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"Reducing costs due to" rapid construction "- an axiom"

Primorskaya company "Vostochny LUCH" became the 50th resident to mark their houses with the trademark "Made in TOP SPV Far East"

Booking for 100% of apartments even before the start of sales is announced is the dream of any developer, especially in the turbulent 2020. The company "Vostochny LUCH" has been building popular trust for five and a half years on the most reliable of foundations - housing in houses with the most democratic price tag in the Primorsky Territory, which it rented out ahead of schedule. The resident of the free port has already built eight residential buildings in two micro-districts of Vladivostok, 1 families have received apartments.

"Reducing costs due to
Photo: provided by the company "Vostochny LUCH"

In the Green Corner residential complex, next to the well-known car market, a specialized developer erected three panel houses for 576 apartments and two monolithic houses for 400. In June 2020, a house for 144 apartments in the first stage of the Vostochny Luch residential complex was commissioned, and recently In the Snegovaya Pad microdistrict, the ribbon was cut at two more 17-storey buildings with 200 apartments each.

“We are the leaders in terms of the ratio of construction speed and price per square meter,” says Igor Dulnev, the founder of OOO SZ Vostochny LUCH, director of strategic development of the company. - Three years ago, after the commissioning of a nine-story panel house with apartments at a price of 35 thousand per sq. meter under the federal program "Housing for the Russian Family" (and in Vladivostok we are the only ones who have completed it), we have built houses for the open market at a cost of 39 thousand per sq. meter. Now the average price is from 80 thousand per "square", but this is already in monolithic houses. Technologies do not stand still, that is why we have abandoned the obsolete "panels". An important difference between panel and monolithic houses is that in the "monolith" redevelopment can be done easily and naturally, it is free there, and in the "panel" there are supporting structures, as the rooms and entrances are cut, so live. Monolithic frame is a completely different material and quality ”.

According to Dulnev, among the "monoliths" the company has the lowest price in Primorye. In the houses of the second stage of the residential complex "Green Corner" everything has already been sold out, the apartments of the third house in the residential complex "Vostochny Luch" in Snegovaya Pad were booked even before the official sale.

“This is an indicator of our authority. We received the award "Reliable Developer", we were recommended by the Ministry of Construction of the Primorsky Territory. The authorized capital of the company is 80 million rubles, all risks of equity holders are insured. In addition, young and large families, orphans and displaced people from dilapidated and dilapidated housing have the opportunity to use our certificates when buying, ”says the resident.

So that the future tenants of the first house would not worry, Vostochny LUCH gave them “to look behind the fence” - it supplied the object with web cameras. People, and at the same time control services, could monitor the progress of construction on the Internet from different points. This became a kind of revolution, later the experience was adopted by other seaside firms. This has become a tradition for LUCH, and after the houses are put into operation, the company leaves cameras and Wi-Fi points on the facades, and the new settlers see what is happening in the yard, at playgrounds and sports grounds and parking lots.

The company also became a pioneer in the Zeleny Ugol microdistrict itself: after the first houses grew on the vacant lot, three more developers entered it. Now a pedestrian and walking area is being created together with them.

“We not only build houses, but we always think about the social sphere. Colleagues-builders say, they say, we allocate so much for landscaping and parking, that it is possible to build more houses there. When we were building in Snegovaya Pad, we agreed with the administration that four out of ten hectares would be allocated for kindergartens and a school, this was included in the plan. A kindergarten is already under construction in the Green Corner, although not by us. There was a problem with the road in this neighborhood. We supported her, dumped her, talked with the owner of the site along which the road passed, and at the same time negotiated with the mayor's office. And then they went the other way: we agreed with the owner of the land on the other side of the microdistrict, explaining that with the appearance of the road, the cost of its plots would jump sharply. Gathered other developers and joined forces. They have already been asphalted, in the future the road will be transferred to the city's balance sheet. We also agreed with the administration to launch a shuttle bus for the residents of the area, it is already running. We are equipping Zeleny Boulevard, ”says Igor Dulnev.

Apartments "Vostochny LUCH" are sold unfinished, with loggias, meters for hot and cold water, electricity and heat, screeds with sound insulation on the floors, natural exhaust ventilation, double-glazed windows and metal entrance doors. Pantries are now equipped in every house (the tenants have asked for this). Next year, the company plans to build 25-storey buildings with underground parking and security. LUCH uses concrete and cement from Primorsky producers, Russian high quality A500 fittings, and installs Russian and Korean elevators.

“Our employees receive an official salary, deductions are made, so the savings are about 20%,” says the head of the company. - As a resident, our income tax is zero, the land tax is zero. All these advantages are reflected in the cost price, and we can afford to play with the price down, despite the fact that the networks remain expensive. In addition, we recently began to label our "products" with the trademark "Made in the TOP SPV Far East". We have already invested about two billion rubles, we plan to attract another 15 billion for the implementation of our future projects. At the same time, we are always ahead of the curve. They were detained only once for two weeks when a powerful typhoon came. Since then, we have left ourselves a small gap in time and rent out the houses ahead of schedule. Reducing costs due to "rapid construction" is an axiom: the faster you build, the lower the cost, because every day there is a payment for workers, equipment rent, and so on. "

Another powerful mechanism for reducing the cost of the "square" will be its own production. The founders of Vostochny LUCH are planning to create a new company and refuse to buy house kits from Primorsky factories. Now the staff is 44 people, with the launch of the plant, the number of jobs will increase dramatically.

“Within two or three years we will build our own plant of reinforced concrete products of a new type in the Nadezhdinskaya ASEZ in order to produce houses of modern design - frame-panel - and install them in our new neighborhoods. In Moscow, we met with representatives of the Association of Builders, calculated the equipment, prepared a project for the construction of a plant. In the west, the main developers are already moving away from pure reinforced concrete and moving to frame-panel houses. In this case, a reinforced concrete frame is installed on which the slabs are hung. The structure itself is much lighter, less concrete is spent on it, therefore the savings will be significant. Such home kits - with a free layout inside. In the field of construction, we were pioneers in the Corporation for the Development of the Far East - on many issues we corrected the roughness of the new legislation, therefore we are not afraid of experiments, - Igor Dulnev admits.

Vostochny LUCH started talking about his plant two years ago, but the project had to be postponed due to difficulties with the land. Vladivostok is large, but to build - most of the land is under the burden of the Ministry of Defense, which, together with the hillside relief, provokes the development of infill development. It took Vostochny LUCH three years to correspond with the department in order to remove the restriction from two sites and begin work.

In 2021, LUCHISTY will become the third microdistrict of the Far Eastern capital - Vtoraya Rechka. A plot of about ten hectares has already come out of the encumbrance. A specialized developer will build there a modern residential complex of monolithic frame houses with the working title "Victory". The resident came up with the idea of ​​creating a thematic microdistrict this year; they will dedicate it to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

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