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SDS-Coal: in the development of resources - integrated security and conservation of nature

Report from Kuzbass

Last year's Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), which took place in Vladivostok in early September, still recalls news reasons for editorial trips. So in February 2018, a trip to the capital of the coal industry of Russia - Kuzbass, planned at the forum, was realized. EastRussia publishes report of the Far Eastern Capital magazine.

SDS-Coal: in the development of resources - integrated security and conservation of nature

Following the meeting with the Kuzbass Far East - Gennady Alekseev, whom the authorities and the business community of the Far East remember as the first deputy chairman of the government of Yakutia, the idea was born to visit Kuzbass in order to see firsthand the achievements in the development of the coal industry in the region on the example of the flagship enterprise of the largest coal holding " SDS-Ugol, section Chernigovets.

For more than a year Gennady Alekseev has headed HC "SDS-Ugol", which is one of the three leaders of the country in terms of coal mining and export of coal raw materials. Today the holding company includes four sections, two mines, four concentrating plants and a number of service enterprises with a total staff of about 9 thousand people. Managing the largest industry holding against the backdrop of changing external economic conditions, the current market situation and the paradigm of relations to the coal industry in the country and the world is the strategic task of aerobatics. Not only service in the government administration, but also the experience of anti-crisis management, which was received by the CEO of the SDS-Ugol holding company even in the days of Neryungrinsky coal mine management, helps to deal with it successfully.

The legendary Kuzbass, which produces about 70% of Russia's total coal (last year - about 240 million tons), has not been knocking on rails for a long time, and today it is one of the most economically stable regions. But the problems here, as in any industrial region, are, above all, related to the environmental load and hazardous production facilities. Gennady Fyodorovich suggested personally to make sure that the country's largest coal holding places priority on industrial safety and environmental responsibility of the coal business. The company, in which 51 operates a hazardous production facility, must strictly follow the requirements of the federal regulatory agency and provide strict rules for labor protection and safety of production, that is, safe high-performance work in each workplace. And in the stage of stabilization and growth of prices for coal products - actively implement investment programs for the modernization of mining equipment and mining equipment, apply modern technology and innovations. Much of what was "implanted" in recent years in the miners' weekdays "SDS-Ugol" and was demonstrated at the production section "Chernigovets", where in the format of a round table there was a meeting of the Federal Service of Rostekhnadzor, dedicated to the results of the last year.


... A delegation of representatives of the central apparatus of Rostekhnadzor, territorial agencies supervising the coal industry, the administration of the Kemerovo region, managers and specialists of the coal mining companies of the Kemerovo region, representatives of scientific organizations in the field of industrial safety from the viewing platform, located on board a coal mine, similar to a giant crater, and labor protection were preparing to see an explosion of rock mass. Until recently, it was this technological aspect - the overburden of coal seams with the help of the explosion - that was the most painful for the population of mining towns and villages. 17 seismic stations located in the territory of the Kemerovo region regularly record small seismic events caused by explosions at open-cast mining enterprises, namely, they give more than half of Kuzbass coal.

Focusing on the indicated point at the 200 meter mark of the opposite side of the cut, fearing to miss the event, I did not immediately notice how numerous observers were already reaching for the "Chernigovets" talisman - the BelAZ dump truck, the 450 tonnage - to the only such career giant in Russia. "Where is the promised explosion? Something went wrong and it will not? "- I almost felt disappointed that the spectacle did not take place. Above the platform, where 13 seconds were shifted and prepared for loading almost 500 thousand cubes of rock mass, only a light white smoke rose, without noise and dust ...

Meanwhile, representatives of the Siberian branch of Azot Mining Service LLC, the company that conducted the explosion, reported using 125 tons of explosives, which were laid in 360 wells. For sequential initiation of explosions, a special high-precision electronic system, Davey Tronic, was used. A new composition of explosives, consisting mainly of saltpeter and liquid petroleum products, minimized the toxicity of the explosion.


The safety of production at the SDS-Coal enterprises is under total control. This is provided by 250 cameras operating in a single system of industrial video surveillance for mining operations and smart sites. The participants of the round table were demonstrated the modern dispatching section "Chernigovets", where on large computer screens it is possible to trace and analyze hundreds of parameters of the coal mining enterprise's operation in an online mode. All this is introduced into a single system of dispatching the holding.

