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Rent for two days

The time of the "motor" of the amateur movie game "The Point of Return" came under Khabarovsk

Rent for two days
Photo: Victor Gorokhov


- Someone will have to climb into the river ...

- Then large - drops of sweat, but see - on such plans, it's hard to keep the focus!

"Knife, we need a knife for a maniac!"

Such would have listened to anyone who would suddenly find himself on the weekend at the Bonivur brigade in Pereyaslavka (the Khabarovsk Territory). And I would see groups of people, some of whom were with cameras, others with microphones, and one more staring into the distance and muttering something to themselves. But it was not immediately. That is not at first.

And the first thing in the local cinema was cast lots. Threw his directors, previously approved in these hypostases by the organizing committee. These "three brave" blindfolded themselves first, each according to the script, then they also typed the commands - the assistant, the operator of the sound engineer and the video of the assembling affairs of the master. The directors were given half an hour to get acquainted with the scripts, and then there were "lookouts". On the cinematic - casting, followed by hanting. And it was so - wise organizers, who knew in advance who "what the movie" in the scenarios offered for visualization, picked up the right number of actors, approximately suitable for roles in roles, articles and sex. 

All the participants were shown the video sequences of the screen tests, so that the clarity came full circle with the performers, and it began! On the command "Can!" Members of the film crews rushed to the line of actors, clinging to suitable candidates. In the course there were persuasions, flattery, and one actor was not divided! So he liked two directors and texture, and the age and abilities that rassady-ryadili, until the actor did not make his choice himself - went to where the role is more important.

This is the principle of the "movie camp" - a non-played team of desperate lovers should film for 2 days. And the main thing here is to feel the profession, to taste the film process.  


For example, Natalia Ryzhkova from Blagoveshchensk. A wise mother of adult children, the engineer-ship mechanic in the main profession, which she gave dozens of years, which, however, does not prevent her from working now as an operator of data entry of the information and reference system. And she has already shot her own film "The Second Breath, or the Age of a Woman", which last year competed in the main program of the Amur Festival of Amateur Cinema "Kinamur" (Blagoveshchensk). But the first experience has shown that it is necessary to study, and once again to study. Moreover, Natalia made the first cinematic steps only three years ago. 

"I somehow casually almost began to make clips from photos. With this clip and went to "Kinamur", then went to the master classes. Began to do not such videos, just a slide show, and that the story from the photos formed. And then the film was taken off, well, I was the author of the script, and Vladimir Rozanov, the chairman of our AmurKinoSouz, helped me as an operator and director. And I came to Khabarovsk to learn from the guys. See how the movie is shot. We, as it were, have those who shoot, but they are on their own ... But I'm an editor for now, because I can bring more benefits, the rest must be learned. "


23-year-old Georgiy Gubko - an experienced operator - works in the creative workshop of the FEFU, also deals with 3D graphics. I came to the cinematography from Primorye (arrived in shorts), not out of a great love for the Khabarovsk Territory, but because at the time when the movie camp will be in Ussuriysk (recall 15-16 September in the ethnopark "Emerald Valley") - a great work load . And although the hand is already full on the shooting of commercials and other video works, this is not enough for George:

"There's less flight of imagination, less creativity than cinema," he says. "Of course, it's clear that in two days of the" wow "movie-school, you can not shoot the movie, but here the main thing is to enjoy the process, not to be nervous, not to release your aggression , because yes - here people of all different levels, all nonprofessionals - the festival is amateur in fact, we must help each other. What is important to me is that I see that I can not do it. Here on preselling now - you sit and do not really understand, but as an actor you should lead, how to play and how to shoot and show, and not tell, so that the viewer understands the idea without unnecessary words to keep his interest. And every time the process of filming begins, you think: "Damn, you need to learn more and develop!"

What kind of movie do these people shoot? Again - different. And according to the scripts written by the participants of the "Scenario Workshop" - a special training that took place within the framework of the training program "Return Points" this summer. 

Director Natasha Kurnaeva - 19 year old student of the Faculty of Philology, Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication at PITOGU. 


"Yes, I have very little experience, I sometimes do not know how to say what I want and how I see it. This is actually a big stress for me, but thanks to my team - they prompt me, help. The operator, the editor, the actors - they really do a lot of work as director, so we have the whole team director. And yes - it's stressful for me that you need to command the entire filming process, but you need to raise the bar! "

"There were more than a dozen scripts written in the workshop," Roma Ovseichuk, the editor-in-chief of the festival "Point of return" - from which we chose 6: 3 for this movie camp, and 3 for the next one, in a week we go to Ussuriysk. That is, it is also stories written by amateurs, they are just invented, taken from the head. This is not a film adaptation of literary works, not some famous plays. These are three stories, one "Therapy" (directed by Natasha Kurnaeva) is a psychological thriller about a married couple who undergo a very unusual therapy, but first they generally think that they are being bullied by a maniac. The second story is called "Victory" (directed by Alexander Frolov) - this is such an extreme "Shukshinsky", if you can say so, the theme of the village poet - an alcoholic in combination who uses poetry to get a loan from a local salesman. And the third story is an anti-utopia, a mixture of the motifs of the series "The Black Mirror" and Orwell, it's called "Orwell today" (directed by Albina Chernykh), that is, it's a fantasy on which pension reform can bring. What they will get as a result - we will see in the days of the festival!


By the way - on the nose there is also a second movie camp - 15-16 September in the ethnopark "Emerald Valley" near Ussuriysk.

- Why there? First, there are reliable partners in Primorye, and they offered their help in the organization. Festival Far East, we try to go more often outside the Khabarovsk Territory, and there was such an opportunity.

Secondly, in the Valley wonderful locations. There is a Russian village, a knight's castle, and even a cave of primitive people. Lake, forest, fields ... And with all the infrastructure.

The festival is funded by a presidential grant, but this year the Khabarovsk Krai government helped with the subsidy, so we were able to plan more events and cover more participants. In the second film camp there will be many Primorians, we are still unfamiliar, but we will definitely make friends. Working together in such a rhythm is very close. And we do the festival for this purpose, in order to acquaint and unite like-minded people.

film crew_Orwell_already_business__ director_Albina_Chernykh.jpg

Far Eastern Festival «Return Point» - this is a platform for realizing the creative potential of cinematographers who love the Far East. In the framework of the Festival, non-professional filmmakers shoot short films, where the Far East becomes the scene of action, with its cultural and natural specifics. The festival was held three times already. Twice - in the status of the city (Khabarovsk, 2015, 2016), once in the status of the regional (2017).
During this time, more than 300 amateur filmmakers from Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Yakutsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Ussuriisk, Spassk-Dalny, the village took part in it. P. Osipenko, Magadan, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Palana.

Photo: Victor Gorokhov, Eduard Litovchenko.
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