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Sergey Furgal honed the skill to build

The first public meeting of the governor was not without the call of law enforcement officers

Today, Sergei Furgal, elected governor of the Khabarovsk Territory in September, began to deal with one of the most pressing problems of the region - deceived real estate investors. Officials gathered representatives of troubled developers-bankrupts - GVSU No.6 (11 of unfinished apartment houses with the involvement of equity holders) and MUP Management of Capital Construction (two more houses). EastRussia observed how the head of the region began to build a dialogue with two influential forces in the region - military builders and the authorities of Khabarovsk.

Sergey Furgal honed the skill to build

The first public meeting devoted to a sensitive issue, the new governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Sergei Furgal decided to hold on the topic of long-term construction. Mr. Furgal promised to start actively dealing with the problems of equity holders at his first press conference as governor. The topic of long-term construction during the tense election campaign was exploited by the previous governor Vyacheslav Shport, who, for example, managed to meet with the equity holders of one of the objects in the village of Topolevo, a suburb of Khabarovsk, between the first and second rounds of voting. Sergei Furgal chose for discussion the objects of the bankrupt developers FSUE "Main Military Construction Directorate No. 6" (GVSU-6, formerly "Dalspetsstroy") and MUP "Capital Construction Directorate" (UKS), the last working meetings on which were gathered under Vyacheslav Shport ...

GVSU-6, which has been under external management since February 2018, cannot complete the construction of 9 objects (14 multi-family residential buildings) in Khabarovsk. Six objects (11 residential buildings) on 1,9 thousand apartments are built with the involvement of co-investors. MUP UKS, in respect of which an observation procedure has been opened since April 2018, cannot complete the construction of two houses on Alekseevskaya Street. Oleg Suturin, the head of the state construction committee of the regional government, said that GVSU-6 attracted funds to its facilities under 466 agreements, of which 404 was concluded with individuals, 30 was already included in the register of affected equity holders. Federal State Unitary Enterprise intends to complete the construction of high readiness facilities - two residential buildings - by the end of 2018, concentrating the majority of equity holders in them, Oleg Suturin said. 

"In 2019, it is planned to complete the construction of the remaining residential buildings. Negotiations have been held with potential investors who are ready to finish building the problematic facility on Lev Tolstoy Street, including two apartment buildings - on 24 and 200 apartments and parking. The total estimated cost of the completion is about 430 million rubles. Transition participants of shared construction on this object in high readiness houses, considering the area and construction parameters, is difficult. For other objects concentrated in one area, there is such an opportunity ", - specify l official. 

"According to the external management plan, the total cost of completing the construction of all residential buildings is about 2,3 billion rubles. Opportunities for generating revenue by selling vacant space in the specified facilities are more than 3,3 billion rubles. In addition, the company leases 68 land plots, of which 45 plots they are not used for special purposes. It is possible to provide these sites for the completion of other problem objects, "said the head of the state building control committee. 


Director of branch 701 GVSU-6 Andrei Kharitonov said that by October 20 the Federal State Unitary Enterprise will eliminate the remarks of the acceptance committee for house No. 35 on Pavel Morozov Street, which is building with its own funds and where it will transfer equity holders from houses of a lesser degree of readiness. But "there is a problem in obtaining a certificate of technical connection from JSC Gorelectroset (JSC Khabarovsk Gorelectroset. - EastRussia)." We have a debt of 14,5 million rubles. under the contract for technical connection, we are not able to pay this money today. Our external department is seeking funds, but we do not see sources of funding, "said the representative of GVSU-6. According to him, another house, No. 26, is 99% ready, and on October 20, GVSU-6 plans to apply for its final check. It is also possible to populate it before the end of the year. "But there is the same problem - the debt to the power grids in the amount of 4,5 million rubles." - Andrey Kharitonov complained.

“Could it be a little more detailed? - interrupted the speaker Sergei Furgal. - We have houses for 70 and 250 apartments, and people cannot enter the apartments because you cannot connect the light?”. "This is so. We tried to ask for an installment plan with power grids, we were negotiating," Andrei Kharitonov tried to explain. Sergei Furgal asked if there was a representative of the AO at the meeting, but he, to the indignation of the governor, was not there. But Khabarovsk Mayor Sergey Kravchuk stood up for the structure subordinate to the city. "Then let him speak to the end. The developer owes 19 million rubles to the city power grid. They also owe the water utility. They are all good today, and the rest are bad!" - said the head of the municipality. 

