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Sakhalin coal is looking for depth

WGC will use preferential mode of free port for the construction of a coal conveyor

The Eastern Mining Company (VGK) established a daughter company for the construction of a deep-water port on Sakhalin - OOO VGK Transportnye Sistemy. Last week, the Far East Development Corporation signed an agreement with the investor to grant the company the status of a resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok in the Uglegorsk District. EastRussia understood the details of the project.

Sakhalin coal is looking for depth
Photo: VGK
Special project Coal of the East of Russia
The established company "WGC transport systems" will create a deep-water port in the Uglegorsk region and a conveyor line of length 28 km, along which coal will be delivered from the Solntsevo section. The transshipment complex will be located approximately 0,5-1 km from the operating terminal in Shakhtersk (the operator is the "Coal Port of Shakhtersk"). The required amount of investment in the whole project is 25-30 billion rubles. The amount of investments, announced by the investor, in the transshipment complex with the conveyor, which will be built by the "subsidiary" of the WGC - 5,2 billion rubles.

The new port will have a remote gallery approximately 1,2 km to the depths, allowing loading of large-capacity vessels from the berth. It will be able to service the Panamax class fleet (deadweight 65-80 thousand tons) and Capesize (more than 150 thousand tons). According to the plans of the HGC, Panamax will be loaded within a day, whereas today the dry cargo ships of the smaller displacement in Shakhtersk are loaded up to six days. Thus, the additional harbor will increase the volumes of fuel shipment. 

From the original version - to modernize the existing sea gate with the removal of the quay wall in the sea - it was decided to abandon, as these works could lead to the suspension of the terminal and, consequently, to the production at the Solntsevo field. But the main thing is that the new port will allow to escape from the raid handling of coal - this is the way in which the port of Shakhtersk is overloaded. And due to 28-kilometer conveyor a large park of dump trucks will be released, delivering fuel from the section to the transshipment complex.

The Eastern mining company is the leader in the production of coal products in Sakhalin (in 2017, all enterprises in the region extracted 7,6 million tons of coal). For comparison, in 2013, 1,2 million tons were shipped via the Shakhtyorsk Coal Port, and 2017 million tons were shipped to 4,6. Coal from Shakhtyorsk is exported to the Republic of Korea, Japan, China and other countries of the Asia-Pacific Region.

Several years ago, SHGC, like other major coal companies of Sakhalin, began to enter the foreign markets in connection with the gasification of local energy, primarily the main consumer of coal on the island of Yuzhno-Sakhalinskaya CHP. For this, we needed our own port. In 2013, WGC concluded agreements with the government of the Sakhalin Oblast on increasing production at the Solntsevo section and technical re-equipment of the coal-loading complex in Shakhtersk.

The growth of volumes was provided due to investments, both directly into the production capacities, and to the specialized terminal. Thus, in 2017, six self-propelled vessels with a deadweight of 650 t each arrived to work in the roadstead in the port. Also, two dry cargo vessels of 4,3 thousand tons were purchased to carry out the stevedore transshipment. In addition to the fleet, there was an upgrade of the berthing complex with crane equipment, a new navigation system was installed, which allowed loading in the dark. All this allowed to increase the transshipment by one and a half times to the level of 2016 year. In 2018 in Shakhtersk it is planned to almost double the cargo turnover - up to 7,5-8 million tons.

With the advent of the new port, the total capacity for coal shipment will increase to 20 million tons annually. Thus, the port node in Shakhtersk will become the largest in Sakhalin for cargo operations. At present, the most powerful island port is in the village of Prigorodnoye. He works in the framework of the offshore project "Sakhalin-2". Last year, it processed 17,4 million tons of cargo.

"We can not forget that the SST regime makes it easy to get tax breaks only for new companies, which means that the level of tax deductions from our projects will not be reduced." We will receive benefits for new investment projects, becoming a resident of SPV, but operating enterprises (Solntsevsky coal mine , coal seaport of Shakhtersk) both paid and they will pay taxes in full, "- explained earlier the chairman of the board of directors of the" Eastern mining company "Oleg Misevra.

Although the WGC port will primarily focus on transshipment of coal products from the Solntsevo field, its capabilities will allow to work with imported coal, the company notes. "The Asian market has an endless need, the whole issue is in price, while Russia is limited to Far Eastern ports and their capacity, the same Kuzbass can produce much more," says Oleg Misevra. 

At present, a feasibility study is being prepared for the construction of the Selikhin-Nysh railway with a bridge or tunnel transition that will connect the mainland and Sakhalin. To justify the feasibility of this project, it is necessary to load a perspective line, as an option, the provision of transit in the framework of the export of Russian cargo is considered. "For example, Kuzbass coal will be able to cross the bridge by rail to Sakhalin, and from the island coal can be shipped to all directions, including the countries of the Asia-Pacific region," says Oleg Misevra. 

This opinion is shared by the former Minister of Railways of the Russian Federation, now the adviser of the general director of RZD Gennady Fadeev. According to him, today Russia has a great need for deep sea berths in the Far East, and they can just appear on Sakhalin.
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