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Gathering in Chukotka

Gathering in Chukotka

For most of us, Chukotka is associated with black and white pictures, in which it is a cold country with eternal winter snow and ice ... Black figures of the Chukchi, their yarangas, deer, and against the background of the icy gray sea, a scene of hunting a sea animal. All this is here, but Chukotka is different. During the short stormy spring and northern summer, Chukotka flourishes. At this time, the green of the tundra, and the multicolored lichens blooming on its gray stones, and the multicolor of its outlandish flowers, and the amazing tones of its white nights are intertwined here with a marvelous pattern. And the Chukchi autumn, when against the background of blue skies and peaks shining with fresh whiteness, the tundra lights up with all shades of crimson and the bright pure yellow of larch flares up, and a ball of flowers ...

Choosing the time for this or that travel option, as well as the rational route in Chukotka, is not an easy and important matter. If you ask a local and experienced person how many kilometers from point A to point B, then, most likely, he will answer you (I quote from a Chukchi friend Slava): “You cannot explain to Materikovskiy that we measure not distance, but days of travel. They ask all the time, how many km? Here you are ... No, I would ask - how long to go? - And it depends on when ... ". Even at the airport, having tickets on hand, due to weather conditions, you can hang out for a week or a month. And it doesn't matter that the sky is blue at the airport of departure and the sun is shining, just two or three hundred kilometers away, where you need to get, everything can be completely different.

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