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The system must be managed by strong structures

General Director of the UK TOR "Sakhalin" Vladimir Labai on preferential regimes and authorities

The system must be managed by strong structures
Special project TORA and Free Port
- A year ago, the "Management Company of the Sakhalin Leading Development Territories" was established. " Tell us what you managed during this time?
- In the sphere of activity of our organization there are two Sakhalin TOPs: "Southern" and "Mountain air". This year of our existence was quite difficult from the point of view of the organizational process. We were able to staff our staff only in mid-June. The topic is completely new, picking up experts is not easy. People do not have such experience yet. Even I did not fully understand what tasks we will have to solve. For many, even the abbreviation of TOP was incomprehensible. This long formation of the team was further promoted by the double coordination of the candidates. In the sectoral department and security service of the "Corporation for the Development of the Far East." A long procedure, sometimes two weeks, takes. I'm nominated, for example, happy, but after two weeks she is rejected. And I return to the starting position and again start looking. The work site is not closed, and the rest is quite difficult. 

Nevertheless, today we entered the schedule, we work for the result. First of all, this is the result for the residents of the TOP. Today they are 12, and we started with three in one and three in the other. For a year we doubled their number. Yes, some of them already were on hearing. But between the idea, the word and the result, the distance is huge. I through myself missed the order of 150 organizations. In addition, we monitor the space. ТОР consists of specific land quarters. There are borders and many organizations, individual entrepreneurs, actually being within the boundaries of the TOP, they do not even know about it. At the same time, they implement their own projects in these territories. And they could do it more efficiently, using preferential treatment. Therefore, this is a separate block of tasks. 

Information is sometimes not enough. We are not connected to any information bases. We do this via the Internet and public cadastral maps. Plus we include our own connections. We have employees who have worked for many years in the Department of Architecture and Urban Development of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. In their relations they find out who the owner of this site is, what he is doing there, what stage of his project and so on. Heads of organizations located in the TOP zones, we invite, we will interview. But the distance between conversation and business is great. And this is determined not only by regulatory documents by some or by the indecision of the leaders.

- And what exactly are the difficulties?
- All these organizations have certain activities. You can do anything, but if what you do does not coincide with any type of activity defined by the RF Government's decree, then it's pointless to enter the TOP. It is impossible to become a resident in this case. Suppose you are building a trading object within the boundaries of the TOP. But there is no trade among activities within the TOP. If it is given preferences today, the budget will lose colossal revenues. Yes, and what there is to blame the soul, then there will be one trade. Today, the ideology of this process is to give priority to the directions defined by the development strategy of the Sakhalin region. We see that the sports and tourist complex "Mountain Air" is actively developing. This is not just, not because someone jabbed a finger. There is a certain confluence of climatic, relief, infrastructure features. A mountain ski resort within the city is quite a rare thing. There is a certainty that the costs that have already been made in the development of routes and cable cars will pay off and this complex will become the property of the entire Far East.

- In August 2017, a government decree was signed to create a TOP "Kuril". You are also engaged in it?
- Taking into account the attention and priority of the Kuril Islands, their strategic importance, I think that this TOP will develop no less dynamically than the two previously created ones, and we will also deal with it. While this is not in our charter, but we hope soon changes will be made.

EastRussia help. Vladimir Romanovich Labai is a native of Sakhalin, born in the Krasnogorsk region in 1955. Except for 7 years (studying at the institute and serving in the army) he lived all his life on Sakhalin. For a long time he worked in capital construction. He rose from an ordinary engineer to the head of a department. He was the head of the capital construction department of the agro-industrial committee of the Sakhalin region, the vice-mayor of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, worked in the construction department of the Sakhalin region.

- Are there any significant differences in the TOP?
- If we take the TOP "Southern", the Sakhalin region invests almost 1,5 billion rubles at its own expense. This is guaranteed and for this they will ask. TOP "Mountain air" - more than 10 billion rubles. And for this, too, the government will ask. Now we are opening a decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on TOR "Kurils". There is no such line at all. There are no federal or regional funds for the infrastructure of this TOP. This is the first major difference.

- Not so long ago a discussion of the plan for the long-term development of the TOP "Kuriles" was held in Minvostokrazvitiya. What can you say about this?
- This work was completed by the firm Mackenzie. Enough volume material. At the end of last year a large team of specialists visited us on Sakhalin. We discussed a lot here, informed about what we know and what we would like to see. I think that these are very important documents, without which it is impossible to move. We, entering the projects, should see what we want to receive. Urban planning documents are certainly important, but they have another task - to streamline development, identify and form land plots, to determine the infrastructure needed for a certain set of objects in order to solve the problem in a comprehensive manner. But here's what we should get in the end at the entrance and at the exit, relatively speaking, through 15-30 years, this should determine the plan for long-term development.

