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Sports club "Transbunker" - a vivid example of business social responsibility

Project Manager Valery Petrushin - on the Far East and Sport

Sports club "Transbunker" in the village of Vanino, Khabarovsk Territory has a long history. Here, children are engaged in three areas: sailing, futsal and hockey. About his pupils known not only in the Far East, but also in other regions of Russia. About how to implement a successful social project for children, EastRussia was told by its leader Valery Petrushin.

Sports club "Transbunker" - a vivid example of business social responsibility

- Valery Yuryevich, tell us how it all began and what is the purpose of the project?

- In the 1997 year, the Vodnik-Transbunker football club was created in the village of Vanino, and in the 2008 year, the Albatross yacht club began its operations. Trainers-enthusiasts Alexander Goncharov and Sergey Laletin were actively involved with children, passing on their skills to them. The village has its own history of hockey, because it is the birthplace of the famous hockey player and coach Gennady Dmitrievich Tsygankov, two-time Olympic champion, six-time world champion, champion of the USSR, winner of the 1979 Challenge Cup of the year, participant of the 1972 Super Series of the year. Transbunker decided to continue these traditions, and in the year 2011 designed and began the construction of a modern Ice Palace. I want to note that the work was carried out seriously, experts studied objects in North America and central Russia, after which the project was completed by the team at the Khabarovsk 52 CPI. I emphasize that such a sports facility, as in the village of Vanino, you will not see anywhere else in the Far Eastern region.

And the goal of the project was to create a sports facility that would become a social anchor for young people, people and professionals who work and will work in the company's enterprises. This initiative has been well received by other companies that are developing their business in Vanino. They have been helping the sports club for several years. It is not a secret for anybody that a part of the population of the Far Eastern regions tends to move to the central regions of Russia. 

- What tasks were solved during the project implementation?

- There are a number of basic tasks. In the design and construction it was necessary to take into account the climate and seismicity of the area. In parallel, to carry out the selection, training and certification of administrative, technical staff of the club and coaching staff. Sports sections were included in the club, training programs were prepared in the framework of existing methods. Before the opening of the complex, the coaching staff did a lot of work with their parents in schools and kindergartens, offering to bring their children to the club. Today, more than 300 children are engaged in sections, the club has a license for additional education, and the complex itself has been included in the register of sports facilities in Russia.

EastRussia help. Valery Petrushin - Transbunker Insurance Project Manager. He has a lot of experience in implementing social projects and building effective communications between the population, business and government.

- How did these transformations affect the achievements of young Vanan athletes?

- The sports complex has a very high-quality ice arena, a gym, a first-aid post, a cafe, a training class, changing rooms, an administrative unit. All rooms have access for people with disabilities, in a word, we have a good sports complex that meets all modern requirements. In parallel, the material base of sailing was strengthened, the base was equipped and new yachts were additionally purchased. From scratch built a mini-football field with areas for team sports and athletics. The quality of training of pupils in the sections has changed. Teams began to actively go to the competition. As a result, the club has victories in the all-Russian tournaments.

Our young yachtsmen Dmitry Chugai, Ksenia Kozlova, Daria Krashchuk, Artyom Sukhanov and Victoria Krasko became leaders in the regattas that were held on Sakhalin and Vladivostok, in St. Petersburg and in the Khabarovsk Territory.

Football players Kirill Bondarev, Danila Tatarenko, Nikita Kiselev, Aleksey Gorchenin, Nikita Moseev, Konstantin Bebih, Nikita Dikamov perform well in tournaments and defend the honor of the region in the final games of the All-Russian project “Mini-football at school”.

Among young hockey players, Vitaly Peretz, Artem Shulga, Artem Gorelikov, Anton Ozharovsky, Yaroslav Deminsky, Alexander Vinogradov, Artyom Stryukov and Evgeny Klimontov show excellent results. They became leaders in their teams in Russian tournaments, including Breakthrough and Golden Puck.

