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Sergey Schegelsky: sharing our energy with investors

The first structure that an investor contacts in the Khabarovsk Territory is the Agency for Attraction of Investments and Development of Innovations in the Region. The quickness, literacy and competence of those who work here largely determines whether the investor "lands" in the region or goes to look for a better place.

Sergey Schegelsky, head of the Agency for Attracting Investments and Development of Innovations, spoke about how work with investors in the Khabarovsk Territory is being built, what breakthroughs have been achieved, and what promising projects are in the work of EastRussia

Sergey Schegelsky: sharing our energy with investors
Photo: press service of the Agency for attracting investments and development of innovations

- “Energy of the Far East” sounds powerful, but let’s remember the recent St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and the data of the national rating of investment attractiveness announced there? How did the Khabarovsk Territory show itself? Are you satisfied with the work of your team ""?

- The Khabarovsk Territory has shown itself with dignity, the region has risen in a number of positions and was among the five Far Eastern territories that generally managed to improve their performance, despite the difficult 2020 year. If we talk about the Agency, if we compare the current indicators with the results of previous years, then we can safely say that there has been a leap upward. Our investment portal - and this is the work of the Agency itself - found itself in the "A" group! These are the top 10 subjects of the Federation! If we take the Agency's work as a whole, then we jumped from the group “D"To the group"B". This suggests that the business community, investors and potential applicants recognized the Agency, began to trust it, and began to hope for help from the authorities of the Khabarovsk Territory.

- Throwing a bridge to the current investment forum, and there have not been any events of such a scale in the Khabarovsk Territory for many years, the word “energy” sounds in its name. Can you reveal the secret why the emphasis is on this particular word, because the investor, as it is customary to think, appreciates first of all "caution", "prudence"?

- If you look closely at what is happening now in the Khabarovsk Territory, behind what the acting governor Mikhail Degtyarev says and does, his message - both to the federal center and to the residents of our region, businessmen, investors, so if for by observing, the first thing that becomes literally tangible is energy. This is an absolutely adequate, positive intervention. Experience intervention, knowledge intervention, with a real assessment of possible risks.

In addition, we have absolutely everything that is needed - we have a resource, we have subsoil, we have land, we have 2 thousand kilometers of coastline, we have a border, we have fish, we have a forest! And we are ready to transfer this energy, multiplied by opportunities, to potential investors who will come and work.

- But what do investors pay attention to in the first place from what you have listed? What will make them "land" in the Khabarovsk Territory? Bosom? Geography? Ranking position? Or maybe the success of the "one window" or the degree of attention to the business of the governor?

- Perhaps, this question also contains the answer. Because the main thing is a set of deep, systemic, targeted measures for modernization, restructuring and restarting the work of all departments of the Khabarovsk Territory. This is a colossal reboot of the region, which demonstrates it to investors as a modern territory, investments in which will definitely pay off and give a positive result.

- In the speeches of the acting governor of the region, the term "friendliness" is often used. And what is the “friendliness” of the Investment Agency towards investors, in your opinion?

- In my opinion - in an individual approach. In order to work with the investor in detail all his needs, and choose from a wide range of all kinds of preferences exactly those that will most effectively help the implementation of his project. It's not enough just to say - we have benefits and preferences. Let's not forget about the interest of our region - after all, the distribution of preferences to everyone can lead to the fact that something is being done, and the region's economy does not change. Yes, at the start we must help as much as possible, but also look ahead. Friendliness should be mutual. Here is an example - the head of the engineering center, our investor, contacted us, but with a question that does not concern his already ongoing project, work has already been built there, we provide industrial design services, but he saw new opportunities in the region and thought about another production. And so that he does not need to invest and create a staff that will prepare everything from scratch, he asks us: “Can you advise me? Is it worth hiring people now, preparing a business plan, going to banks? " And this is all a lot of preliminary work for the investor, this is time, resources, energy, and friendliness is precisely the fact that both the Agency and the region provide any consulting services free of charge. And even if this time the idea “doesn’t work”, everything can be. But the investor sees the attitude towards himself, he sees the prospect, he sees a really working model of effective relationships with us - with the Agency, with the authorities of the Khabarovsk Territory. This is what investor friendliness is all about.

- And of course you would like to know your expectations from the forum? Who are you waiting for, what are your plans?

- The expectations are the most positive. Waiting for anybody? The list will be long, but we can already say that there will be signing of memorandums with LLC Dalgazresurs on the construction of a plant for the production of liquefied natural gas, I would like to note that this company is the only one who owns a license for a natural gas field, with LLC Urgalugol - a project to increase the design capacity of the Vaninsky Bulk Terminal, with OOO "PremiumStroy-Invest" to create a multidisciplinary medical rehabilitation center for 200 beds for residents of the region and the Far Eastern Federal District, the project will be implemented through PPP, with PJSC "Megafon" to build the first center in the Far East data processing. The projects are very large with tax and social benefits to the region. 

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