- Did everything suit you in this document?
"Not really." Look, if you take the TOP "South", then there is a list of economic activities quite extensive - 25, broadly. What is in the TOP "Kuriles"? Only 6 items: fishing and fish farming, food production, production of finished metal products other than machinery and equipment, construction of buildings, construction of engineering structures and specialized construction work. However, in terms of the long-term development of the Kuriles, we see that the rate is also being applied to tourism. International, internal. But this kind of activity is not in this TOP. It means that it is necessary to bring the decision of the government of the Russian Federation in accordance with the plan or the plan had to be done in accordance with this resolution.

- And what are your proposals for the development of this TOP?
- Well, firstly, to include in the list of activities all types of transport, with the exception of railway, of course, it is not there yet. Let's say tomorrow someone buys a ship and wants to create a company for cargo and passenger transportation between the Kuril Islands. By the way, the most urgent question for the residents of the Kuril Islands. But he will be forced to do this on a general basis. And most likely it will not be profitable. Automobile and air transport. Why are private seaplane flights between the islands possible in northern Canada and the United States, but we completely rule out that? But in the history of the Sakhalin region there was an experience of using a seaplane for cargo and passenger air transportation to the Kuril Islands. Next is the energy section. I have studied it in some detail. 95% of electricity in the Kuril Islands is produced by diesel power plants. The cost of one kilowatt of such electricity is 13-14 rubles. Geothermal, wind and hydropower are only 5%. Meanwhile, wind power plants need only 6-8 m / s. guaranteed wind pressure. And there is always wind on the ocean side of the Kuriles. The cost of such electricity will be much cheaper. This means that this type of activity should also be included in the preferential regime of the TOP. But not a word about that. Also, an important topic for the Kuril Islands is waste disposal. However, if the Yuzhnaya ASEZ has a section on waste collection, treatment, disposal, recycling, wastewater collection and treatment, the Kuril ASEZ does not say anything about this. So I think the approach here is somewhat superficial.

- Today in the TOP "Kuriles" includes what territories?
- In fact, the "Kuriles" ASEZ today is located only on the island of Shikotan. But, based on the fact that there are already potential residents who have made certain statements and movements, but they are located on other Kuril Islands, we can conclude that this TOP will expand. At the time of its creation, there was only one potential resident, this is the Ostrovnoy fish processing plant. There, on the island of Shikotan, there is a very good resource base. If in other places there is some kind of seasonality, then there are always resources. You can work on red fish, saury, pollock. Now the enterprise is undergoing a certain reorganization, as soon as it is completed, the enterprise will be able to become a full-fledged resident of the Kuril ASEZ. By the way, recently the Far East Development Corporation made a decision on the possibility of concluding an agreement with Ostrovnoy Rybokombinat LLC for investment activities. This means that the construction of a powerful fish processing complex on Shikotan will begin this year.

There are businesses on other islands that would like to enter this TOP. But first you need to enter into it the areas on which they are located. This is a multi-step work. There is a territory that already belongs to the TOP. This is the island of Shikotan, with a specific land plot that entered the TOP. In order to get there other enterprises, it is necessary to introduce in the TOP the land plots where enterprises that want to go there are located. This work goes in parallel. First, a substantiation is prepared, which is submitted to the Corporation for the Development of the Far East. The corporation enters Minvostokrazvitiya. Everyone checks there and, for example, approves. Then the procedure for preparing a decree of the Government of the Russian Federation is twisted. There is a movement, but so far it can not be said that in the near future new residents will appear in this TOP.

- Tell me, are there entrepreneurs distrusting both your structure and the very idea of ​​TOP?
- I will not say about mistrust. I am a man who is quite known as a leader. In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and the Sakhalin region I have been working for several decades. It is clear that the formations are changing, young people come. But here the question is not in mistrust, but in the absence of a set of measures, which we, again, due to circumstances, could not hold. There are a lot of meetings, a lot of organizational work. But before the forum or conference on the TOP, before this does not reach. But we still do not have money for this in the budget. But, in my opinion, it could pass, say, on the basis of the government of the Sakhalin region. The media, too, do not burn it for free. Communication we establish, thanks to the fact that we are a compact area and a city, and everyone knows each other. But from the point of view of the information space, its content about our activities and specifics is still difficult.

- And Vladivostok Free Port, are you doing this too?
- We are dealing with its residents, but so far there are certain difficulties. We live from the charter, it spelled out our functions and responsibilities. And there are only two TOPs. Although FPV already existed when we were created. And today we are told that we must do this, because there is no other managing organization, and we work there with specific residents. But on the other hand, we hear from the leadership of the Korsakov Municipal District: "And who are you actually? We looked at your charter, you do not have such functions there. So do not meddle."

- So, life requires a change in the charter?
"We hope so." It seems to me that we have reached this matter before the leadership, and in the near future the amendments will be introduced.

