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The project "Far Eastern Challenge" started in the EAO

The Jewish Autonomous Region has become a pilot region where the Far East Challenge project is being implemented. The objective of the program is to form a managerial personnel reserve in the Far East with the help of modern personnel assessment procedures and to increase the efficiency of the work of professionals.

Assemble the team

Satisfy hunger

At a press conference in Moscow devoted to the launch of the Far Eastern Challenge project in the Jewish Autonomous Region, the Acting Governor of the region, Alexander Levintal, outlined the objectives of the project.

"The situation today is as follows. On the one hand, there are new approaches to the development of the Far East from the point of view of its development mechanisms, posing problems with an orientation toward the Asia-Pacific region (APR). This policy was designated in 2012, when at the APEC summit, Vladimir Putin announced a "turn to the East," he said. Just the Far East is the connecting module through which it is possible to transfer dynamics (development - an author's comment) through the Far East in general to Russia and in the opposite direction. On the other hand, we were in a crisis zone. Nevertheless, we believe that just at this time a special place is given to the Far East and the new approaches that are being applied today, in particular the creation of territories for advanced development (TOP). Only the first three years these territories will be created in the Far Eastern Federal District, and then be replicated throughout the country. The Far East can use this historic chance. "

“To achieve such ambitious goals without serious management teams is difficult, especially considering that since the 1990-s. The population of the Far East declined by 20 percent: people left, "and the most energetic - those who could achieve something." “Personnel hunger is felt everywhere, but especially in managerial competencies,” Levinthal stressed.

"Today it was precisely this task - to try to raise a stratum of people who, perhaps in their own regions or in Russia as a whole, for various objective and subjective reasons, can not advance or will move forward, but very slowly. And in the Far East there is an opportunity to move forward quickly, something, maybe, sacrificing now - somewhere a quality of life, somewhere in comfort, but you can quickly make a good career: realize ambitious goals, which, perhaps, in the old industrial Regions are not put at the moment, "the governor explained.

With the help of the "Far Eastern Call" the region plans to form a personnel reserve, which will be used for appointments in the government apparatus of the EAO, municipal administration structures, enterprises and organizations. Alexander Levintal explained why the Jewish Autonomous Region was chosen as the pilot area of ​​the project's application as follows: "EAO is the smallest region, and one can find advantages in this. The small size of the population - about 168 thousand people - leads to the fact that the backbone of managerial staff was not always formed on the basis of qualifications and competence, but on personal connections - blat, relatives, acquaintances, etc. And accordingly, people have a sharp loss of confidence in the authorities, because "all for one." And it's very difficult to break it. We got acquainted with the ideology of the project and realized that he would solve quite quickly the whole layer of tasks. So we went to such an experiment. "

Levintal agreed that the bar set by the region is high: people must be found - “energetic, creative, ready to leave their homeland. Ready to make a career in a remote region - distant from the center, but close to the very peak of development dynamics - to the APR. And this is how to look - the beginning or the end of the Far East, ”concluded Alexander Levintal.

"Heroes of Change"

The project leader Far Eastern Challenge, member of the expert council of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) Maxim Komarov said that the project aimed at the operational formation of the reserve of management personnel in the Far East started 1,5 a year ago and was approved by the Supervisory Board of the Strategic Initiatives Agency under the chairmanship of President Vladimir V. Putin.

“For a year and a half, we“ rocked ”the project from the point of view of the formation of the first cohort of“ change heroes ”- people who are able to change the situation,” said Komarov. The project, as explained by a member of the expert council of ASI, provides for three categories of people: the first is “leaders of associations”; the second - “strategists” - highly qualified personnel who are able to change the situation at the regional level, to engage in strategies; the third category is “project managers” who are specifically able to implement the strategic and federal agenda.

In his opinion, the state personnel state doctrine in the country needs quite substantial changes. ASI pays great attention to working with personnel at all levels (personnel in production, World Skills Championship).

At the event Maxim Komarov spoke about the project's implementation in detail.

"How do we move?" Previously, we studied the problematics. Our team of ASI went to the region - looked at the projects and problems that the JAR now lives on. Then a preliminary rapid screening of the region’s human resources was carried out. He is good, but you need to work with him. Therefore, an important focus in our agreement with the subject of the federation is to take into account the local factor in this or that personnel work. Then we formed a profile of competencies of those people who will carry out activities in the future in the territory of the Jewish Autonomous Region, ”Komarov explained.

According to the project, the selection of management personnel in the reserve is carried out in three stages. The first stage - online - includes the registration of candidates and the passing of testing on the site Candidates who have shown the best results are invited to the second stage, which will be conducted on an individual basis through face-to-face assessment procedures. From Moscow to Birobidzhan experts will arrive in the field of strategic planning, public finance, infrastructure and socio-cultural development, lawyers, psychologists, coaches and other experts. Next in the format of strategic sessions will be the third stage - the group stage. Candidates who demonstrated the best results by open selection will be invited to the management reserve.

By the way, Komarov noted, face-to-face procedures will be held in Moscow, as people from different countries responded to the project. Participation in the project has no age limits, the main thing is for the energy to boil and the eyes to shine.

Interim regional governor Alexander Levintal commented on EastRussia whether the Far Eastern Challenge project will be presented in the framework of the presentation of the Jewish Autonomous Region at the Eastern Economic Forum (WEF) in Vladivostok and on which projects new personnel can be involved.

“There will be sections (at the WEF - the comment of the author), where questions (personnel potential of the Far East - the comment of the section) will be considered as part of the overall strategy. Of course, we will share the primary experience on this project, ”he said. Levintal noted that the JAR will present a number of projects at the WEF (industrial and logistics projects “around the bridge” Nizhneleninskoe-Tongjiang across the Amur River, in which Birobidzhan is involved, projects for launching Kimkano-Sutarsky GOK, developing graphite deposits, and building the Kuldur recreational complex "), Which are aimed not only at changing the socio-economic situation in the region, but also require the involvement of highly qualified specialists.

“We are a small territory, but this is our competitive advantage. Logistics: near China - 500 m to the border, near Khabarovsk, the region is crossed by the Trans-Siberian Railway and the Chita-Khabarovsk highway. From Birobidzhan for 2-3 hours to any point of the region can be reached by car. There are no such conditions anywhere in the Far East, ”stressed the Acting Governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region.

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