"The picture is just oil. In principle, all enterprises are state-owned, and they are made to make life easier for people. And today we are putting out who? Extreme? People? Let's take this matter seriously. Let's look at the prosecutor's office, how reasonable are the tariffs, and then surrealism turns out - the house is ready, there are people who need to be settled, and we cannot do it because of two references! ” - Sergey Furgal was indignant. He was supported by the vice-speaker of the regional duma, Yuri Matveyev, who tried to ask the representative of the developer what measures were being taken so that "at home they would not be stuck for indefinite months." “I say with all the responsibility: they will not freeze!” Sergei Furgal intervened. “We will demand that our law enforcement agencies take some kind of action.” 

Asked by the governor about whether GVSU-6 has "at least some money," Andrei Kharitonov explained that the sale of the bankrupt's assets would begin only at the end of October, and there was nowhere to get more funds. GVSU-6 agreed to pay 10 million rubles to the power grid. in December, and the rest of the debt at the beginning of 2019, Sergei Furgal was immediately informed. "Vodokanal issued a certificate to them, but GVSU-6 did not pay them a single kopeck. And the city power grids today are practically in the same condition as GVSU-6 - they also live from the work done," the Khabarovsk mayor said. "On Wednesday, in my office there was a city power grid, there was Nazarov (first deputy head of GVSU-6. - EastRussia). With me, the power grids passed the agreement on installments directly into my hands. I don't know, maybe he didn't bring this document, I'll find out to the end of the day, "- the subordinates of Sergei Furgal, responsible for the construction, joined the dialogue. 

“So, the house №1 will be commissioned before 35 November, and questions remain between you and the electric grid,” Sergei Furgal summed up. “And before January 1 we hand over the house №26, we give people a gift - we return the stolen items”. "In what sense is stolen?" - tightened Andrei Kharitonov. "People bought apartments. They had their own plans, someone had loans. People bought the right to apartments by paying money. Therefore, we say they have stolen hope from them or, let's say, faith in justice. And until January 1, we they will return this belief in justice ", - explained the governor. "Yes, of course," agreed the representative of GVSU-6. Immediately after that, they made a promise to give the keys to the apartments in another high-availability house, No. 29 by Kubiak - Pavel Morozov, “until the end of March 2019 of the year”.

Further, during the meeting, it turned out that not all equity holders from houses with a less high degree of readiness are ready to move into almost rented houses - for example, there are 23 of them in house No. 18 according to Pavel Morozov, 12 in the house along Leo Tolstoy. "What is the reason? worse conditions, less area? " - asked the governor. And about. Head of the Ministry of Construction of the Territory Konstantin Pepelyaev said that GVSU-6 has not yet submitted the proposals that it sends to equity holders to the regional government, so the officials are not aware. "It is obligatory for us, for every family," demanded Sergei Furgal. "We will provide it by the end of the week," promised Andrei Kharitonov. 

However, Ekaterina Belousova, a representative of the interest group of co-investors in Lev Tolstoy, tried to bring some clarity into the question. "I can paint a picture. In the 23 house, monolithic, for example, they took two-room apartments for 68 thousand rubles for the" square. "Now holders are offered to go to the house №35 in two-bedroom apartments for 69 thousand rubles for the" square " - but already in a prefabricated house. Back in August, the price of a “square” in this house was 63 thousand rubles. This is more expensive than in a “monolith.” There is an artificial price increase, ”she explained.

"And why on earth is a surcharge?" - Sergey Furgal was amazed. "I am not ready to tell you," Andrei Kharitonov responded. The Governor promised to check all the documents that will be provided by GVSU-6, and "appreciate". He also offered to exchange the three-room apartments of two more equity holders for similar in size in houses that will be commissioned soon - and without additional payment, as previously proposed in GVSU-6. 


Khabarovsk Mayor Sergey Kravchuk, who undertook to represent the situation in two long-term construction projects at MUP UKS Ulitsa Alekseevskaya Street (on 143 and 74 apartments), explained that the city authorities had found a potential investor ready to finish building the houses, and 18 of October entered into an agreement with a company that took over the technical home customer №2. “We are planning to complete the second house before the end of December 2018. There is a contracting organization, its head Alexei Karpenko is here. House No. 3 is more complicated, although we have found solutions here. The lenders will choose the way to complete construction,” he said. 

