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Siberian character of the cosmodrome Vostochny

Igor Royne, Project Manager of the Special-Construction Technology Enterprise under the Russian Spetsstroy

Special construction workers from all over the country worked at the Vostochny cosmodrome. It is difficult to find on the map an area, a republic or a land whose representatives would not have worked on the construction of a new space harbor.

The head of the project of the enterprise Spetsstroytehnologii at Spetstroy of Russia Igor Andreevich Royne is a real Siberian, cheerful and benevolent, at the same time strong-willed, enduring, purposeful, hardworking. He effectively performs the most difficult tasks in the most extreme conditions.

Born in Siberia - the village of Orlovka, Achinsk District, Krasnoyarsk Territory. After graduation, he entered the industrial-pedagogical college with a degree in agricultural mechanization. He served in the Primorsky Territory. Then the commander of the artillery reconnaissance unit Sergeant Roine returned to his native Achinsk, graduated from Krasnoyarsk State University of Nonferrous Metals and Gold.

In 22 from the position of the engineer of the technical support department of the Achinsk production association, the work biography of Igor Royne began. He is familiar with most construction specialties - he worked as a carpenter, carpenter, master, site manager. He also worked as the chief engineer of the housing and operational office, the chief dispatcher of the emergency service of the city. Roine jokes: "... but that I can build the house myself, and then independently arrange its operation!".

Here he is a little crafty - he had a chance to work on the most large-scale construction sites: the Baltic nuclear power plant, oil and gas construction sites and the many kilometers of the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline system.

In 2013, Igor Roine, in the most difficult conditions of the Amur winter, when the temperature dropped below 42 degrees, began working on the construction of a complex of measuring tools (ISIS) at the Vostochny cosmodrome.

“The foundations of the main structures were removed to a point above zero in the shortest possible time, since due to the delay in the receipt of design and estimate documentation precious time was missed, which later was needed to install the most sophisticated technological equipment and special systems,” says Igor.

Some sections of the excavation had to be "finished by hand", even the scrap did not take the soil. "After a rainy summer, the watered soil was frozen to a depth of 5 meters. It was not just sand with earth, but pure ice, we did not dig a pit, we "caressed" it, "can not restrain Royne's emotions.

But Siberians, and even more so special purpose builders, do not give up, so a kind of “know-how” was invented. “We covered with a canopy the whole area where it was necessary to equip the pit. Then, along the edges of the finished pit, they performed a trace, laid piles on which they also pulled the canopy. This helped to increase the pace of work, the builders warmed the excavation entirely with all the slopes, taking into account the complex multi-level configuration. We managed to fill in the monolithic reinforced concrete slab in strict accordance with the schedule, subject to the heating standards, ”says Igor Andreevich.

Now Igor Roine is in charge of housing construction in Tsiolkovsky, where this year it is planned to complete the construction of several more apartment buildings, as well as an office building and a kindergarten with a swimming pool. Four houses in the new city have been in operation for almost a year, hot water and electricity are running smoothly in them. A modern boiler house, which has no analogues in the Amur Region, supplies heat.

"At first glance, these are simple houses. But in Tsiolkovsky almost every house is individual, there are designed monolithic bearing outer walls. We are faced with difficulties when working in sub-zero temperatures - we have to keep the insulated formwork, close the place of work from above with canopies, carry out electric heating. Therefore, we work around the clock, under serious control, "- says the construction of Tsiolkovsky Roine.

The specialists of the enterprise successfully apply the so-called "conveyor method", which allows to significantly increase the speed and quality of housing construction for the staff of the cosmodrome.

The “flow method” or “conveyor” is when both carpenters, reinforcement workers, and concrete workers work on the mounting horizon at the same time. At the same time, brigades performing only one technological operation are transferred one after the other from one area of ​​work to another in a continuous stream, thus, work is performed by a continuous cycle. Suppose the carpenters came in - assembled the formwork for the ceiling, then the reinforcement workers knit the reinforcement, the electricians lay the wires for the electric heating, now it is the turn of the concrete workers again - they are laying the concrete mix. Since the concrete workers installed the formwork, they know all the nuances of the structural elements, which will have a positive effect on the quality of concrete placement. Worked brigade slabs are prepared under the concrete for three days, then the concrete mix is ​​laid, and on the seventh day we have a slab with a strength set higher than 70%, ”explains Igor Andreevich.

