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It will not be boring

The Far East can offer interesting events at any time of the year.

National holidays, record competitions, dances until the morning and cultural festivals - all this can be offered to guests by the regions of the Far East. Neither winter nor summer will be boring - there are many events. The most interesting and unusual ones are in the EastRussia selection.

It will not be boring
Photo: press service of the government of the Kamchatka Territory

Snow Dogs

In late winter - early spring, Kamchatka hosts the main event of the year - the traditional international dog sled race "Beringia". It has been held every year since 1990. They know about her far beyond the borders of Russia and she will not leave anyone indifferent - tailed runners with wet noses will melt even the coldest heart.

The 2018 race entered the Russian Book of Records as the longest sled dog race in the country. Competitions take several days, participants have to overcome more than ten stages and more than 1 km. Mushers on their way make stops in 22 settlements of Kamchatka. It is a great holiday for local residents, they meet athletes with music and songs.

In 2010, the race received the status of the official holiday of the Kamchatka Territory. Now it is considered the unspoken brand of the region, along with geysers and volcanoes.


With ear and beauty

In March, the Khabarovsk Territory hosts the Silver Smelt international festival-contest. Its participants gather on the ice of the bay in Sovetskaya Gavan to find out who is the best fisherman, drills holes and cooks fish soup.

The main participants are residents of Sovetskaya Gavan, however smelt lovers from different regions of the Khabarovsk Territory, other cities of Russia and even from other countries, for example, from China and Uzbekistan, always join them.

To attract fishing luck, before the start of the competition it is necessary to perform a dance in a folk costume, otherwise there will be no catch. After the ceremony, the main competition begins - in an hour the fishermen must catch as many fish as possible. After that, they compete in the speed of drilling holes. At the same time, ice does not lend itself immediately and not to everyone, often even the drill breaks among the participants.

Spectators who froze in the competition most of all like the fish dish contest and the best fish contest, because all the competitive dishes can be tasted and kept warm. The festival ends with a beauty contest. Its participants are fighting for the title of "Miss" Silver Smelt "." They defile in unusual costumes made in marine and fish subjects, compete in eloquence, accuracy, artistry and even speed of movement on ice in unusual vehicles. 


On the streets with the orchestra

In May Khabarovsk is filled with the aroma of cherry blossoms and music - the city becomes the venue for the Amur Waves international military music festival. It takes several days, orchestras perform at different venues, give parade concerts in the squares, march through the main streets on the city day - this has already become a tradition.

Amur Waves was proposed by the chief military conductor of the Russian Armed Forces, Valery Khalilov, after attending a brass band competition in Khabarovsk.

As a result, the festival became the younger brother of the Moscow Spasskaya Tower. Now in blooming Khabarovsk every year Russian military bands come from other countries: China, Japan, Mongolia, South Korea, the European Union, Kazakhstan, and Singapore.

At the same time, the orchestras are not limited to military music - they perform classical, folk and pop. They turn all concerts and performances into a bright and not at all boring performance.


Golden time

In the middle of summer, the gold rush begins on the picturesque coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk - in Magadan, the only festival of artisanship in Russia “Golden Festival” takes place. His main event was the Soil Fart competition of soil flushing with particles of Kolyma gold. Each participant is given a special tray and a place for washing gold. Everyone gets victory with their own hands - whoever gets the most precious metal washed will win.

The geography of participants covered almost the whole of Russia, foreigners also join, for example, this year the representative of Thailand fought for victory. At the site, a stylized tent camp for gold miners is set up, where a free camp kitchen works.

While the participants are mining gold, their fans and ordinary guests of the festival can go horseback riding along the seashore, sea cruise, fishing, rafting on the river in an inflatable boat or take a sightseeing tour of Magadan.


Scythe with fish

One of the most important ancient holidays of the indigenous inhabitants of Kamchatka is the day of the first fish. He opens the salmon rune season. On this day, the inhabitants of the peninsula from ancient times thanked nature for its gifts, for this they held traditional ceremonies.

To bewitching songs and dances with tambourines, fishermen bring offerings to the fire and undergo a rite of purification from evil spirits. The main action begins with the fact that women dressed in national costumes weave a long braid out of grass, and then tie fish heads and tails to it. Under the sound of tambourines, one end of the spit is thrown into the water, and after the other it is pulled upstream by the whole tribe. It is important to pretend that the scythe is very heavy, because it has collected a lot of fresh fish - this will bring luck on fishing.