On the cross-section, among other things, three radar control systems for the stability of the sides have been installed, which in real mode provide geodynamic monitoring of the state of the array of the cut and its edges. This allows you to record even millimeter shifts of rocks, which is especially important for the section, which has already deepened by hundreds of meters.

According to statistics, the cause of 90% of accidents is the human factor. In the SDS-Ugol holding, the control over the health of employees was the same total. Given that every day before the change, it is necessary to conduct a physical examination of several thousand people, they invested significant funds in the development and implementation of a computer program for testing staff. The so-called "diagnostic gateway" allows you to estimate several health indicators for 50 seconds at once, while the doctor does not even spend a minute on writing. Moreover, the accumulating database of personal data allows for a long-term monitoring of the health status. The miners themselves have already estimated their own benefit from the innovation.

As they say in SDS-Ugle, last year, in order to increase industrial safety in the holding, several very significant events were held. So, after a thorough analysis of the state of affairs and study of the best experience of other companies, the "Comprehensive program to improve the level of industrial safety and labor protection at the enterprises of JSC HC" SDS-Ugol "for 2018 - 2020 years" was adopted. Internal documents were updated, new regulations were created, which undoubtedly increased the effectiveness of corporate governance in this area. For example, for each type of work, so-called checklists have been developed, in which all options that are subject to control are thoroughly described, which excludes the subjective factor. By the way, during the round table representatives of Rostekhnadzor commented on this innovation: "We are only going to recommend such a system of inspections, and you have already done it."

In JSC HC "SDS-Ugol", the fact that in January this year the holding successfully passed a certification audit for compliance with the requirements of international standards: ISO 9001-2015 (quality management system), ISO 14001-2015 (environmental management system ) OHSAS 18001-2007 (occupational health and safety management system). And the second half of the past, 2017, the year was marked by another significant event: "SDS-Ugol" and its enterprises - JSC "Chernigovets", JSC "Salek" (section "Vostochny") and OOO "Mine Listvyazhnaya" - passed an independent audit for compliance code "Better Coal" and became official suppliers for the Association of Coal Consumers.

The company's export potential, high customer requirements for the quality of its products set a high standard for the technical re-equipment of enterprises, and therefore for the introduction of the most modern and safe working conditions. So, in 2017 year, in replacement of obsolete and physically worn out equipment, the coal holding invested 4 billion rubles.

The feeling of pride in the head of the industrial holding company is caused by the fact that the company managed to rise to 5 place, having overcome 20 positions for a year, in the environmental responsibility rating of mining and metallurgical companies of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). In the field of environmental safety the company has been developed, approved by the Board of Directors and is already implementing a large-scale five-year program for the construction and modernization of treatment facilities at the Holding's enterprises. And all these are not state indicators, but the awareness of their own corporate responsibility for safety and ecology, and assessments of the holding's work on the merits.

In the priority of the coal holding SDS-Ugol, industrial safety and environmental responsibility

Demonstration of medical diagnostic pre-equipment

On the section "Chernigovets" three radar control systems for the stability of the sides


This year the capital of Kuzbass - Kemerovo celebrates a century. Exactly so many years ago the city was formed from several settlements of coal miners, and 75 years ago it rose to the status of the capital of one of the most industrially developed regions of Russia. This is one of the cities where during the war dozens of enterprises were transported, which began to produce products necessary for the front from the wheels. The big industry has firmly established itself on the Siberian land, the years of perestroika have weakened the number of industrial enterprises, but the strongest survived and grew stronger.

In this, among other things, Kemerovo residents pay tribute to Governor Aman Tuleyev. He managed to restore political and economic stability to the region. I noticed that you often come across this name in the city. Here is the guardian angel of the city, ascended on a high pedestal in the main square - it is created, as it is written, with money from the family of Tuleyev and his friends. Or a monument to the miners on the Red Hill work Ernst UNKNOWN - a gift to Aman Gumirovich and the city. As they say, the famous sculptor had the only request, let him choose the place for the majestic and severe hero of the local places - the miner. By the way, last year another monument to miners appeared in Kemerovo, their lamps are now burning in one of the city's areas around the clock, 24 hours a day and coal is being mined in dozens of regional enterprises.