With this kind of work, 800 - 1000 cubic meters of concrete per month is taken in four sections at summer time, which is very high. For construction projects, the period of erection of a monolithic house box is nine months, but thanks to the use of this technology it is possible to accomplish the task for five months.

By the way, twenty-two-year-old Nikita Roine is working as a fitter in one of the brigades. Like his father, he is building a new cosmograde. Igor Royne with a smile says: "The construction must go from the bottom up. Let him try, what he is - the bread of the builder, I started it myself. If it does not break, the Siberian character will show, which means that the builder with a capital letter, and a real man from him will succeed. "

Construction of the objects of the cosmodrome Vostochny continues. Weekends from the Roine family are very rare, and even on a full vacation in general, and can not be. At a distance of more than 9000 kilometers from the cosmodrome - in Kaliningrad, Igor Roine is waiting for a family: his wife and ten-year-old daughter. "Of course, I rarely go home, but such is the work of the builder, I deliberately chose a profession and am proud of what I do. Not everyone has the opportunity to build a cosmodrome and a new city, "- ends his story Roine.

For his personal contribution to the construction of the cosmodrome Vostochny Igor Andreevich Roine was awarded: with medals "For merits in the construction of the cosmodrome", "65 for years to the Special Building of Russia", diplomas and medals of Roskosmos.

Siberian character of the cosmodrome Vostochny
Photo: Photo provided by Special Forces of Russia

Assembler of steel and reinforced concrete structures of the Hydraulic Structures Administration No. XXUMX of the Southern cupola of Spetsstroy of Russia Andrey Semenov is a true professional in his field. For more than a decade, he devoted to the construction industry and the creation of the most important objects in the Far East.

Andrey Semenov - the indigenous Primorets, was born in 1971 year. His countrymen - residents of the village Danilovka Mikhailovsky district are rightfully proud of him - Semenov erected in Vladivostok objects of the APEC summit-2012 and the cosmodrome Vostochny. In Spetsstroy Russia works with 2015-year, where he moved from the once large in the Far East company "TMK".

At the sites of the cosmodrome, Andrey Semenov worked for about four years. He participated in the erection of the building and test building of space vehicles. Semenov notes: "The work was a shift - a month later in a month. But in the domestic plan there is nothing to complain about - your town, canteen, medicine. "

Andrei Nikolaevich defined the front of the work for "nightmen" and "diaries". It would seem that the difficult? But at night the installation work can not be conducted, the assembly should be ready for the change and the metal necessary for mounting is installed, people should be placed in the light of their skill level and individual characteristics - there are a lot of nuances. It was from the organizational skills of Semenov depended on how effectively the site will hold a working day, the continuity of the construction industry and the absence of downtime.

“In the beginning, of course, there were difficulties. And then we worked step by step - all processes were debugged. Ultimately, the backlog from the graphs were made up, and the objects were handed over in advance. In winter, however, it was very cold. And in such cases, the work was not stopped. Worked alternately - for half an hour, changing links. All performed only on their own, attracting no one from the side ", - recalls Andrey Semenov.

The contribution of Semenov to the construction of the assembly and test part of the assembly and test building of spacecraft and the refueling station and other major objects of space infrastructure is invaluable.

"Often worked" at altitude ", as they say, the 150-meter lightning conductor was installed - the divertor at the launch complex. We erected the metal structures of the elevator extension to the installation and test building with the use of climbing equipment ", - recalls Andrey Semenov. At the same time, he first used non-typical slinging and stitching of structures and three-dimensional blocks. This allowed to significantly reduce the time for the construction of facilities.

Since May this year, he works again away from home - together with his colleagues is working on upgrading the facilities of the submarine base in Vilyuchinsk in Kamchatka. The family treats this state of affairs with understanding. "A month passes - we must urgently work, for a watch. It is interesting to see the results of his work. When you climb higher and higher with the object, you can not be proud of, - Andrey Semenov shares.

Andrey Semenov has proved himself to be a highly qualified specialist, who knows perfectly well the features and order of mounting and dismantling of complex reinforced concrete structures in hazardous conditions of steeple works.

For special merits in construction, a great personal contribution to solving the tasks of building the objects and ground infrastructure of the Vostochny cosmodrome, dedicated and hard work, was awarded the high state medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland of the II degree.

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