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Sberbank will support business in the Far Eastern Federal District during the coronavirus

Chairman of the Far Eastern Bank PJSC Sberbank spoke about the products and offers of the bank to support entrepreneurs in times of crisis

The Russian government is constantly monitoring the situation in the country and is developing new measures of economic support, including those related to business. The Cabinet of Ministers proposed providing short-term targeted loans and loans to small and medium-sized businesses on favorable terms, introducing a moratorium on paying fines and a temporary ban on blocking accounts of small, medium-sized businesses and individual entrepreneurs, and providing loans for paying salaries. Sberbank participates both in the implementation of state support programs, and offers its own anti-crisis solutions to customers, focusing on new challenges in the country's economy. About products and services that will help to stay afloat in difficult economic conditions, including in the Far Eastern Federal District, EastRussia was told by Dmitry Sukhoverkhov, Chairman of the Far Eastern Bank of Sberbank.

Sberbank will support business in the Far Eastern Federal District during the coronavirus

Deferral for victims

Sberbank has developed a special program to support borrowers that will cover all segments: from major customers (whose activities are related to such sub-sectors as transport, hotel and retail real estate, services, construction materials, retail and wholesale of consumer goods, education, sports, the activities of cultural and art institutions) to small business clients (for all industries).

The Bank will evaluate the real drop in load and decrease in revenue of customers in these industries, tenants' requests for vacations and the closure of part of zones in shopping centers, and cancellation of reservations. If necessary, the bank is ready to restructure the payments. Each case of restructuring will be considered individually. Moreover, the program provides for the transfer of payments, both for the principal debt and for interest on the loan. Support measures are directed, including to business in the Far East.

“The Bank understands the change in its role due to the spread of infection and the emergence of a crisis in certain sectors of the economy in our country. Our main task is to take care of the health of customers and employees. At the same time, we are doing everything to ensure continuous customer service in all areas of the banking business, ”said the Chairman of the Far Eastern Bank of Sberbank.

A simplified credit restructuring mechanism has been introduced for small and micro-business clients affected by the effects of coronavirus infection. Also, for a period of up to six months, the bank is ready not to impose sanctions on small and micro-business customers in the event they fail to fulfill other obligations under credit agreements (we are talking about insurance, registering collateral, maintaining turnover on accounts, providing documents, meeting financial indicators and so on).

Sberbank's subsidiary insurance companies Sberbank Life Insurance and Sberbank Insurance will provide deferred payments under insurance contracts to clients who are ill with COVID-19 or who are in forced quarantine. Including. installments can be granted under mortgage agreements to corporate clients who applied to the bank for credit restructuring due to the difficult economic situation caused by the spread of coronavirus infection. Installments under insurance contracts can be provided for the term of the loan restructuring. The insurance cover for all installment agreements continues to be fully implemented.



“Today, almost any operations with your finances can be made in Sberbank Online - either in the mobile application on the phone or in the web version. This is not only the fastest and most convenient, but also the safest way to manage your accounts, cards, deposits, investment and insurance products, pay for any goods and services, ”says Dmitry Sukhoverkhov.

According to him, through Sberbank Online today you can not only pay utility bills, fines, fees, make transfers, but also arrange loans and repay them ahead of schedule, open or close a deposit, block a card in case of loss or loss, and unblock it if it is found. Also now you do not need to go to the bank office to close the card - this can be done through the application (the card must be previously blocked). Using the application, you can change the pin code of the card if you forget it.

“Another useful feature is the ability to remotely activate a debit card, which allows you to start making payments and purchases before receiving plastic. After activating the card, you can use it to perform any operations: replenish it, transfer funds to other accounts, pay utilities, make purchases on the Internet, pay at retail outlets using a contactless smartphone or smart watch, ”says the chairman of the Far Eastern Bank of Sberbank.

In the new conditions, the demand for Internet acquiring is also growing, as many enterprises translate sales online. For such clients, Sberbank has reduced the rates for Internet acquiring for enterprises selling socially significant goods and services via the Internet.

“The preferential rate applies to enterprises engaged in the retail sale of food, medical goods, clothing and consumer goods, as well as household appliances and communications in the amount of up to 20 thousand rubles. Until September 30, the commission for this group of enterprises will be no more than 1%, ”said Dmitry Sukhoverkhov.

These measures have been taken to help businesses in the current difficult conditions. The reduced rate will be available for new partners who want to connect to Internet acquiring, including using the online application at Sberbank Business Online.

Also, Sberbank recently began full-scale testing of a new contactless payment technology using a smartphone in all regions of Russia. Turn the phone into a terminal allows the special application Tap on Phone. This offer opens up new opportunities for small and micro-businesses. With the new technology, acquiring for such a segment becomes more affordable due to its low cost and due to the ease of connection and use.

“To start accepting payments using this Tap On Phone technology, you need to download and install on your smartphone a special application developed by Sberbank. After signing the contract with the bank and activating the application, you can start accepting card payments in a non-contact way, ”explained Dmitry Sukhoverkhov.



In the new conditions, it becomes more difficult for business to navigate in the economic situation, so Sberbank has opened a hotline for corporate clients. She works every day from 00:00 to 20:00 Moscow time.