After the “catch” is pulled ashore, dancing and games begin. There is also a national food contest and an exhibition of applied art.


Round dances under koumiss

The most grandiose event for Yakutia is a holiday in honor of the revival of nature Ysyakh. It lasts for several days, so it can be called a real festival of the Sakha people. Traditionally, in every city and settlement it is celebrated on the summer solstice - June 21.

The holiday begins with the meeting of the sun - in complete silence, everyone stretches their hands to the sky, charged with energy and strength, cleansed of everything sinful that has accumulated over the year. Universal unity is demonstrated by the round dance osuokhai, symbolizing the circle of life. During the dance, people move at a leisurely pace in the direction of the sun's movement - they charge each other with positive energy and thank each other for light and warmth. A round dance is an organized action, which has a host - osuohaidyt. He sings songs of praise. The dance lasted continuously until the morning, while the participants in the round dance replace each other.

The culmination of the holiday is the rite of sprinkling fire, grass and trees with a drink made from mare's milk - kumis. They also arrange his drinking, the honored guests are treated first. Another obligatory part of the holiday is the olonkhosut storytellers' competition. They retell Olonkho - the ancient heroic epic of the Sakha people.

During the holiday, you can watch traditional prayers, see horse races, competitions of national cuisine, clothing and horse decorations, as well as sports competitions "Games of the Ancestors".


Path to the volcano

Volcano is an integral part of Kamchatka, its visiting card. They also dedicated a holiday, which was called "Volcano Day." They celebrate it in August for several days, the main event is climbing to Avachinsky volcano, or rather to a site located at an altitude of more than 2 500 meters.

The climb starts at seven in the morning, before going out, everyone undergoes a special briefing. The climb itself, accessible to all comers, lasts six to eight hours.

At the sports field, visitors can recharge their batteries by practicing "yoga on the volcano", play golf. Also during the festival, there are competitions in jeep trial, cycling and motorcycling, skyrunning - speed climbing the volcano.

At the end of the holiday, a large art festival takes place, and then general cleaning of the territory - guests of Volcano Day, volunteers and employees of the nature pack remove garbage after the celebration.


In autumn Vladivostok is hosting the Pacific Meridian International Film Festival, in which more than 60 countries of Southeast Asia, North and South America and the Pacific coast take part. On the opening and closing day of the festival, actors and directors do not walk along the traditional red, but along the blue path, since "Meridians" are held on the seashore.

The Pacific Meridians is a feature and short film competition. Its peculiarity and attractiveness is that it is focused on films of the Asia-Pacific region. This is the only film festival in Russia aimed exclusively at the countries of the Pacific coast.

The works are evaluated by an international jury, which includes eminent directors, actors, film critics. During the days of the film festival, concerts are held in the city with the participation of musicians - guests of the film festival, various exhibitions, creative meetings with famous actors and directors, open-air cinemas are opening.


Dancing until you drop

In September, Alkhalalalai is celebrated in Kamchatka - an ancient ceremonial Itelmen holiday that marks the end of the business cycle. The main thing in it is to thank nature for the gifts that it presented in the summer.

The rules for holding the holiday are the same as several centuries ago. Despite the fact that during the Soviet era, Alkhalalalai was practically canceled, it was able to be revived unchanged. Now this event gathers several thousand guests, including foreign ones.

The sounds of a tambourine cleanse the space, and people for cleansing pass under the arch of birch branches and have fun. The one who worked or was not happy that day was severely punished and even beaten before, because the inhabitants of Kamchatka thanked good spirits with fun.

The culmination of the holiday becomes a dance marathon. In 2018 year it lasted 17 hours 1 minute. Participants in the dances are local residents and guests from other regions of Russia and other countries.


Start New Year

The coldest region of the northern hemisphere is Yakutia, therefore it is in its capital that they start preparations for the New Year's Eve. At the beginning of December, the festival “Winter begins with Yakutia” takes place, to which Santa Claus from Veliky Ustyug arrives to receive the symbol of cold from the hands of the winter ruler Chyskhaan.

After that, a tree is lit in Yakutia - the first in Russia, it gives a start to the festive preparation and lighting of other New Year trees in the country. The city hosts the international festival of children's creativity, charity evenings, the festival of planing, the beauty contest "Snow Beauty".

Artists transform Yakutsk, creating works for the international competition of snow and ice sculptures "Diamonds of Yakutia." During the days of the festival, competitions are held in the squares for games of the peoples of the North, dog sledding, and charity events for children.

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