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Sergey Schegelsky: Investors' plans should meet the interests of the residents of the Khabarovsk Territory

Sergey Schegelsky, director of the Agency for Attracting Investments and Development of Innovations of the Khabarovsk Territory, on what is being done to ensure that the residents of the Khabarovsk Territory and its economy receive tangible benefits from attracting investors to the region.

Why does the small population not prevent such giants as IKEA, Metro, Magnit and Pyaterochka from coming to the Khabarovsk Territory, how are things going with the border crossing on Bolshoy Ussuriysk, what will a new investor do, planning to invest more than 500 million in his project in the region? . dollars, as well as what to expect from the interregional investment forum "Khabarovsk Territory - the energy of the Far East" - Director of ANO "Agency for attracting investments and the development of innovations of the Khabarovsk Territory" more understandable to every inhabitant of the region.

Sergey Schegelsky: Investors' plans should meet the interests of the residents of the Khabarovsk Territory
Photo: ANO "Agency for attracting investments and development of innovations of the Khabarovsk Territory"

- Sergey Viktorovich, you have been heading the Agency for Attracting Investments and Development of Innovations of the Khabarovsk Territory since November 2020. What can you say about the work already done?

- Now it can be argued that the organizational and systemic activities of the Agency have been fully built. Each of its subdivisions, as part of a single mechanism, is successfully working in its own direction. The agency operates in close cooperation with the executive authorities of the region, municipalities, federal structures and development institutions.

At present, the reorganization and improvement of the regulations for support of investment projects on the principle of "one window" is underway.

To improve work with investors, the Agency updated and improved information services: a new investment portal of the Khabarovsk Territory was developed with convenient navigation and a simple interface, the investor's personal account was updated. For the initiators of projects there is an opportunity to track the progress of their support in the executive authorities of the region from their mobile device. At the same time, we update and update the investment map of the region.

- Last year, the rating of the investment attractiveness of the region literally collapsed, but crises do not last forever. Now what - let's rise from 64th place?

- Our small but highly professional team is making every effort to "win back", for a start, at least 10 percent of the rating. Now it is very important for us to return and realize the trust of the federal center, because without a large corporate investor it will be very difficult for the region. Therefore, the task is to restore the trust of the federal center, secure the trust of the residents of the region, strengthen the position of the Agency and prove to business that it is possible to work in the region, that there are indeed changes. For example, regarding the regulations for issuing a building permit, conciliation commissions for the allocation of sites for the implementation of large-scale projects. All this is our task, which we have been very active since November last year and, in my opinion, are successfully implementing.

Currently, the Agency is supporting 36 projects with an investment volume of about 409 billion rubles.

- That's right, but I want news about specific large projects. You read about Primorye - the Koreans will build a port there, the PIK group has entered, but we somehow have fresh news that someone comes and something starts, not enough.

- How little? Just look at the course set by our acting governor Mikhail Degtyarev - these are six flagship projects. These are the border crossing on the Bolshoy Ussuriisky Island, the regional technopark, the creation of the Far Eastern center for children's recreation and health improvement, Lukashov's nursery, the Khekhtsir sports and tourist complex, the revival and expansion of the geography of Khabarovsk Airlines flights.

Plus the construction of hospitals is also our topic. For example, on April 20, an investor from Moscow arrived in Khabarovsk, who will be engaged in the construction of a medical rehabilitation center here under the MHIF program, in three main areas where rehabilitation is required: neurology, traumatology and orthopedics, and oncology. This is construction from scratch, a plot is allocated for it. And all this will be implemented in the form of a PPP - public-private partnership. A large meeting was held under the chairmanship of Vice Governor Yevgeny Nikonov - the investor discussed pressing issues with sectoral ministries and got down to work.

There is also, for example, "World of Turkey", which has already announced its project and applied for the TOP residency. The agency, for its part, did a great job of finding a co-investor and co-financing for the turkey business. The owners of the business idea went to Moscow for negotiations on co-investment, on the possible participation of potential partners.

Another project is the arrival of a subsoil user to the Khabarovsk Territory, which is still premature to name, but the estimated volume of investments will exceed $ 500 million. Eight working groups have already been created - from the Ministry of Natural Resources for geo-prospecting, collecting the necessary data, and up to the working group of the Ministry of Education for training professional personnel here, on the basis of educational institutions of the Khabarovsk Territory.

