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Results of the WEF: Will Magadan become a Free Port?

The Magadan region sums up the results of participation in the WEF

How was the Eastern Economic Forum and what Kolyma presented at it - the Magadanskaya Pravda newspaper analyzes.

Results of the WEF: Will Magadan become a Free Port?
After the APEC summit, the capital of the Primorsky Krai not only changed a lot - like a magnet attracts investors and businessmen. It is logical that it was here that they decided to hold the Eastern Economic Forum, which was held on Fr. Russian, on the campus of FEFU. He was invited to fifteen hundred participants, and the same number came to Vladivostok airport. Later, summing up the forum, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, the plenipotentiary of the President of Russia in the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev will tell reporters about an unprecedented decision to accept all. It's amazing, but there were enough seats in the conference halls, at the speech sessions and in the meeting rooms. They fed, fed, provided accommodation. A bright page of the forum was the project of the cultural program "The Far East Street", in which 9 subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District participated, including the Magadan Region.

Kolyma package

Kolyma, like no other territory, needs investments. The resources are colossal, but their forces and means are not enough. Gold and silver are mined, and then there is copper, tin, molybdenum, zinc, cadmium, iron, rhenium - almost the entire periodic table. It is no coincidence that the Governor of the Magadan Region Vladimir Pechenyi took with him a weighty package of investment projects on his way to the EEF. The largest one is the construction of a mining and metallurgical complex based on the Pavlik, Pavlik-2 and Rodionovskoye deposits, which is already being implemented by the ARLAN investment company. The reserves of Rodionovsky are 100 tons of gold, Pavlik-2 - 150 tons, and the total reserves exceed 500 tons. To extract such wealth from the subsoil requires large investments. The game is worth the candle, the costs will pay off many times over. This is well understood by investors who have shown an increased interest in the mining projects of Kolyma. 

Deep and versatile turned the conversation of the governor with the delegation of the Russian-German foreign trade chamber. Pedantic Germans were interested in natural and climatic conditions, infrastructure, especially roads and energy supply. Responding to questions from the representatives of the WGWTP, the head of the territory did not attempt to varnish reality. Frankly called obvious advantages, problems, pluses and minuses. 

- Come, - Vladimir Pecheny invited, - trade, bring new technologies, invest. And we will create all conditions for this. 

In addition to mining, other projects were presented to the WEF: the all-season sports and tourist complex “Solnechny. Magadan ", resort" Talaya ", ethnocultural center of the peoples of the North in the valley r. Dukcha.

 - Special attention was attracted by the project “Sunny. Magadan, ”says First Deputy Mayor of the Kolyma capital, Yuri Grishan, who participated in the forum. - There are real prerequisites for signing an investment agreement. The project "Resort" Talay "Japanese are interested. Most of all they were attracted by Tal's mineral water, which can treat infertility.


Significant for the Magadan region was the key session of the forum "Subsoil: mining and processing" with the participation of the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, Sergei Donskoy. The head of the department reported on the long-awaited changes in the Federal Law "On Subsoil", as well as on the fact that individual entrepreneurs will be allowed to wash gold. Kolymchans looked at each other: did it happen? Will they really accept the law "On free admission" and everyone can use a tray to wash gold? 

Recall, in the era of the USSR - up to 1954 year - on Kolyma was allowed to engage in freestyle. He washed the metal, handed it over to the gold receiving room and received the money. The staller is good, the state benefits. And today the importance of free-of-charge for the Magadan region can not be overestimated. Many residents of the closed settlements could work, and there will be a reliable business - thoughts on moving to the regional center or to the "mainland" will cease, the outflow of population will stop. Of course, provided that the deputies of the State Duma will pass the law in the final reading ...

It is up to 1999 to solve the issue of legalizing the free transfer that is relevant for the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Amur, Irkutsk, Chita regions, Buryatia, Tuva, Yakutia, Chukotka, Kolyma. Insists on the need to simplify the procedures for access to the subsoil for Russian citizens, issuing without competition (auction) simplified licenses for the use of sites, to introduce a simplified taxation system, and simplify the procedure for accepting gold. Then it will be possible to save not one closed tracian village. Hundreds, thousands of people will get a job and confidence in the future. 

 - For the Magadan region, which initiated the law “On the Free Bringing”, this is certainly a victory, - Vladimir Pecheny is convinced. - It happened what we have been seeking for many years. Finally, there is an opportunity to engage in free delivery on technogenic deposits up to 10 kilograms with a simplified procedure for obtaining licenses. This is a good step with a powerful multiplicative effect: new jobs, a social program - and at the same time a significant contribution to the economy, additional gold mining. 

Forum of governors

The culmination point of the WEF was the forum of governors "Russia-China". It was attended by Deputy Prime Minister, Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev, Minister for Development of the Far East Alexander Galushka, heads of federal agencies, as well as heads of Far Eastern regions. The Chinese delegation was led by Vice Premier Wang Yang of the PRC, consisting of 10 ministers and four governors. In total, over 200 Chinese companies have applied to participate in the forum, 75 have been registered, and 15 of those that are in TOP companies of the world with total revenue of 1,7 trillion. which equals 1,6 of China's GDP. "We want to give the world a signal that China intends to become a long-term partner of Russia," Van Yang said at the opening of the forum.
The leaders of the Far Eastern regions told about the cooperation with the Chinese partners, shared the problems that stop the interaction. 

