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Rumors of the Far East. 1 Release

What is audible in the Far East corridors, the lobby, whatsapp-ah and telegram-ah - collects EastRussia

Will there be a new wave of these for the investor who complained to the Attorney General for inspections? Who came up with the Khabarovsk event hashtag on the edge of decency? How many people are lucky on the WEF on average one Far Eastern region? These and other rumors are in EastRussia.

Rumors of the Far East. 1 Release
In Khabarovsk, in connection with the visit this week, Plenipotentiary Yury Trutnev and Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika discussed several topics at once. Firstly, according to rumors, the investor in the Khabarovsk water park along Pionerskaya Street, under which the piles are already piling, managed to convince law enforcement agencies of the illegality of the actions of city authorities. This was discussed on the sidelines the collegium of the Prosecutor General's Office, which was held this Thursday by Yuri Chaika.

The scandal with the water park, we recall, flared up last year - Yury Trutnev had to intervene publicly in history, who threatened the municipality who refused to authorize the construction of an aquapark with "personnel conclusions." Then everything seemed to settle down, and the conflict was resolved. But the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Khabarovsk Territory, as they say, still initiated a criminal case against him in this regard regarding Arkady Korzun, the first deputy of the Department of Architecture. It is imputed to part 3 art. 286 RF Criminal Code (exceeding official authority). The refusal, signed by the official, allegedly caused damage to the investor's interests in the amount of more than 220 million rubles.

Secondly, the siloviki are waiting for the reaction of the Prosecutor General to the complaint of the head of the group of companies "Dobroflot" Alexander Efremov to the Federal Customs Service. According to rumors, the reaction may turn out to be unexpected: a new wave of checks can go to the entrepreneur.

Third, at the board some of its participants said that the positions of the governor of the Primorsky Territory, Vladimir Miklushevsky, continue to stagger. The Primorsky prosecutor said Yuri Chaika's wish was to react more rigidly to violations of the rights of investors, initiating criminal cases against officials interfering with business. Mr. Miklushevsky was never in favor with the Far Eastern representative Yury Trutnev, which was demonstrated at the last media summit: Vyacheslav Shport, Governor of Khabarovsk, was invited to the presidium of the plenary session, and not to the hosting host.

Even in Khabarovsk, they are guessing who actually invented the hashtag # habarovskuyuel, which appeared after a large-scale eating of the ears from the boiler, which the governor himself had standing on last weekend. Heshtag actively "pumped" popular Far Eastern blogger Dmitry Kulikov, whom many praise for patriotism and creativity. Nevertheless, some perceive the appearance of a similar with an abusive meme and its many variations in an outburst that destroys the image of the region.

On Sakhalin, they are discussing how Alexei Leskin, the former vice-mayor of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, after spending several months in a pre-trial detention center under arrest on suspicion of fraud in elections and links with the criminal group of the former governor Alexander Khoroshavin, became a ponomarie. The diocese helps him with groceries; the ex-official lives on benefits. According to rumors, the former mayor of Yuzhno-Sakhalinskaya, Andrei Lobkin, recently gave another confession about how the fundraising process was organized with businessmen who wanted to get into the campaign-2014 campaign. Aleksey Leskin, who oversaw domestic policy at the mayor’s office, allegedly was in no way connected with the acceptance and further transfer of funds. And Alexander Khoroshavin himself received, in part, allegedly bribes from candidates who wanted to become deputies.

There is a rumor in the corridors of power in Yakutia that the Ombudsman for the Republic, Alexei Efimov, may become the new head of the Central Election Commission of the region. Now in Yakutia, the process of forming a new CEC has begun. The CEC itself can recommend two candidates: one for consideration by the Yakut parliament and one by the head of the republic. According to the source, the election commission sent the candidature of the current deputy chairman of the CEC, Ekaterina Andreeva, to the State Assembly, and the head of the other vice-chairman, Irina Konakov, for the election.

The Central Election Commission of Russia must also determine its representatives in the Central Election Commission of Yakutia. According to the “Yakutsk Notebook”, candidacies of the Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Republic Alexander Vlasov and the Commissioner for Human Rights in RS (Y) Alexey Efimov were sent to the CEC of the Russian Federation for approval.

Thus, it is believed that in the following composition of the committee the posts of vice-chairmen will be taken by Alexander Vlasov, Irina Konakova and the Director General of the NAC “Sakha” Ivan Androsov nominated by United Russia. The position of chairman will most likely be taken by Alexei Efimov.

Is there enough room for guests of the WEF?
There are no more places left in large hotels in Vladivostok for the EEF dates. The other day Roscongress announced that, on behalf of the organizing committee, it has contracted more than 20 hotels in Vladivostok, accumulating places for the event participants. There are enough places, the operator says. On the level of "loading" of the city on the dates of the WEF is 45-50%, there are still offers from mini-hotels, hostels, apartments, as well as from hotels located in Artem. The airbnb service has nice offers for apartments with a panoramic view of the Golden Horn Bay.

At the same time, according to some information, for serious places in the hotels controlled by Roskognress, serious competition is already being waged by the regions of the Far East. The fact is that the quotas given by the Organizing Committee to the subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District (according to some sources - 25 people per region) are significantly lower than the number of people that the regions would like to bring. The planned number of the regional delegation on average is almost 100 people - in addition to the leaders of the regions and their immediate surroundings, as well as investment teams, the forum is attended by numerous stendists, artists, personnel - for work both on the site and at the festival "Far East Street ". 

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