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Spy Baikal

How curious seaside photographers climbed into the "prohibition", and what came of it (photo of the day)

"As for three thousand fine rubles to go on an" excursion ", to see something new and unusual, at the same time to catch an unforgettable adventure, to visit a secret place inaccessible to mere mortals, get confused in an easy form with crime, live a whole movie in one day, get adrenaline charge and memories for life ?? Ask me how! I'll tell you in detail! "- a sparkling story about how it was, from a photographer from Vladivostok Lusine Ignatova.

Spy Baikal
Photo: Lusine Ignatova
"It all started with the fact that recently Instagram literally filled up with cool pictures with beautiful ice from the forbidden object located on the territory of the Defense Ministry, more specifically, in the military area near Fokino, in Pavlovsk" - says Lucine. "The territory is supposed to be guarded, and you can get there, but it threatens with detention, I always knew about that, and that's the ice that I wanted to see, but I did not dare go there because I was afraid that they would catch me. , as the people absolutely free to penetrate there, and spread out entire heaps of photographs, I thought, am I bald? I also want to. "


Photo: Ice stalagmites and stalactites in the underground bunker of a secret facility #6 (Asylum for submarines), Maxim Abdrazakov.

"My friend in misfortune Tanyusha wrote to me the other day," and went with my friends to Pavlovsk, it's beautiful, I saw in Instagram, we'll call somebody else. "I say, well, let's go, especially since a week earlier there were our friends and told us how easily and quickly they were there, and they called Oleg, who had already been there in his past military career, I suggested that everyone take skates, go for a drive and make cool pictures.

Let's go skate. We come to Pavlovsk. We passed the turn we needed, buried ourselves in the KP, military men came to us, we quietly drove off, said: "Sorry, we were wrong." Passed meters 500 and near a very ancient barrier with a long and hopelessly rusted sign parked car. I want to note that the plate was so old that there was nothing except rust on it, it means that everything is really abandoned there. Next to the rusty barrier was a very well-trodden footpath. It is evident that people go there in droves. We had a bite and went. "


"At first we came to the ice, it turned out that we were not alone there that day, there were at least another 2 company, one behind us, and the other ahead, their presence was a bit boggling." It was not possible to take pictures of what we would like, ice dreams I suggested that the guys take a swim first against the same ice, and the guys did not support me. "It's better in the end, first we'll see everything. Well, I waited until all the groups had made a fuss, a little fondled this beautiful ice and we went for a walk further. "



Impressions: it was evident that at one time it was something very powerful and important, but to date it is the most ordinary abandoned object. Everything in ruin, in the rooms still preserved furniture in a shaky condition, lie chandeliers and what sovdepovskiy objects of everyday life, heaps of technical documentation, all this is lying around and rotting.He was impressed by the huge long corridor.As Oleg explained, it was a place for storage and repair of special equipment or something like a hangar.On the floor were very interesting ice sculptures, in which we They tried to see different images, it was beautiful, there were stalactites on the ceilings, like in caves, there is a smell of musty already and air too. "



"Somewhere in the middle of the tunnel a new large group of 10 people came towards us." They greeted and dispersed, somewhere in the distance another small group wandered around.

After all the clouds, they were impressed, they decided to return to the ice, to skate on skates, and, finally, to drive back to the car and go home. It was planned to be in the city in the 6 evening. Everything was going pretty well, until the show started! We went inside the hangar, sat down on the ice, began to put on skates and saw: in the distance a dozen children of the same greens run. We are such, oh what pretty, they are closer to us, we look - and these are military "children". The phrase from them: "Civil, you know that you are on the territory of the military unit?" We answer: "Nooo!" I ask: "Are you coming for us?" Their elder answers: "Well, yes, go with us!" We lower our heads and stamp. We ask: "A long time to go?", They are, "Long, long." Come on. "



"The time was half past one, they start us in a part, inside everything is very decent, clean, repair, warm." We pass into a room without chairs, with three tables and a microwave. We asked to behave adequately, not to smoke and not to ruffle, but we did not intend to riot .You ourselves from all this situation, the mood is excellent! Hurray! Hurray! We wait an hour, go the second, it's not so fun, it's unclear what's what. only that they called the police. "We wait further, already a little depressed." And then - a drum roll! and the same group that we saw in the hangar with icicles, and we got a lot of them, the guys are noisy, with the children and one very active lawyer who rocked her rights very loudly. They all talk and eat camp food, the military brought us chairs, a kettle, they allowed us to go to the toilet, smoke and breathe air, there was nothing to breathe. It turned out that they decided to collect all the tourists on that day.

