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Sakhalipsnel: home warmth

How in Yakutia solved the problem with the lack of heating in many localities

Its future is connected not only with the extraction and transportation of raw materials, but also with the creation of high-tech industries that are located in the TOP "Industrial Park" Kangalassy ". The experience of one of the first residents - the company "Sakhalipsnel" - in the material EastRussia.

Sakhalipsnel: home warmth
The Far North, climatic features, long winter ... Such Yakut exoticism becomes a "trump card" for authors of business projects. One of them is the Sakhalipsnele company, which in 2015 began to promote the idea of ​​long-burning boilers. In 2016, the company was granted the status of a resident of the territory of advanced development "Industrial Park" Kangalassy ". Implemented an investment project with the participation of the Yakutia venture company and the Lithuanian company Vakaro Rasa, being its exclusive representative in Yakutia. The volume of investments in the project amounted to 35 million rubles.

In the republic, in which only 92 settlements of about 600 are provided with natural gas (only in 10 from 36 districts), the issue of heating residential and social facilities is extremely acute: almost seven months a year the inhabitants of Yakutia are forced to "keep their hearth warm" . In a traditional way.

As they say, in this business they did not have to "reinvent the wheel", it was only necessary to adapt the idea to regional features. "The principle of operation is simple: the combustion process is directed from the top down, with the help of adjustable air supply it is possible to set the combustion rate of the fuel and the boiler temperature. "The lower the temperature, the slower the fuel burns," says Igor Zhirkov, the company's technical director, showing the neat boilers installed at the plant itself. - People who installed our boilers already save on fuel - wood, coal, almost 2-2,5 times. One burning of wood at 50 degrees below zero was enough for 18 hours, and coal - for two days. When as before they spent this fuel at a maximum of 1,5-2 hours. "

In a survey of the profitability and practical benefits of the project, they were assisted by colleagues from the North-Eastern Federal University - Small Innovative Enterprise "Teplokomfort", engaged in the improvement of housing. For a typical rural resident, this became a real know-how. The need for people and businesses in the economy helped propel the idea in the early years: sold about 700 boilers of different types and capacities. Now boilers are heated almost all areas of Yakutia, where 50 more than a year can not reach the gas. Boilers - could in three years.

 "SakhaLipsnel" works with a Lithuanian supplier company. The company signed an agreement on the use of the patent and on the right to sell on the territory of the republic. Within two years, entrepreneurs have made their own changes in the design - increased the thickness of the internal wall, changed the air distributor and grate. All this allowed to take into account the peculiarities of Yakutian fuel.

Young Yakut businessmen have a dream: that ordinary citizens, for example veterans, large families, through state subsidies, programs take advantage of the possibility of free connection of boilers to their homes. "Providing whole villages with gas is very expensive. And long-burning boilers can become a real and economically viable alternative, as gas will not be getting cheaper in the near future, "Sakhalipsnel believes.

Currently, investors are actively working to enter the markets of neighboring regions with similar climatic conditions. This summer, SakhaLisnelle sent the first products to Kyrgyzstan.
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