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Words words words

Words words words

Andrei Kalachinsky, journalist:

February 28 will be already three years, as Miklushevsky became the governor of Primorye. While notebook political analysts comment on the changes in the leadership of the Primorsky Territory administration and find them inspiring, I ask myself what our new governor really did, what he showed himself, where he showed character, where wisdom, where strength, where nobility, where mind, and where is cunning, political flexibility? What did he do for the inhabitants of the region, where did he get by the will of the sovereign event?

Here he occupies some place in the ranking of the country's governors, in the opinion of the press service - "wonderful", but for me so none. I quote from the press service: "in September-October, he strengthened his position in the second group of the rating of the heads of the subjects of the Russian Federation ... took 41st place out of 82" .... But according to the home OTV, "Vladimir Miklushevsky is leading in the rating of governors' efficiency. There is also media rating - that is, the number of mentions, and so on. And here our governor is in the lead.

But all this, as the prince of Denmark put it on a similar occasion, is "words, words, words." (We, the people of the press, perfectly understand how media ratings are made).

And where are you?

I know exactly what our governor did not do. There are "significant" cases that are in plain sight and heard. Vladimir Miklushevsky began by engaging the public in solving the problems of the region. "Public councils" were created to advise the executive on what to do with the APEC summit facilities. For example, how many exits to make from the new road that goes from the airport to the campus of the federal university on Russky Island. Three years have passed. One exit to De Vries was made. Not a single one in Vladivostok. The road was built faster than the junctions from it.

Hotels are not completed yet. "Hayat" recruited several times, got tired of waiting and left. How many times Miklushevsky was told that he was personally responsible for the completion of these "five-star" buildings. Medvedev himself spoke and other ministers. So what? Our governor did not cope with this matter.

So it is not completed, and the aquarium has not been launched. Putin was led here, and the general public will not be allowed to enter the country soon. Already with the new governor, money was stolen for completion (if you believe the prosecutor's office).

Another super important thing is the provision of land for the construction of estates for large families. This is federal law. June 2011! Failing to fulfill it, Miklushevsky launched a regional project to provide free land to even wider categories of residents - young families and families with two children. And also a failure. I understand it is not easy to do this. I am a witness - the administration of the region fought like a fish on ice to force the municipalities to allocate land. The last idea is to unite to hell with Vladivostok with Artyom, Nadezhdinsky and Shkotovsky districts (Big Vladivostok) in order to knock out this land. That is, "the process is underway," but the desired result is not. It is on such difficult things that the wisdom, cunning, strength, intelligence and influence of the governor are tested.

If it was about the effectiveness of the US governor, I would just look at the number of jobs created during his reign and how many people improved their living conditions by buying or moving to new homes.

Let's look at the development of industry in the province. The shipbuilding complex in Bolshoy Kamen, where so many gold crutches were driven in for the solemn start of construction, has not been created.

The petrochemical plant, which environmentalists so frightened us with, has not begun to be built.

The fish cluster, whose project was developed by the Japanese, has been criticized by the fishing community - it is frozen.

The coal port in Sukhodol, for which the governor tried to alter federal legislation to prohibit the transfer of coal by open method, was not started.

The governor continues to speak about these and other "investment projects" even now. A special agency was created to attract investment to the region, and a roadmap was drawn up. According to the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Territory Artem Samsonov, in 2013 178 million rubles were spent to improve the investment climate in Primorye. "Of these, 111 million were given to the investment attraction agency."

So tell Primorye and me how much Andrei Aksenov, the former head of the agency, attracted money to the region?

At the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, the rating of investment-attractive territories of Russia was announced. Primorsky Krai does not lead in this rating, to put it mildly. On the other hand, the regional administration reports that in the 2013 year, investments in 1 billion 700 million dollars were attracted (which is four times higher than in the 2012 year). What exactly are these funds attracted to? Records on attracting funds with the rating of investment attractiveness of the Russian regions of the National Rating Agency somehow do not fit; you can see here

The rating of the Primorsky Territory in 2014 was downgraded and our region is among the "Troechnik". Above us, all the neighbors: Sakhalin, Amur and Khabarovsk. Abydna, right?

What does it mean? And this means that Oleg Kozhemyako, the governor of the Amur Region, who came from Primorye, received a backward region (compared to Primorye, neither ports, nor the sea, one soybean), a much more efficient manager than our Miklushevsky.

An example of the "investment attractiveness" of Primorye is the Hyundai plant for the production of electrical products, built near Artyom and never fully operational. Do you think that the marketing specialists of the world's largest holding company did not calculate all the risks? Have you heard anything intelligible from the administration of the Primorsky Territory about the fate of this plant, which was supposed to provide jobs for 400 residents of Primorye?

Many of the projects, plans, concepts of Primorye's development were voiced by our governor. What did he bring to the end?

Here is the theater of opera and ballet. FEFU. Thank you. But in 2005, in Primorye, the school was completed by 20 thousand young Primorye residents. In 2015 - only 8 thousand is expected. And the ascent will not begin soon.

Is the governor able to influence these figures? No? That is, neither the growth of jobs (do not tell me about the penniless paid workplaces of the labor exchange), nor the allocation of land for private housing construction, nor the consolidation of their own, nor the attraction of others. If it does not, then why do we need it? And if it does, then Vladimir Vladimirovich, enough media ratings, let's take it seriously. Your success is our life.

In the photo - the governor of the Primorsky Territory Vladimir Miklushevsky examines the construction of the gambling zone. Photo from the site

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