They admitted that such an outrage on the territory of their part for the first time in history! Then they began to lead the rest and we became more and more. As a result, we became a man of thirty. By that time the police had already arrived. One comes, his eyes widen so much, he mutters something like "Do not fuck yourself!" and laughs. After him comes his partner and she starts laughing hysterically. Us on two people are led for questioning. All this was a long time, boringly, for 20 minutes, they were interrogated first, then they themselves spat and began to write everything the same on the template, collecting only personal data. A sense of peeking, if everyone says "I saw beautiful photos in Instagram." They themselves write and laugh. By seven o'clock they were interviewed. As a result of the questioning, they each were fined 3 thousand rubles, but the paper will first come to the police station at the place of residence, then they will call me, call for an interview and there will already be decided, pardoned and warned as the first administrative violation, or still pay, and then whether in full or at a reduced rate. In general, I'm waiting for the call ... "


"Whom they interviewed before, they were released earlier, they reached the cars on foot, because they managed to leave their children there unattended, they also had to guess." Someone from the crowd managed to reach someone and were just let go. "They saw from the window as they fled from there.The classic of the genre.All the others were promised after the interrogation to plant with a loaf and take them to the gate, and there already by their own motion.

Completely unfamiliar people, united by one misfortune, are getting a little closer and going back was already extremely fun. With some even contacts exchanged.

In the process of waiting, she chatted a bit with the military and police on our adventure. One of the military, the most sociable and rather pleasant-looking man, says: "Well, did you need it? It cost 3 thousand?" They ruined our day for us! " I answer them: "Say thank you to Instagram and put the fence already, otherwise it's not clear." They laugh, we laugh. I told them that we did not have time to skate on the chic ice, which we regret very much. He says: "Haha, even did not have time to ride, horses! Come next Sunday." "Tariffs already know." "Come?" We politely refused. Around 8 evenings got into the car, satisfied with the excellent day spent, and drove home.

That's the whole truth about Pavlovsk! Think for yourself if it's worth it. Is it worth the beautiful ice in 3000 r. and a spoiled reputation. Whoever does not write in Instagram, you can not go there, even in spite of availability. Someone can be lucky, but we were not lucky. Unless, if you are bored with life and really want non-standard adventures, please! And I'll look for beautiful ice elsewhere "- summed up Lusine Ignatova."


Video: Maxim Abdrazakov.

Former "secret object No. 6." Anti-atomic shelter for submarines of the Pacific Fleet on the basis of submarines Pavlovsk. According to unconfirmed information, the beginning of the construction of the object - 60e years of the XX century. In the 80-ies, construction began to lose its pace, the shelter remained unfinished. Judging by the state, all concrete work was completed, it was necessary to make only interior decoration and fill the internal premises. In 1991, the first Treaty on the Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms was signed (according to the agreement, the USSR and the United States had to reduce their nuclear arsenals within 7 years). The Soviet side undertook to protect the passageways of underground structures located in the immediate vicinity of the mouth of the Ara (Kola Peninsula), the base of the Yagelnaya submarine (Kola Peninsula) and the base of the submarines Pavlovsk (Primorye Territory) for access to floating equipment of any displacement, from the plans for the construction of such passes during the validity period of the Treaty. Effective control over this has been ensured, and is still being provided, with the help of national technical means. The Soviet Party proceeded from the premise that the United States of America does not and will not build such underground structures during the period of the Treaty.
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