Meanwhile, the mayor continued, in order to attract an investor, "the possibility of providing a compensation land plot of about 6 thousand square meters in the center of the city is being considered - at Zaparina - Amursky Dvarzhinsky Boulevard". "In accordance with the new law of the Khabarovsk Territory, the land plot can be provided to the investor without bidding, provided that he undertakes to complete the construction of the problem house. We received such assurances from the developer, but the draft decree of the regional government on the rules for implementing this law is in agreement. I would like to speed up the signing of the project ", - the mayor expressed his wish. 

"And one more problem to be solved. The implementation of the project on the land plot is limited by the conclusion of the department for the protection of cultural monuments, according to which the parameters of future development should be no higher than 10-12 meters. Please, Sergey Ivanovich, instruct the management to work out the issue of lifting height restrictions. What is 10-12 meters for this site? ", - asked Sergey Kravchuk. He stressed that after accepting all proposals from the City Hall, House No. XXUMX will be commissioned until mid-summer. 

"Look. Developer - MUP. In general, someone answered for the fact that this epic stretches from 2014 year? In fact, people were told that the government, the state builds apartments for you - a municipal unitary enterprise, and not a businessman. For people it was 100-percent of the apartment as a guarantor. Here is the issue of fraud by the authorities! And then they tell us: give a plot in the city center, agree with the monument, decide on the height, and then, probably, we will complete the construction in six months. or maybe this house is number XXUMX and number XXU Is this what MX was done for? To blackmail? " - the governor addressed to the mayor. He stressed that law enforcement agencies should have questions to "people who issued building permits." 

"This will not help the cause," the mayor retorted. "And I think it will help, and how," the governor replied. “There is a real opportunity to build houses,” the mayor began. "We will complete the construction of the house. But I declare to you with all responsibility that we cannot leave this either. We simply won’t understand people. The order to the law enforcement agencies will be done and put under control. We want to see the heroes who signed the documents, allocated the land who collected money ", - the governor interrupted him. 

After that, the mayor and regional officials in charge of the construction tried for some time to find out if the municipality or the region was to blame for the emergence of long-term construction. The mayor complained to Sergey Furgal that the region allocated 80 million rubles. for the purchase of housing in troubled homes for orphans, and then terminated the contract. But the representatives of the region explained that this happened due to the fault of the developer himself, who arbitrarily increased the number of floors from three to five floors, but could not pass the state examination in time, and because of this, he did not turn in the specified time frame No. XXUMX: "We kept the money until the last, but we had to fulfill the planned task, and we sent these funds to other objects. " “I think we will also not sort this issue here. By tomorrow, please prepare the documents. We’ll choose a window, sit down and think how we can get out of the situation,” Sergei Furgal suggested to Sergey Kravchuk. 

Representatives of dolschikov Tatyana Golozubets and Lyudmila Shuvaeva tried to find out from the mayor what would happen if they could not transfer the investor to the compensation area in the center of Khabarovsk and remove the floor limit from it. “Then, under current legislation, bankruptcy is all,” the mayor replied. "What does it mean - and everything?" - share holders were indignant. “We don’t have any other way. The only, the most acceptable option is the investor’s offer. He’s ready to enter with the condition that the land plot will be provided,” the mayor said. “I want to ask everyone to take into account one small, but extremely important factor. The region will not violate the law,” Sergei Furgal intervened. “This was the first requirement I came here with. Of course, we will help the city, but only within the law” . “Yes, I ask within the framework of the law,” said Sergey Kravchuk perplexedly. 

“As an axiom, we will not do anything that violates the law!” Sergei Furgal did not stop. “But people should get their apartments, and they will receive them, whatever the cost.” The authority that created the conditions, which people have suffered. First, we will deal with people, and then we will involve those responsible. We must learn to answer. " 

Interestingly, the list of invitees to the meeting included several high-ranking security officials at once — the acting. Regional Prosecutor Valentin Volkov; Khabarovsk Prosecutor Kirill Osipchuk; Military Prosecutor of the Eastern Military District Alexander Rushkin; and Military Prosecutor of the Khabarovsk Garrison Sergey Salovarov. But representatives of the supervisory structures were silent. 

The meeting, after the words of Sergey Furgal, continued for some time, but in principle they could put an end to them at the event. Until the jingle of the keys of the happy new settlers, of course. 
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