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Sochi Troopers

Far Eastern regions are preparing to surprise the guests of the Olympics

Sochi Troopers

During the Olympic Games in Sochi, the Exposition of the regions of the Russian Federation will operate in the Olympic Park. Mikhail Kulikov, First Deputy Minister for Federal Relations and External Relations of Yakutia, exhibition coordinator from the regions of the Far East Federal District, tells how the Far Eastern regions will be presented.

- Mikhail Aleksandrovich, what kind of presentation of the regions is expected within the framework of the Olympics?

- The exposition is a large exhibition in which each region demonstrates its unique features to the participants and guests of the Olympics. The general concept assumes an emphasis on three components: tourism, culture and sports. After examining all the pavilions, the visitor should have a holistic idea of ​​the diversity, openness and attractiveness of modern Russia. The exposition is geographically structured (from East to West) and is located along the Formula 1 stands, which is located right at the entrance to the Olympic Park. The closest to the entrance is the Far Eastern Federal District, and the Southern Federal District closes the exposition.

- The Far East is a united front?

- The whole exposition is divided into federal districts, and I must say that each district in its own way approached the organization of the exhibition. Somewhere, the subjects of the federation are separate blocks or even fenced off in small autonomous pavilions, and somewhere in the whole federal district is represented in the framework of some general concept.

As for the Far Eastern Federal District, we were able to agree with our colleagues on the creation of a common exhibition space, within which each region could show its specifics. The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) was defined as the base region for organizing the exposition, and we made every effort so that all the regions of the Far East Federal District would appear before the visitors of the exhibition as modern, innovative, friendly and attractive for tourists and investors. Unfortunately, for objective reasons, only seven out of nine regions of the Far East take part in the project (due to the floods that occurred in 2013 during the year, not everyone had the financial opportunity to join this project). But we expect that all Far Eastern governors will visit the exposition, and even a joint business program is being discussed.

- What will surprise the Far Eastern regions of the participants and guests of the Olympics?

- Regions of the Far East approached the event creatively. So the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) focused on such bright brands as diamonds and cold. Fairy characters such as Zima and Chyskhaan (Yakut keeper of the cold) are responsible for the cold. Primorsky Krai talks about itself through an interactive application. The Khabarovsk Territory focuses on innovative industry: in the center of their section is the layout of the Sukhoi SuperJet-100 aircraft. 

Magadan region offers an interactive game "Find the gold of Magadan" and a unique application "Jedu v Magadan". Kamchatka Krai demonstrates virtual biathlon complexes. The Sakhalin region proposes to move in space and take a virtual ski ride at the Mountain Air resort - the pride of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. It must be said that Kamchatka and Sakhalin will thus present their capabilities in preparing Russian athletes for international competitions, including for the next Winter Olympics.

The Chukotka Autonomous District tells about the ethnos and the pristine nature of the region, from which Russia begins.

- What does the Olympics in Sochi mean for you personally?

- Despite the fact that I supervise the exposition of the regions of the Far East, I understand that the exhibition is an accompanying event. The Olympics are, first and foremost, sports. We, on our part, create a festive mood for the guests and spectators, but the competitions are the main ones. We are waiting for victories from all Russian Olympians. And separately, of course, we will follow the progress of the Far East.

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