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The Far East needs a strategy of a breakthrough to the markets of the Asia-Pacific Region

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One of the goals of the Far East brand and its territories is to attract investors to the region. This was stated at the First Far Eastern Media Summit by Deputy Minister for Development of the Far East Maxim Shereykin.

The first Far Eastern Media Summit was held on June 3-4 at the FEFU campus on Russky Island. The event discussed not only the relationship between the government and the media, issues of journalism education and media problems, but also the role the media play in creating the image of the Far East, in particular to attract investors. The round table “Forming the image of territories - from words to actions” was devoted to this topic.

Discussing the topic, Maxim Shereykin, Deputy Minister for Development of the Far East, noted that when forming the Primorye brand (and the Far East as a whole), there is a myth that a lot of money was invested in the region due to large construction projects and the summit of APEC.

"Meanwhile, the Ministry of Regional Development has revealed the underfunding of the DFO for various programs. This is an example when the brand becomes a myth, "he said. M.Shereykin also stressed that attracting investors to the region is one of the tasks of DFO branding.

Investors have long shown interest in the Far East. Thus, according to the information of the Primorye Economy Department, following the results of 2013, the volume of foreign investments in the economy of Primorsky Krai increased 4,1 times to the level of 2012, and amounted to 1,7 billion dollars. Foreign direct investment amounted to 1,1 billion dollars, and the most attractive activity for foreign partners was manufacturing. If earlier GRP growth in Primorye was provided by large-scale budget investments, then last year most of the investments were secured by private funds.

As one of the participants in the roundtable, Vice-Governor of Primorye Vasily Usoltsev, said, foreign and federal media pay attention to major projects in the Primorye, which, in fact, are the brand of the region.

"VNKhK, LNG plants, fish cluster, industrial and agrotechnoparks, a mining and metallurgical cluster in the north, an integrated resort on the basis of the gambling zone, the agglomeration of Big Vladivostok and others - can and should become a brand of the region and its regions," said V.Usoltsev. Also part of the image of Primorye is the sphere of logistics - development of transport corridors "Primorye-1" and "Primorye-2".

In the Far East, a large number of projects are preparing for implementation, and the influx of investors is needed more than ever. However, many potential partners are not ready to invest in the region because they lack information about the economic potential of the DFO.

“One of the reasons for investors not to invest in the Far East is the lack of information. And with the help of the media, this deficiency can be eliminated, ”M.Shereikin noted.

Deputy Minister for the Development of the Far East agrees with Mikhail Kulikov, First Deputy Minister for Federal Relations and External Relations of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). "Undoubtedly, the lack of information is one of the reasons why the investor does not come to Russia, including the Far East. Places for safe investment of funds, which would return a hundredfold, a potential investor is looking everywhere. And if he has no understanding of the region, he will not go into it, "Kulikov commented.

"There are several channels through which investors can learn about the region. One of them is the media. However, the choice of media should be approached seriously - not every media will be trusted. In terms of promoting information, various conferences also help. In this regard, MediaSummit is also relevant, "the expert continued.

According to him, one should not forget about working with foreign media: local mass media can have a much greater effect in delivering information to consumers than English-speaking BBC and CNN. He stressed that it is necessary to work in the local language in different countries - in Europe, in the UAE, and in China.

The theme of investing in the region M. Shereykin continued at the briefing. He expressed the opinion that there is a completely different target audience of investors in the Far East than in the central regions of Russia. For them, special regulation is required and more competitive than that of neighbors.

“The market of the Far East is very small - only 6 million inhabitants per third of the territory of Russia,” said M.Shereikin. “Few investors are ready to come to the domestic market with major projects, such as the Sollers plant.” He explained that investors often require to provide them with a ready-made project, as well as local partners.

"Power is not an intermediary between businesses. This is a specificity that requires new technologies. Although there is a platform, we must establish special regulation, "M. Shereikin is convinced.

It is necessary to create an infrastructure for investors. As M.Shereikin has told, for today cooperation with partners from the nearest countries of the Asia-Pacific region - China, Japan and South Korea is a priority. However, for other investors, the doors are also open - work will be conducted in all directions.

It is important for the Far East to work out not only new points of economic growth, but also a strategy for breaking the Russian economy into the APR markets. And for this, potential partners should be provided with "not information from the field of economic geography, but sell the sites, with understandable inverters conditions and detailed information about the available infrastructure and resources."

"The APR countries are the largest recipient of these investments, both the recipient and the largest investor. We must find our sector in this investment flow, join it and win the competition for attracting investors to the Far East, "the deputy minister said at the forum.

And of course, journalists should also advertise the region to investors, which, according to M.Shereikin, "help society, ordinary people to look at our complex, bureaucratic and not always understandable" kitchen ", with a normal, simple and clear look."

The first Far Eastern Media Summit was held on June 3-4 in Vladivostok. During the event, two conferences took place, 15 round tables, as well as more than 50 presentations were given. The summit participants were representatives of the journalistic community, press services, PR specialists in Primorye, the Far East Federal District and the APR countries. It is assumed that the MediaSummit will be annual. 

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