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Social Responsibility: A Cornerstone of Vostochny Port's Development

Vostochny Port Joint Stock Company is a modern specialised port and one of the largest stevedoring companies not only in the Far East, but in all of Russia. The company provides high-tech, environmentally sound transhipment of coal products from domestic producers to ports in the Asia-Pacific region and India.

In April 2021, the staff of Vostochny Port JSC and the citizens of the settlement of Wrangel celebrated the 50th anniversary of the All-Union Komsomol shock construction project to construct the country's largest port, the Vostochny. As a result, both Wrangel itself and the surrounding area have changed beyond recognition.

Social Responsibility: A Cornerstone of Vostochny Port's Development

The company is one of the largest taxpayers in the Primorye Territory. In 2020, Vostochny paid over RUB 3 bn into budgets of all levels. The majority of this amount, more than RUB 2 bn, went to regional and local budgets.

The port is located on the shore of Wrangel Bay, far from the eponymous settlement's residential areas. These days, the company employs over 2,000 people. Oftentimes, entire dynasties work here, as professions are handed down from parents to children. Taking care of its employees and the locals, Vostochny Port supports the settlement's major housing and communal facilities and participates in urban improvement and social life.

The company's social policy is based on two pillars. It is a well-designed system of investment in human resources. The groundwork for the creation of attractive working conditions, including high wages, social guarantees, comfort and work safety, was laid back when the port was built half a century ago. Today, taking care of people is no less important than introducing new technologies, expanding production and increasing cargo turnover and profits. Salaries at Vostochny Port JSC are 80 percent higher than the regional average.

In addition, the stevedoring company covers up to 100 percent of the cost of medical treatment for its employees or their dependents. The organisation supports families with children, as well as kindergartens and schools in the Wrangel neighbourhood. The company shoulders 85 percent of the cost of trips to its cultural and health centre located on the shore of the Sea of Japan in an environmentally clean area, one of the most popular recreation and health improvement centres for children in all of Primorye. Port workers' children are regularly given the opportunity to participate in festive and sporting events. The company's employees and their families enjoy free training at the Vostochnik athletic complex.

Vostochny Port's collective bargaining agreement, which regulates social and labour relations between the company and its employees, is one of the most attractive in the industry. It applies to the company employees and guarantees material assistance to both current and retired workers, whenever needed.

Every year, the company allocates considerable funds for social projects, cultural and sporting events, treatment at health resorts and recreation for employees and their children. In order to develop a systematic approach and kick the social policy up a level, the Vostochny Port Social and Environmental Initiatives Support Fund was established in spring 2019. Since then, about 500 events and projects have already been held and implemented. Thanks to the foundation, Wrangel has become a genuine hub for the volunteer movement in Primorye.

Over the last two years, an effective mechanism for obtaining feedback from the residents of Wrangel settlement has been developed. As part of its social policy, the foundation identifies the needs of the locals and helps direct the organisation's resources towards addressing specific problems and the most urgent issues. There are 12 active programmes: Veterans, Volunteers, Children, Spiritual Development, Health, Historical Heritage, Team Vostochny, Comfortable Environment, Culture, Education, Social Support and Sports.

Over the last five years, the joint stock company has invested more than RUB 500 m in developing the social sphere. The company's top brass follows a tried and tested rule: an effective social policy and responsible partnerships with employees and their families are an important factor in the company's long-term sustainable development.

Social responsibility is the most important component of Vostochny Port JSC's work. ‘Today, we are responsible not only to our employees, but also to the residents of the area in which we operate. What we're really doing by creating comfortable conditions for work, life and childhood is investing in our own sustainable development and the health of our people’, concluded Vadim Baybak, managing director of the company and president of the Social and Environmental Initiatives Support Fund.

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