The Governor of Magadan Region, Vladimir Pechenyi, presented two Chinese companies that successfully worked on Kolyma. OOO Yugo-Zapadnaya Mining Company is engaged in geological exploration and development of silver and gold ore deposits "Senon" and "Serebryanye" of the Right-Yansk ore cluster, as well as exploration and production of antimony at the "Utro" deposit. The company is also the owner of a license for geological exploration, exploration and production of indigenous gold at the South Eastern part of the Burkhalinsky ore field (Ammonalnaya, South Zone). 

The mining company Tian-He starts the development of reserves of non-ferrous metals in Kunarevskaya promising area. In the area of ​​its licensing agreements, exploration and mining of zinc, lead, copper, cadmium and germanium, silver and iron. This year, Tien-He Group of Companies began exploration and appraisal work at the Skarny and Datsitovy sites. 

 The investor of the prospective investment project for the creation of a modern cluster of the Omsukchan coal basin was CJSC North-East Coal Company, part of the WGC Group (Eastern Mining Company). On the basis of the Omsukchanskoye gold recovery factory of ZAO "Silver Magadan" a technological laboratory for the study of coal enrichment was organized, which analyzed samples collected within the Bulur and Galimov coal-bearing areas.
Since 2009, Kolyma has been implementing a program of cooperation between the regions of the Far East and Eastern Siberia of the Russian Federation and the Northeast of the People's Republic of China. 

"To make China even closer, we are looking for opportunities to organize a direct flight Yakutsk - Magadan - Harbin, with the airline" Yakutia ", - said Governor of the Magadan Region Vladimir Pechenyi. "This will allow us to actively develop our cooperation in all spheres." And if we are talking about TOP, the territory of advanced development has long been operating in the regime of a special economic zone. Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Development of the Far East, the SEZ regime in Magadan has been extended to the end of 2025. Despite the fact that the area is bounded by the city of Magadan, the TOP tools are distributed throughout the region. The free customs regime allows duty-free import of machinery for the needs of enterprises without any restrictions. Like our colleagues in the Far East, there are regional benefits for profits and property taxes. In short, for foreign, including Chinese business, we have created comfortable conditions. We hope that the number of foreign, namely Chinese companies, investors will increase from year to year. 

The trump card of the forum was the free port of Vladivostok, which will regain its status from 12 October 2015. The prospect of trading without duties attracts not only the APR countries, but also the Russian business. The forum managed to get acquainted with businessmen from Stavropol, who intend to supply high-quality meat products to the Far East, including Magadan.

The opening of the WEF coincided with the half-century anniversary of workers in the oil refining industry. Communicating with the senior operator of the Komsomolsk-on-Amur refinery Vyacheslav Alekseenko, who was also among the forum participants, he involuntarily thought: more such qualified, erudite specialists in our Far East could turn the mountains ...

The president said - it means there will be

Speaking at the opening of the Eastern Economic Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the free port of Vladivostok a launching pad, instructing the government to extend the practice in all the water areas of the Far East. 

- If the president said that the movement in this direction will certainly be, - said Vladimir Pechenyi. - The mechanisms of the free port will simplify the visa regime, attract more investors. There will be an opportunity to call cruise tourist vessels in Magadan. 

According to the head of the Golden Kolyma, the WEF has become an excellent platform for direct communication with investors, federal agencies, executive authorities of all Far Eastern subjects and delegations of foreign countries.

“I considered and continue to believe that the establishment of direct contacts is just as valuable as the signed contracts,” said Vladimir Pecheny. - We conducted a series of negotiations with potential investors, presented our projects, including in the sphere of tourism, on the development of the Talaya resort. We received additional opportunities to promote the main mining projects of the territory. Attracted new partners to the development of the Natalka gold deposit. They are interested in Chinese investors.

Together again

At the forum governors of the Magadan Region Vladimir Pecheniy and the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug Roman Kopin signed the Agreement on Cooperation of the Regions on the Removal of Infrastructure Restrictions in Energy and Transport, which implies the formation of the Kolyma-Chukotka energy ring, the construction of the inter-regional highway Kolyma-Omsukchan-Omolon-Anadyr, which will combine two region, which existed once in the united Magadan region. The interaction will allow the subjects to develop steadily, diversify the economy and improve the quality of life of the northerners, and, most importantly, consolidate efforts to increase the competitiveness of the Far North-East of Russia.

At the end of the day, the forum participants rushed to the "Street of the Far East", which presented the culture, traditions, life of all the subjects of the macroregion. For this it was enough to cross the park of the FEFU with its waterfall and avenues.

And in the Magadan tent, the Minister of Culture of the Government of the Magadan Region Lyudmila Gorlacheva was in charge. Stanislav Maniga was the host of the master classes in bone carving. He was also a guide in the traditional crafts of the Evens, the Koryaks, their customs, traditions, introduced the secrets of bone carving. Within a few minutes, he dug an amulet from a horn of an elk, bringing good luck. 

The highlight of the Kolyma was the performances of the Ener Song and Dance Ensemble of the Peoples of the North, “Ener”, led by Honored Culture Worker of the Russian Federation Lidiya Bualdayeva.
From those who want to look into the Magadan pavilion and look at the real Kolyma nuggets, hold the tray in their hands, which they wash gold, see the products from the bones of the mammoth, there was no release. 

The Eastern Economic Forum is over, but its unique spirit remains, the desire to make life in the Russian Far East better, to lead the macroregion to an unattainable level before. 

"The conversation at the Eastern Economic Forum, in which delegations from China, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Germany and many other countries participated, turned out to be frank," concluded Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev. - And frankness invariably causes trust. Without this priceless human quality, it is impossible to implement any investment project.
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