The city was able to preserve the historical center, and behind this external harmony one can see how here traditions are honored and new forms are formed. The multi-branch holding "Siberian Business Union" (SDS), which includes SDS-Ugol, is probably the most active participant in this. I did not manage to get acquainted with its main shareholder - Mikhail Yuryevich Fedyaev, but I heard a lot of good things about him from the citizens themselves. On the bank of the Tom River, a picturesque new microdistrict - Kemerovo-City, which took second place at the All-Russian town planning contest of the RF Ministry of Construction grows. It became one of the best implemented projects for the development of built-up territory in Russia. It is here that the back office of the holding company SDS-Ugol is based. The cheerful mosaic of new houses testifies - a new comfortable environment for its residents is being formed in the city. This and other modern residential complexes are being built by the holding "Siberian Business Union" for its employees and all citizens who want to live and work in Kemerovo.

Picturesque new residential complex "Kemerovo-City" on the bank of the Tom River

The city has many sports facilities, among which there is a sports and entertainment complex "Arena", built "SDS". Here are professional sports tournaments of international level with broadcasting to several countries. FC "Arena" - home ground of the volleyball club "Kuzbass", worthy of performing in the Super League. The team from the day of its foundation is sponsored by "SDS". In addition, there are still built a universal sports complex "Lazurny" with an Olympic standard pool and tennis courts, the largest beyond the Urals drop zone "Tanay airfield", which will take in 2020 Mondial parachuting. Next to it was erected "Sanatorium Tanay" with a health resort and a ski resort. This is all - not only an opportunity for Kuzbass to educate champions, but also an opportunity for employees to maintain their health.

Although social policy "SDS" is designed not only for the courage of the spirit and body of workers. A multilevel support system operates in the holding company. The company provides various benefits to young and promising specialists: from the cost per square meter below the market and the compensation of mortgage interest to paying visits to kindergartens. So, in March of this year, at the suggestion of Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev, the initiative of State Duma deputy PM Fedyaev and the president of the SDS Holding company M. Yu. Fedyaev developed a corporate program to support large families. According to her, for many children parents will be indexed to wages from 10 to 50%. For those parents who raise more than 3 children, and the company has families with more than 10 children, an individual indexation will be carried out.

At the Prokopyevsky coal mine, Yakov Yemelyanovich GEC, an assistant to the excavator driver, in whose family 12 children are brought up, the eldest of whom is 20 years old, and the youngest 4 year, is working. Now Yakov Yemelyanovich's average salary is 48,4 thousand rubles. Indexing to 50% will raise it to 73 thousand rubles, and this is a good help to the family.

Employees are trained at the expense of the company, receive corporate awards, prizes and valuable gifts. So, on the last day of the miner 10 the best workers of the coal enterprises "SDS" got cars for success in work.

The company takes care of its pensioners, and under the wing of the holding now more than 17 thousand people. Payments, targeted assistance, organization of leisure, celebration of jubilees, war participants and other support measures allow older people to feel surrounded by attention and, most importantly, necessary companies.

This is important, because the Siberian regions, as well as our Far Eastern ones, suffer from a staff "insufficiency". Youth from there to the capitals of a million people go even closer ...

But there are a lot of people here who do not want to leave and try to fall in love with their own city. Artist Sergei KUKUSHKIN every day goes to the city streets and, as he says, he articulates the houses: he draws the city corner that has caught his attention and accompanies the drawing with verses that are born immediately from a phrase accidentally overheard from passers-by, from unusually light, from a feeling of joyful or unsettling ... But always with love to his city.


In general, coal has recently become a big boon for the Far East, providing a powerful cargo base for ports, which means taxes and work. And the evil - port cities suffocating from coal dust, mooring structures are buried in "black gold" even in the very center of Nakhodka and Vladivostok, Vanino, Posiet and so on. Minimize the consequences of coal rush can modern technology, the construction of new ports outside cities. In the world, that's exactly what they do, organizing closed shipping. In this case, much that has already been invented not by us. The main thing - to want.

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