center, the Seligdarskoye MCC and the corresponding infrastructure. Of this money, the creation of industrial objects will cost 674,13 billion rubles. In addition, 171,77 billion rubles will be required to create infrastructure facilities at the expense of the state. Such a breakdown on future costs makes it possible to create a quite optimistic picture of spending under the scheme of public-private partnership: the 1 ruble invested in the Project will be attracted up to 4 rubles of private investment.

- The events of recent years have shown that the promotion of projects of such a scale and such complexity as the Integrated Development of South Yakutia depends on the situation on the world markets. How did this affect your Project?

- Yes, new economic realities forced to make adjustments in the timing of the design and construction of individual enterprises, roads, power lines. For example, due to the fall in prices for uranium after the Focusim catastrophe and the need to reduce the costs of building a uranium mining and enrichment plant, it was decided to optimize the project of Elkon MMC.

In addition, in recent years, a price peak has been continuing on international markets for iron ore. Due to changes in licensing conditions for the right to use the subsoil, Timir has postponed the completion of the design of the Tarynnakhsky GOK to a later date. Until now, the issue of determining the subsurface user of the Seligdar apatite deposit has not been resolved.

- If the project has changed, then by what parameters?

- In 2013, we updated the complex project - divided it into the first and second stages. In other words, proceeding from the current situation and intentions of investors, we identified the core as first-stage facilities. We are talking about the construction of the Inaglinsky coal complex in the period from 2011 to 2016 and the Taiga iron ore mine in the period from 2017 to 2019. In addition, the infrastructure necessary for these enterprises will be created. The cost of construction of the first-stage facilities will be a little less than 100 billion rubles, including the necessary amount of state support for the infrastructure of about 14 billion rubles. It turns out that one ruble of public investment is expected to attract more than 6 rubles in private. According to our calculations, without state support for the construction of infrastructure, all industrial projects are unprofitable, that is, the production will have a negative net discounted income - NPV.

- What are the other projects in the overall complex project waiting for?

- The plans for the remaining projects remain in force and will be implemented as the situation on the world markets improves.

- As for the first phase of the Project, how much work is to be done in 2014?

- In the near future, changes will be made to the federal target program "Development of the transport system of Russia (2010-2015 years)". The goal is to open financing for the construction of a railway line to the Inaglinsky coal complex. The issue of financing the construction of an energy infrastructure for first-line facilities is being addressed. We hope that the state support for the construction of the infrastructure of the first stage will be fully ensured. Optimism is also instilled in the assignment of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Arkady Dvorkovich, which he gave to the relevant federal authorities on March 21 at a meeting devoted to the implementation of the "Scheme for the Comprehensive Development of the Productive Forces, Transport and Energy of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) until 18." In particular, it is necessary to provide funds (starting from 2020 year) for the construction of the first line of the railway line to the Taiga Mining and Processing Plant within the framework of the adjustment of the federal target program mentioned above, as well as the development of a scheme for the financial provision of construction of the electric grid infrastructure for industrial facilities of the first stage Investment project "Integrated development of South Yakutia".

- Mikhail Lvovich, when they talk about the development models of the Far East, then most often we are talking about advanced development areas (TOR), industrial parks (IP). What model, in your opinion, is connected with the future of such a promising region as South Yakutia?

- One does not rule out the other. While the development models of the Far East are in the final stages of development. The ideological framework of our project is the formation of a territory of advanced development in South Yakutia on the basis of reindustrialization. At the same time, localization zones can be created in the region-industrial parks of various orientations.

To what extent the South Yakut project will meet the formal requirements for TORs - we will see, we will calculate. The main thing is not the name, but the achievement of the ultimate goal. 

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