One of the positive moments: our head hockey coach Vladimir Tsarenko was awarded the title of Honored Coach of the Russian Federation, with which I congratulate him! 

- You said that the club provides financial assistance to companies operating in Vanino. Can you name them?

- At the moment we are already moving away from the concept of financial assistance, since our relations are moving into the plane of friendly cooperation. I take this opportunity, I want to thank our friends from the company SUEK. Their support helps children travel to competitions in the central regions of Russia. The Department of Education of the Vaninsky District organized sports classes at the base of secondary school No. 4, there are already five of them, for which I thank them so much.

For two years now, the Good Ice Games have been held in our Ice Palace, organized by the Gennady and Elena Timchenko Foundation. And this is not only hockey, but also educational games, contests, a holiday for children. The Foundation supports us with methodical materials, helps with the acquisition of a hockey uniform for kids.

Since the end of 2018, the stage of cooperation with the Youth Maritime League has begun - it holds a collection of children's marine clubs in the country. I hope that our yachtsmen will show their best at the training camp this year and will be selected to participate in the voyage around the world. 

Vladimir Dolgopolov, General Director of Daltransugol JSC: Daltransugol JSC helps Vaninsky children not only play hockey, but also visit the Armory Chamber, the Pushkin Tales interactive museum-theater as part of the school curriculum, and see the amazing exhibition of marine animals in Moscovrium. The company acquired a hockey uniform for beginner hockey players and financed their participation in Shanghai at an international tournament where the guys won. " 

Igor Baradachev, Deputy General Director - Head of the Sports Programs of the Timchenko Foundation: “The Doodle Ice ice hockey development program in the Far East region has found for itself an excellent“ driver ”for the joint development of children's ice hockey. Thanks to our cooperation, the Vaninsky children have more opportunities to participate in large-scale all-Russian and international sports competitions, and for children from other regions There was a great opportunity to play on the Vaninsky ice and discover another unique hockey region. "

- Valery Yuryevich, what is the secret of the project’s success?

- There are no secrets. He was originally well thought out and organized. Children who live on the edge of the mainland, sports help to realize themselves in good conditions, to meet and be friends with children from all over the country. Today the geography is wide - Sakhalin, Yakutia, Amur region, Primorsky Krai, Siberia, China, Moscow and St. Petersburg. The sports ambitions of the children, their everyday hard work is paying off. Pupils have motivation, team spirit is formed. Of course, we understand that not all will reach the top in the big professional sport. But we are sure that children will get an education and will gladly join our work collective, the teams of our partners. Then the team spirit of the athletes, the motivation to win, to achieve the result will bring the company already production success, and their children will come to the club to conquer their sports Olympus. Good prospects are waiting for us all. 

- The port of Vanino is positioned as a point of economic growth. The authorities are concerned about the problem of outflow of population from the Far East. New jobs are created, however, only they are not enough, people need a developed social infrastructure. Can IC “Transbunker” become an example for other companies?

- Of course. In the implementation of the transport strategy in the Far East region a lot of money has been invested. But this is not enough. Need a modern social infrastructure. Professionals living in the small village of Vanino, or who came by invitation of companies, need to realize themselves not only in the workplace. They have families, children. If a regional authority and an employer see an employee only within his workplace, then this territory has no future. The specialist will select the region where he can fill his free time for the benefit of himself and his family members. Undoubtedly, residents of small towns need such objects. By the way, we are considering with our colleagues the possibility of organizing sports and athletics competitions of labor collectives, since this idea has found some support. In this case, the Far East is not so distant, because we have something to show, to have something to surprise. And most importantly, with this approach, a person does not feel separated from the social benefits of civilization, he leads an active lifestyle.

We sent a proposal to the government of the Khabarovsk Territory to organize a public-private partnership on the basis of the club under the current legislation. I hope that the consideration of this proposal will result in new forms of organization and participation of business and government in the development of children's sports, which will make the Far Eastern region close in spirit and aspiration to the future with other regions of our country.

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