“By calling 8 (800) 200-34-40, you can get help in organizing the work of employees remotely, get advice on getting sick leave, learn about any banking operations,” said the chairman of the Far Eastern Bank of Sberbank.

According to him, most of the services and services can still be obtained remotely at Sberbank Business Online. The Corporate Solutions Center also continues its work, whose specialists advise customers around the clock on all corporate products and services of the bank at 0321 (for calls from mobile phones in Russia) and +7 495 6655 777 (for calls from abroad).

The hot line on the organization of remote work was launched by the BEAC Solutions service. His experts on the number 8-800-700-94-82 will talk about the intricacies of technological, personnel, legal and organizational and communication issues.

“Another hotline was launched by the telemedicine service DocDoc, which is part of the Sberbank ecosystem. When calling a free hotline, the user will be connected to a call center specialist and the operator will advise on issues that do not require medical qualifications, and if necessary even connect to a doctor, ”said Dmitry Sukhoverkhov.

Since the beginning of April, consultations of psychologists have also become available on the same hotline. The duration of the consultation is unlimited. As part of the same hotline, a specialized free-of-charge project on coronavirus-related issues has been launched for medical workers in Russia. This is especially true for doctors who work in remote or small towns of the country, where they do not always have the opportunity to hold a medical consultation with colleagues who have more expertise on a specific topic.



“Business environment” on the platform of knowledge and services for business will help to make remote work effective. It contains materials and services that will help establish the process of working from home. There you can get free access to a significant part of the “120 seconds. The Secret Experience of Millionaires. ”

Quickly analyze the sustainability of the company's business model, calculate risks and work out compensatory measures to maintain business stability under the conditions of a coronavirus, a new product of the consulting partners Strategy Partners “Strategic Session COVID-19” will help. Preparation of materials takes one to two weeks, the session is held in an online format.

“Coronavirus has affected many countries and caused a surge in cybercrime. To ensure that all financial transactions take place without negative consequences, a subsidiary of Sberbank BI.ZONE has opened free access to cybersecurity services. Until July 1, any Russian company will be able to receive services to protect the corporate network and employees on remote access. This will allow us to bypass unprotected or non-security policy services, ”said the Chairman of the Far Eastern Bank of Sberbank.

Also, KORUS Consulting CIS (part of the Sberbank ecosystem) and Sberbank will provide free electronic document management (EDI) service and reporting to state bodies for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who are Sberbank corporate clients. Until May 31, 2020, Sberbank Business Online users connecting for the first time electronic document management service (E-invoicing),will be able to do this for free and use EDI without a monthly fee and a limit on the number of documents. Sberbank corporate clients will be able to work in the service with both formalized documents, including the UPD, and with documents in any form. To sign and work in the service, an electronic signature (EDS) is required, which is issued to Sberbank Business Online customers for free online.

All documents signed and transmitted through EDI are stored in the cloud and are not subject to loss. They have full legal force and significance and cannot be faked. The document management service also includes free submission of reports to state bodies (Federal Tax Service, PFR, FSS and Rosstat) and the formation of zero reporting.

The bank also launched a unique project, SberUnity, designed to help entrepreneurs find new solutions and transform their businesses from offline to online. Entrepreneurs of various industries from all regions of Russia will be able to get advice from professional business mentors.



Sberbank ecosystems launch special offers not only for corporate clients. Several projects at once will help all Russians diversify their everyday lives in self-isolation mode - these include access to films, series, plays, and an education program.

“The companies of the Sberbank ecosystem have their own sites and mobile applications, which allows our customers to solve most of their life tasks without leaving their homes, so as not to put themselves at extra risk,” emphasizes Dmitry Sukhoverkhov.

The online cinema Okko provides a single promo code for 30 days of subscription to the Optimum package for one ruble. It includes 25 thousand films, series, lectures collections by TED, National Geographic and the best classical music concerts. Also, Sberbank and Okko launched the project "Art Online" and "Show ON". The first will open theaters, museums and concert halls for virtual visits: performances, concerts, virtual tours and other interesting video content from leading Russian cultural venues will be collected on one resource. And the “ON Show” will provide an opportunity to watch concerts of your favorite artists online, as thousands of online viewers have already performed with a group of Bi-2s, singers Valery and Elka, performer Garik Sukachev and others.

For those who at the time of self-isolation want not only to relax, but to learn something new, the bank provided open and free access to most of the contents of the Sberbank Virtual School. There are updated daily useful materials that will be useful in school in vocational training.

“Sberbank’s open Virtual School offers courses and simulators on topics affecting the development of corporate, role, digital and professional competencies, materials from the SberKnowledge project on new trends in management, communication and integrated personality development, a series of materials from EduTech projects on best practices in the world of learning and EduTech Pulse with educational technology market reviews, ”said the chairman of the Far Eastern Bank of Sberbank.

Also available on the service are videos and articles by modern Russian scientists about significant discoveries in the field of cognitive science, linguistics, big data, research results prepared as part of a joint project of Corporate University and Post-Science, video recordings of speeches by leading Sberbank executives and invited speakers. Users who completed all courses before May 1 will receive a confirmation certificate from Sberbank Corporate University.

Also, Sberbank Corporate University, together with the SmartReading publishing house, opened access for everyone to more than 450 copies of the summary of popular books in audio and text format. They will be available until April 20.

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