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Northern artery

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - a key link in the Northern Sea Route

Northern artery

The unique conditions of Avacha Bay will allow the port to become a global center for servicing ships of the icebreaking class.

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky can become a base port on the eastern shoulder of the Northern Sea Route, providing services for supply, bunkering, ship repair, technical and other inter-river service of ships, including the nuclear icebreaking fleet.

As was informed at the Federal Agency for Sea and River Transport, measures to develop the infrastructure of the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky are being implemented as part of the activities of the Federal Target Program “Economic and Social Development of the Far East and the Baikal Region”.

“The port has all the prospects to become a sea freight hub. For this, the reconstruction of berths 1 and 2, the water area of ​​the fishing port will be carried out with a change in its parameters to create a container hub. The port will be able to attract transit cargo traffic from the Asia-Pacific countries, primarily from China, - said the head of Rosmorrechflot Alexander Davydenko. “The plans are to organize the Arctic container line Murmansk-Petropavlovsk-Murmansk”.

According to the Kamchatka Krai Government, over the past 5 years more than 8 billion rubles have been invested in the development of the fleet and coastal fish processing in Kamchatka. During this time, 7 fishing vessels for coastal fisheries were built, 15 modern high-tech fish processing plants were opened on the coast, almost 2 thousand new jobs were created. All this made it possible to increase the processing of Pacific salmon catches on the coast from 30 to 70% and to bring the annual output of fish products in Kamchatka to 800 thousand tons.

According to Rosmorrechflot, the construction of a marine station in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the reconstruction of the quays of the port in order to increase their seismic resistance, the construction of a new berth and a checkpoint at the Nikolskoye terminal located on the Commander Islands , As well as the construction of a quay pier in the village of Tilichiki and the reconstruction of port stations in the village of Ust-Khayryuzovo and the village of Palana in the Kamchatka Territory.

“The port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is the most high-latitude non-freezing Far Eastern port, which has a unique geographical location at the intersection of the existing international traffic between America and Asia. In addition to the unique location, its role at the NSR is also conditioned by favorable climatic conditions, the availability of all the infrastructure necessary for servicing vessels, including the possibility of bunkering with fuel and water, food supply, the presence of a powerful ship repair base, and sufficient port facilities to service cargo traffic, said EastRussia .ru CEO of Kamchatka Development Corporation Nikolai Pegin. - One cannot help mentioning the prospect of creating in the Kamchatka Territory a territory of advanced socio-economic development, the anchor resident of which may be the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky port. This will help create a competitive environment for the work of both Russian and foreign businesses. ”

It is assumed that Petropavlovsk will become the base for the icebreaking fleet in eastern Russia. In the meantime, to change the crew or replenish stocks of products, icebreakers need to get to Murmansk.

"To date, the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky already has certain necessary resources to create infrastructure and provide specialists not only for servicing ships navigating the Northern Sea Route, but also for servicing icebreakers and ice-class vessels," Pegin said. - Within the framework of SME development, the port can also assume the role of a base for the nuclear icebreaking fleet in the Far East, as it has a more powerful shiprepair base in comparison with the northern ports and the possibility of attracting highly skilled specialists in the operation of nuclear power plants from the number of submarine servicemen, In the stock. The unique conditions of Avacha Bay (one of the largest in the world) will allow Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to become the world center for servicing ships of the icebreaking class. "

The important thing is that the bay of Petropavlovsk is ice-free. “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on the route of the Northern Sea Route is the only port in the northern part of the Pacific Coast, with a non-freezing port. Representatives of shipping companies in the Asia-Pacific region are quite actively trying to use this route, so for us this work, given the active development of the Arctic shelf, is taking on state significance, ”said the governor of Kamchatka Krai Vladimir Ilyukhin.

The port has the opportunity to become a hub, according to fishermen: “We hope that when the Northern Sea Route begins to function and connect Europe with Asia and America, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky will be a certain storage port. Most likely, from the west of Russia to the Far East you need to go ships of a certain class - linear. Such ships must quickly come, unload and leave. And feeder ships will be here, in place, to deliver cargo. In other words, a hub port is assumed. Now the situation is different, the port is empty, almost nothing is taken out of it, and only goods are imported for consumption in the region, ”said Sergey Timoshenko, Chairman of the Kamchatka Fishing Industry and Businessmen Association of Kamchatka.

The whole problem of Petropavlovsk is that the city is not a holiday, there is no railway, as, for example, in Vladivostok or Sovetskaya harbor, the expert believes.

"But fishermen-industrialists put the question before the government: the city needs a container refrigeration terminal. Then fishing vessels will be unloaded here, reloading seafood in refrigerated containers, and the cargo will go immediately to the European part. In this case, large refrigerators and other equipment are not needed, and the city will become an outlet port where all the fish that would need to be transported to the European part could leave containers with Petropavlovsk. It is done all over the world, but not with us, "Timoshenko said. - For our products to reach the USA or Europe, we take it to Busan (South Korea). There it is loaded into refrigerated containers, and it creeps around the world. "

Economically, it is more convenient to transport fish products through Petropavlovsk to central Russia than through Vladivostok and then by refrigerated containers by rail, the chairman of the Rybolovets collective farm named after. Lenin Sergey Tarusov.

“The development of the sea transport hub in the Kamchatka Territory and its inclusion in the development of the Arctic sea transport system, of which the Northern Transport Corridor is a part, the organization of the main-feeder line in the future will contribute to the growth and diversification of income of the Far Eastern mega-region of the country. This is not only the maintenance and regulation of international trade flows, but also reliable transportation to the vast regions of the Far East, the creation of prerequisites for the activation of geological exploration in the most remote regions of Russia and the development of the natural wealth of these territories, ”N. Pegin said.

The head of the Ministry of Eastern and Eastern Development Alexander Galushka also earlier noted the profitability of transportation along the Northern Sea Route. “Speaking of the sea silk route, I would especially like to mention the project of the Northern Sea Route, which has significant competitive advantages in comparison with the traditional sea route connecting Europe and Asia. For example, the cost of delivering cargo from Shanghai to Rotterdam is on average reduced by 25 percent compared to the route through the Suez Canal, ”the website of the Ministry of Eastern and Eastern Development quoted as saying.

“The port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is of strategic importance for Russia and the Far Eastern region. It creates conditions for Russia not only to provide one of the important transport corridors, but to become the leading force determining the structure and direction of world trade, said N. Pegin. - The fact of the presence of an intensively functioning transport corridor makes it possible to more actively incorporate into the world economy the unique resources of the Russian North and the Russian Arctic. Here, the role of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Kamchatka Territories for the future of Russia, the future of the Asia-Pacific Region and the whole world is simply impossible to overestimate. ”

According to the expert, the Kamchatka Territory, by virtue of its geographical location, is an active participant in the implementation of the tasks of the national maritime policy. In the future, the port of Petropavlovsk can become a major global logistics center at the intersection of international transport lines of Asia, North America and Europe (according to the NSR).

As Russian President Vladimir Putin stated at the meeting of the Security Council of Russia at the end of April, by 2015, it is necessary to bring the cargo turnover to the level of 4 million tons. The President of the Russian Federation demanded the creation of a modern infrastructure of navigation, communications, maintenance, emergency assistance along the way. 

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