A very large-scale program is underway to modernize regional small aircraft airports. Vanino is undergoing great development. Urgalugol says that in 2 years it will transport 25 million tons of coal instead of the current 15 tons, and this entails a whole series of events - additional jobs, development of transport infrastructure.

- And what movement is there on the construction of the border crossing?

- Deep work is going on in this direction. A feasibility study is being worked out, because without it we cannot enter the program of the Ministry of Transport, which, according to federal law, is an applicant for federal funding. The Acting Governor gave such an order, the documents are now being prepared. Well, everyone remembers that at his recent meeting with the President of the country, the project was approved by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. And we - the Agency - are now collecting statistics, we have asked commercial structures about possible logistics schemes for interaction with China - for exports and imports. Based on this data, business plans and a feasibility study will be drawn up.

- Recently you mentioned that GAZ Group asked to find a site for the production of vehicles. Are there any specifics on this project?

- A site for production has been found, even two - in the TOPs of Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur. While the company is processing the information received from us about the investment attractiveness of our region, Mikhail Degtyarev is negotiating with the regional Ministry of Transport on the replacement, possible modernization of our fleet. As a bus - public transport, and freight. After all, any businessman, when he plans to localize his enterprise in a certain region, begins to calculate and think over: "What am I going to do there?" And for GAZ to come here, we have to tell him: “For example, we will take 3000 cars from you. You build a location for us, you are based here, you give us jobs, taxes, deductions for the development of our region, and we take so many cars from you to our park and put them on service. " SKD assembly is planned, bodies and all components will be brought here, and assembly will be carried out at our base, at a local enterprise.

I know that recently you met with the head of the Ayano-Maisky district, Aleksey Ivliev, and the discussion included, among other things, the extraction of zirconium ...

- Yes, it was a meeting-acquaintance in order to understand the problems of the region and determine what we can do for it. The head of the district provided us with a list of operating commercial structures that operate on the territory of the district - gold and platinum mining, geological exploration, and the Voskhod fishing collective farm. An already developed zirconium deposit is waiting for the investor.

From our side, this list has already been worked out, meetings have been scheduled and are being held, we are clarifying the needs for the possible development of those structures that are already working. The second task that we have outlined with the head of the district is the development of tourism, ecotourism. Because now, with the existing infrastructure in the region, bring the investor by the hand and say: "Work!" - problematic. But ecotourism is a living topic that can now bring additional income to the region and the region.

- Tell us what counter actions is making Agency to find investors?

- Of course, we are actively looking for investors ourselves. Look - now both in the region and in the Far East in general there is a task of large-scale housing construction. And we are faced with a problem: the lack of sufficient capacity for the construction and production of bricks, reinforced concrete products and the like. We recorded this, and then our employees fully worked out the market of the western regions of the country - who is in the lead in this industry. We sent letters to these organizations and their leaders with presentations and invitations to negotiations with the regional ministers, directly from the acting governor. Any support will be provided, a favorable attitude - that is, please come in and work. Our employees fully lead and monitor the process at all stages.

- Tell us about the projects, the launch of which will immediately affect the quality of life of our fellow countrymen. From time to time, information comes up that one of the "big" retailers will start working in the region.

- Yes, we work with Metro, IKEA, WildВerries, Magnit, Pyaterochka and others - while this is a negotiation process, we advertise our region, we say that we can provide here, how to help. Well, they are calculating, working out business plans.

- How serious an obstacle can be the sparsely populated Khabarovsk Territory? After all, it is always important for retail how many buyers there are, and in the entire Far East there will not be enough people for half of Moscow, and this is with gigantic distances and complex logistics.

- Well, what does little mean? We propose to become a "dry port" for the Khabarovsk Territory, the logistics center of the Far Eastern Federal District! Because 90 percent of production, for example, IKEA is located in China, and the very geolocation of our region with the Far Eastern Railroad, with ports on the coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk - allows us to organize delivery from China in a matter of days, here customs clearance and further distribute the flow in the Far East. How is it done now? - cargo for the Khabarovsk Territory is first delivered to Moscow, and from there already here. And you can and should do the opposite. This will reduce the final price for the consumer by about 30-40 percent at once, eliminating the cost of logistics.

The point is not that only eight million people live in the Far Eastern Federal District, but in demand. Here, active four million people can provide a demand comparable to that given by the Moscow region with its 20 million, but not active.

