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Sergei Nosov: "Get out of the nineties"

Vrio Governor of Magadan Oblast shared with East Russia his first impressions of his work in Kolyma

28 May, Sergei Nosov was appointed Acting Governor of the Magadan Region by presidential decree. The political career of Mr. Nosov began in the Urals, where he managed to work both in the metallurgical business and in regional power structures, and in 2012 he headed the key industrial city of the region - Nizhny Tagil. EastRussia provisional head of the region told me what's new and what he saw on the Kolyma and where he will look for funds for its development.

Sergey Nosov:
- Sergey Konstantinovich, what are your first impressions in the new position, what coincided with the expectations, what was unexpected?

- Nothing coincided with expectations. A new territory with its own features, with problems very similar to the problems of the nineties. And this is an absolute surprise. Yes, one day we went through this, and we managed to solve the problems, but it was a long time ago. I say, for example, about the territory of the Urals. Therefore, the situation, on the one hand, is heavy, and people's fatigue has accumulated. On the other hand, methods for solving existing problems are known, in this respect, nothing new is available.

- When meeting with governors, the president sometimes transmits a "green folder". You got this? What are the main tasks the president has set for you?

- I did not receive the Green folder. As I have already said, Magadan Oblast is a completely new region for me. First, you need time to study everything and look around, only after that you can set tasks. I think the president is interested in hearing my vision or assessment of the situation, which I can give today, after two months of work. There are, of course, details that it is difficult to delve into and it takes quite a while, but the overall situation is quite understandable.

- All noted that you are in the Far Eastern team of governors - a new person, but immediately led the working group for the preparation of the State Council. What is the reason for this decision?

- I would single out two points. First, the experience of my previous work in the central regions of Russia, in the Urals, life experience. There is an understanding that I can cope with this task. Secondly - a fresh look and assessment of the situation, based on this experience. Probably, it is this fresh view that will allow us to look at the problems differently and on the way to their solution. On this, too, I think, there is a calculation, and these reasons were the result of the fact that I was appointed the leader of the working group.

- The Eastern Economic Forum is approaching. What projects do you plan to present, what tasks do you want to solve for the region at this event?

- We are actively preparing for the WEF, and much has been done. Where did we go? We plan to sign an agreement with Rostelecom in the framework of the forum, concerning the digitalization of the region. We are already working on this agreement. As for the development of the main gates of the Magadan Region - Sokol Airport - we have an understanding with a potential investor, we plan to sign an appropriate agreement. Also, we have already signed an agreement with the Russian Copper Company at the exhibition "Innoprom" about the resource base, the research that needs to be carried out here.

In addition, we plan to hold a series of round tables on energy development and energy consumption in the Magadan region. There will be meetings with forum participants, potential partners, investors. With those who were going to work on the Kolyma, but have not yet gathered, and those who are just thinking about it. We need to negotiate, understand the logic, the philosophy of investors, try to offer something new, more attractive.

- The Magadan region is the only one in the Far East, where there is still no TOP and SPV regime. There is a special economic zone, but it does not give all preferences to investors. Do you need a TOP for the region?

- As far as I know, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation is working on the creation of a universal mechanism that includes both the principles of the TOR and the free economic zone. At the same time, we do not rule out the possibility of creating TOPs in the region, we are discussing this with existing enterprises, potential investors, and new projects. In principle, everything is real. But I would like to stress that there are a lot of economic zones in Russia, including TOPs, which remain dead. And a free economic zone, and TOPs are not magic words, not spells, when you say that, you get a miracle. This is a hard, painstaking work. If you are ready to do this, you will have it with TOR, without TOR, and with a free economic zone, and without it it will work out. It is necessary to understand the basic mechanisms, the reasons that hinder the attraction of investments, and try to solve these problems. Including, proving the necessity of solving these problems at the federal level. The solution of a number of such issues and problems is not within the competence of the regional government.

- And you also plan to do this?

- Required.

- It is clear that there are many problems in the region, but which ones do you think are the most acute and which ones will you take first for?

"I'm not ready to single out the sharpest, they're all sharp." First, today in the region there is a catastrophic underfunding of the social sphere - the health care system, education, social programs. Programs whose powers are at the federal and regional level. For example, I mean veterans, people who live in houses of veterans or social facilities of federal or regional significance.

Today we see underfunding and poor, deplorable state of the education system. First of all, the physical wear and tear of buildings and structures. Terrible conditions in which we have to learn and deal with our children.

The situation with housing is simply extraordinary. Someone used to see in the reports high figures of housing provision per person, the so-called per capita accounting. But this is a very crafty, dishonest approach. If we include multi-apartment buildings in such reports, in which coal heaps are dumped in one room, and a burzhuika is heated in a neighboring room, this is not right. The whole problem is reporting and accounting, which was organized. And to which no one paid attention throughout the vertical - not at the municipal, nor at the regional, nor even at the federal level.

The condition of the housing stock, living conditions - this is the nineties in the worst case. We intend to do it seriously. It is necessary to take into account the inefficiency and futility of individual settlements in which the living conditions do not correspond and will never correspond to the instructions given by the president. For Kolyma this is especially characteristic. Today, the employment centers of some villages go to nearby areas. Not so far, but leave.

It is necessary to develop only those settlements that have the prospect of 10-year employment of the population, the functioning of mining factories and plants for the further processing of this raw material. This is an urgent need to save budget funds and ensure normal, constitutional living conditions for our citizens.

- You are talking about underfunding. It is clear where to get money from? Is it a federal budget or a survey at the local level?

- Research at the local level can be conducted in the field of mineral resource bases. Here gold is mined, other minerals can be extracted. Money is not obtained here.

- That is all this from the federal budget?

- There is a principle of financing these programs, and within the framework of the principle, with the help of federal laws this should be done.

- This issue will be resolved through the Ministry for the Development of the Far East?

- Financing of social sphere should be carried out in that volume in which it is necessary under the law. There are certain norms. Minvostokrazvitiya is making efforts to achieve allocation of large funds to the regions of the Far East, is carrying out a significant amount of work in this direction. And we are grateful for that. But first of all these problems should be solved by the region itself, instead of us no one will do this work. We must receive funding in accordance with accepted norms.
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