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Union of Russian Creativity and Taiwan Entrepreneurship

Union of Russian Creativity and Taiwan Entrepreneurship

Vladimir Lukashev

Expert on China and South-East Asia

Vladimir Lukashev, member of the Council of Graduates of the MAI:

Do you know Taiwan?

- Of course I know! This is Thailand!

- No, Taiwan is an island!

- Is it? I never thought that Thailand is an island!

I met this funny dialogue on one of the Russian-Taiwanese sites. Indeed, we know little about the island "Formosa" (Beautiful), as it was called by the Portuguese. However, the broad masses also know little about our institute MAI. This is understandable. During Soviet times, our institute served mainly the defense industry. Combat aircraft, space, rockets - this is not a complete list of our "products". Already in Soviet times, MAI graduates were famous for their ingenuity or, as they call it now, creative thinking, which was expressed not only in the ability to pass the exam by reading someone else's synopsis the day before the exam, but also in the fact that they competed on equal terms with the engineers of such companies. like Boeing and Lockheed Martin. We went through hard times in the 1990s, when the Soviet defense industry was thoughtlessly destroyed. But it turned out to be beyond the power of not only the "potential enemy", but also the would-be reformers to completely destroy what our graduates were creating.

Recently it turned out that for various reasons not all our ideas can be implemented in Russia. The management of the institute was tasked to realize this potential not only within Russia, but also in international markets. 

As part of this task, contacts with Taiwan, which, along with Hong Kong and Singapore, are considered a "gateway" to the markets of Southeast Asia and China, are a rare and successful find. Taiwanese businessmen habitually work in world markets, and the production potential of the island is colossal. It remains only to throw new ideas and developments. This is what we started to do by organizing our institute's contacts with universities and technology parks in Taiwan. And here it turned out that the alliance of our "creative" with the energy and ties of the Taiwanese is the ideal alloy necessary to achieve commercial success.

By today, we have established contacts with two Taiwan universities and with all three technology parks in Taiwan. Our delegation visited Taiwan, and representatives of technoparks visited our institute. Our representative is working on the island. At the moment we are preparing a package of projects, which at the beginning of summer our rector along with the developers of these projects will be lucky to Taiwan. We plan extensive cooperation with Taiwan universities and technology parks not only in terms of implementing our projects, but also in the field of education. We hope that we will be able to teach Taiwanese students a creative approach in solving engineering problems, and the Taiwanese experts will give us their ability to work in world markets.

And I must say that the optimism of our Taiwanese partners, as well as my experience with Taiwanese people, indicate that the cooperation of the MAI with the technoparks and universities of the island can not but be successful.

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