- What do you expect from 2018 year and what do you want to happen?
- We changed offices at the beginning of the year. We settle down. Now it is more spacious and more convenient for us to work. We hope to increase the size of the team. This will allow us to deal with areas in detail. We are all broad-based specialists, as they say. But it is better when someone alone leads a specific area of ​​work and is completely immersed in it. It's better in every way. The specialist keeps certain statistics, the register, and so on. It will become easier organizationally. Second, we hope to introduce a planned nature of work into the development of the Sakhalin ASEZ. This should be facilitated by the fact that the plan for the long-term development of the Yuzhnaya and Mountain Air TOPs was adopted just a few days ago. By the way, this document was developed by a consortium of companies "Research Institute Nomura" (Japan) and "Financial and Organizational Consulting" (Moscow). The plan takes into account the economic and geographical competitive advantages of the regions, identifies the main areas of industry specialization and stages of development of these Sakhalin priority development territories, lists of potential business projects, and elaborates strategies to promote the TOP in the Russian and international markets. Now we will not "look at the ceiling", but in our work we will be guided by these approved documents. It is clear that they will also change, life will force them to do this, but we now see the framework of this process. And "Brownian motion" according to the scheme is wrong. 

Let's say an entrepreneur agreed to change his trade object to a tourist or hotel, which allows a list of activities of the TOP. As a result, we have many hotels and not a single restaurant where people should be fed. And if 2-3 day sweeps and ride on alpine skiing is impossible, do people need something to do? A lot of questions arise. So such a document, it was vital. 

Two plans for the first of our TOPs were developed back in 2016. But the system works as follows. The initial data are collected, they are processed, a document is drawn up, it is sent to the mass of organizations, which have a lot of comments and suggestions. Then there is a repeated circle, comments are eliminated, sentences are added, changes are made, and agreement is again made. And in the end there appears a document worked out, as, say, the law that opened and everything is clear there, like SNIP or Technical Regulations. It was just such a document. And then we'll see. A year or two passed. We saw that changes are required, they were made. After all, life changes, does not stand still. Well, I would like to wish all participants of life and development of the TOP the desire for greater interaction and openness. Because in this fluidity, which pushes us away from the task at hand, we become ineffective. Because of not built-in interaction. It is necessary to structure all services. From the Ministry of Economic Development to the TOP of the Sakhalin Oblast. There, in the ministry, a concrete, strong and efficient department should appear, which includes TOP and SPV. 

At us today 2 municipal formations are completely within its borders, enjoy the regime of the Free Port of Vladivostok. The truth in the government of the Sakhalin region is the corresponding department, but it is small. But in my opinion, at least the deputy minister should deal only with this problem. In the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, a whole TOP "Mountain air" and plus a third of the TOP "Yuzhnaya" are located. Such luxury you will not find anywhere. Imagine what economic instruments are given to the city! And you come to the mayor's office and do not understand what vice-mayor to apply to. 

I study the site and I do not understand who is responsible for the TOP. There is no mention. But the mayor says that everyone knows me, I can just come at any time. But I do not want to go to a person who is constantly changing a dislocation or busy with another fluid and a bunch of other issues. The structure should be a specific vice-mayor in charge of the TOP, which should have everything. After all, today, for electricity and water, we go to one, on economic issues - to another, on urban planning in general there is no vice-mayor. And to whom to go? 

I have made several questions in the work plan of the Council for Investment Activities. There are tasks that are not solved and which are not even started for a solution. For example, bringing urban planning documentation of the city in line with the law. That is, if there is a TOP in the city, then in the general plan its boundaries should be reflected. Because this is a special regime, as a free economic zone. But we can not prove this to the head of the relevant department, and they change several times a year. The main architects are changing, and they do not want to deal with this problem. We enter into a barren and unconstructive correspondence. Everything should be clearly structured and spelled out. In another way, the management system can not work. There is no man and everything, everything has become a stake. You can not dissolve such a topic between all. And we, and all entrepreneurs, should clearly know whom to turn to when it comes to TOP.

- And in other regions, how is this work organized?
- In Khabarovsk, for example, this is just an ideal model, I think. Everything is solved quickly, as it is collected in one place. Yes, we talk about TOP to those who come to us. But the issues of land, infrastructure, they all remained with the city authorities. We do not provide land. The land can be provided by the city. Either directly, or at the request of the Far East Development Corporation, the city provides it with land plots for lease or ownership. The land issue is separate.

- What would you like to wish all the Far East?
- Health, happiness, and that the standard of living of neither Sakhaliners nor residents of other regions is not reduced. The Far East must first grow by the population, otherwise it will be impossible to solve any tasks. Today, in all industries, the staff hunger is enormous. The population is aging, and the young guys, having received education and gained experience, leave for a better share, not finding themselves here and not getting the expected impact. But hope should feed us, I believe that we will succeed.
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