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Systemic toxicity

Where and how the hazardous waste that arrived in Primorye from the Amur Region will be disposed of

Sistema LLC promises to remove from Primorye all hazardous waste that was brought to the region from the Amur region, the Primorye government said. According to Elena Parkhomenko, Deputy Prime Minister of Primorye, the schedule of transportation is now being coordinated, and representatives of the company are choosing a place where they will take the expired pesticides. Three sites in the Amur Region are being considered, with all actions coordinated with Rospotrebnadzor.

Systemic toxicity
Photo: Diana Sharafulislamova, press service of the Primorsky Territory government

In its telegram channel, the government of the Primorsky Territory posted a letter from the director of Sistema LLC, which says that the company's management understands all social responsibility towards the residents of Primorye, apologizes for the inconveniences, and also asks for permission to resume the operation of the complex.

Specifically for Primorye, this story began in mid-October, when it became known that more than 100 tons of hazardous waste were planned to be disposed of or, more simply, burned in the village of Western Nadezhdinsky District. According to the official version, this is waste of hazard class 2-3 - worn-out pesticides and agrochemicals that arrived from the Vostochny cosmodrome.

Oleg Mitvol, ex-candidate for governor of Primorye from the Green Party and ex-head of Rosprirodnadzor, spoke about the danger that threatens Primorye on the Youtube channel of journalist Andrei Karaulov. He said that near Vladivostok, among other things, it is planned to burn Granozan - the most dangerous compound of mercury, the use of which has long been banned.

The information instantly spread across the Internet and caused a wide response - the residents of Primorye categorically did not like the idea of ​​burning toxic waste in the densely populated Nadezhdinsky district, which is also adjacent to the largest city in the region, Vladivostok. People went to the rally, demanding to take the poisonous substances away from their homes.

The regional authorities did not like this whole situation, and on October 23, Governor of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako arrived at the landfill in the Nadezhdinsky district. Without listening to the explanations of the management of the waste disposal complex, he said that this waste would not be burned in Primorye.

“We submit documents directly to the FAS to terminate the contract that you entered into, due to the fact that it was drawn up with violations. And, accordingly, then you will have to return everything to the storages where you took it. There are several landfills in Russia that can handle such waste. We will definitely not let them be burned here, ”he said.

Elena Parkhomenko noted that currently there is an intensive interagency interaction with the regional prosecutor's office and other supervisory bodies, the purpose of which is to develop a legitimate mechanism for removing this waste from the territory of the Primorsky Territory.

According to the Primorye Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, the waste ended up in Primorye as a result of a long and rather complicated process.

As it turned out, they have been stored on the territory of the Amur Region since 2006. On January 29, 2021, an agreement was signed between the State Budgetary Institution of the Amur Region Ecology and LLC Zeleny Gorod, according to which the waste was to be buried at the Serebristy landfill in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. This was then prevented by changes in the normative regulation of legal relations, the relevant ministry delicately explained. But the point is not only that - Siberians then reacted in the same way as now Primorye residents. Under pressure from the public, "Silver" canceled the deal, and they began to look for a new place for the waste.

The contractor appealed to the Arbitration Court of the Amur Region with a request to replace the condition contained in the contract on sending waste to the landfill for their thermal neutralization. On September 15, the court granted the request of Zeleny Gorod LLC, the Primorsky company Sistema LLC, which has a technical base in the Nadezhdinsky District, was appointed as the executor of the work.

The entire volume of waste is 875 tons. According to preliminary estimates, about 210 tons have already been delivered to the Sistema production site in the village of Zapadnoye. About 100 more tons were not delivered - due to a breakdown of the car, they were unloaded at the site in the village of Yaroslavsky.

Despite the fact that the Primorye government declares the dispatch of waste to the Amur region as a practically settled matter, the interdistrict environmental prosecutor of Blagoveshchensk, Oleg Zyubin, told reporters that there are no landfills, equipment and companies in the region for the disposal of toxic waste from the Vostochny cosmodrome. And, it seems, he was not cunning at all. As he wrote on October 29, referring to the words of the representative of Sistema LLC, Interfax, the export of pesticides is delayed due to the lack of a suitable site in the Amur region.

But in case you still have to take pesticides, the head of the region, Vasily Orlov, tried to calm the residents down.

“I will explain in detail what is happening now. We have a court order to neutralize them. In accordance with this decision, we provided money in the budget, about 55 million rubles, and in accordance with 44-FZ held an auction to determine the executing organization. The winner was a company that tried to export agricultural chemicals to Krasnoyarsk or somewhere else. Only the appropriate structure can assess the legality of their actions.

For our part, in accordance with the law, we can only wait for the execution of the contract - and, by the way, it ends at the end of November. If the work is not performed, we will charge a penalty from the company, and also include them in the list of unscrupulous ones. After that, we will again conduct a competition to determine the contractor.

I would also like to emphasize that we will not burn agricultural chemicals on the territory of the region. We do not have the necessary resources - an object for the disposal of such types of waste. And therefore no one will burn anything - this is immediately a criminal article, ”he commented.

In addition, the question of the hazard of waste remains open. Sistema LLC plans to conduct an independent examination, and rumors circulate in the network that Mitvol, who raised the buchu, who manages the landfill for the disposal of industrial toxic waste near Tomsk, allegedly wanted to take pesticides from Vostochny.


Primorsky legislators, meanwhile, decided to protect the region from similar situations in the future.

The specialized committees of the Legislative Assembly of Primorye, together with the relevant ministry of the regional government, will analyze the legal framework and prepare legislative initiatives.

“The situation when the regional authorities, by virtue of the current legislation, learn about projects for the disposal of hazardous waste in the territory of the region from other regions after the fact may occur again. Two or more business entities will agree and begin to implement their project. And the authorities about this, due to the established mechanisms of legal regulation, may either not find out, or find out too late. Therefore, we need to focus on what we can do at the legislative level in order to give the executive authorities the tools with which they could receive information about such projects in advance and take measures of state response, if necessary, "- explained the speaker of the regional parliament Alexander Rolik.

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