- Tell us what and when will appear on the site of the former ski base on Khekhtsir? There is information that the Agency has developed an algorithm for the transfer of land plots for the construction of a large sports and resort complex ...

- First, you need to create a concept for the resort. It should reflect both the business model and the business plan - how many hotels, slopes, their classification, where specific slopes will be located, their area, what infrastructure is needed, and so on.  

Together with the Ministry of Culture, it was decided to declare the sports and tourist complex "Khekhtsir" as a federal project - to include it in the state program "Development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Khabarovsk Territory." Let me explain why - according to the federal program, one ruble from the state is given for every three attracted investment rubles. That is, if we plan to attract 3 billion of private investments to Khekhtsir, we will be able to get XNUMX billion from federal funds, which will allow the construction of all the necessary infrastructure - water, electricity and, possibly, gas. And if we have all this infrastructure, then believe me - "Khekhtsir" will become a real international resort. Therefore, first we must not translate the land, but develop and agree on a concept in order to start "selling" this concept.

Now there are procedures for summing up the results of requests for quotations for the development of this concept. The terms of reference itself has already been approved by the working group. We have roughly determined that we need 360 hectares for a resort. But perhaps more or less. Therefore, only after the development and approval of the concept will these algorithms be needed to transfer land from, for example, forestry to recreational.

As a result, "Khekhtsir" should become an international resort. Its location simply obliges you to do this - after all, it is located a few kilometers from the Bolshoi Ussuriysky Island, where a border crossing will appear. There is such an idea - to launch shuttles to Khekhtsir from the airport, from the railway station and from the border crossing to make it easier for tourists to check in. And if we rent all the necessary equipment, then people arrived, figuratively speaking, “with one backpack and a toothbrush,” and they got everything else here, skated for a couple of days, a week, and left happy. This is how it might work. And here's another, which is important - we, Khabarovsk residents, are accustomed to seeing a ski resort on Khekhtsir. And, of course, we make skiing an accent and a point of attraction in the concept. But it will contain themed villages, ethnographic complexes, cafes and restaurants with a national flavor. Up to the names and architecture of streets - for example, Tatarskaya, Russkaya, Kitayskaya streets ...

And, of course, it is planned to make STK Khekhtsir a zone of year-round ecological tourism. Already now, together with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Culture, we are starting to develop an ecological route. So that in the off-season there is something to do - sports activities, fishing, bike trails, rock climbing, hiking trails ...

- An interregional investment forum "Khabarovsk Territory - the Energy of the Far East" has been announced in Khabarovsk. What can you tell about him already? Who will come to it?

- Here we must start with the background. In early June, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, new data on the national rating of investment attractiveness will be announced. And, as I said, we are going to win back 10-15 percent and rise higher in this rating. We hope that this small victory of our large region will become such a flowing history from the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum to the Interregional Investment Forum "Khabarovsk Territory - the Energy of the Far East."

We have proposed a very high membership, starting from almost all federal ministers. I cannot go into details yet, but there is a three-tier system - top officials of the state, representatives of large corporations and all those who are interested in our platform. We hope to gather around 300 guests of all levels. The forum will be held on July 1-2. We would like to organize thematic meetings by industry and product niches, "round tables" with regions. We invite heads and representatives of all districts of the region to our forum. Those who cannot come will be present online. Everything is thought out. The first part is a general plenary session, and then people disperse and begin to carry out real work on the sites.

- And in what format will all this be? Online or live?

- The main principle is industry niches. If you are interested in the details, the city provides us free of charge for these days the premises of the City Palace of Culture (GDK). Part of the meetings of the working groups and "round tables" will be held in the House of Official Receptions. These will be "live" sites. That is, a plenary session will take place, and then everyone disperses to their “round tables”, industry niches, and they will already be in a combined mode - both live and with online connections.

- What is the maximum task the Agency sets itself? After all, it's not just the forum ...

- We plan, firstly, that by the forum everything will be ready for laying the capsule of the future technopark - one of our flagship investment projects. This is a lot of work. It is necessary to go through all federal, budgetary approvals, all commissions, make a feasibility study, select land, to this land it is necessary to provide and think over the supply of communications, infrastructure ...

We mentioned retail today - it is possible that several memorandums with leaders of world and federal trade will be signed at the forum. Working on it. It is clear that the business has its own plans, but we must try to convince investors that their plans correspond to our desires.

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