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Sakhaenergo - strength and reliability of northern energy

Results of the year and prospects for the leading energy company in the Far East

On the eve of the Power Engineer Day, General Director of Sakhaenergo JSC, People's Deputy of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Gavril Nikolayevich Alekseev spoke about the activities of the company - the flagship of the domestic local power industry.

Sakhaenergo - strength and reliability of northern energy
Photo: Sakhaenergo

- Gavril Nikolaevich, we congratulate you and all your friendly work collective on the upcoming Power Engineer Day. At this time, it is customary to take stock and outline plans for the future. With what results and achievements do you celebrate your professional holiday?

- In the near future, a ceremonial launch of a new wind-diesel complex is planned in the village of Tiksi, Bulunsky ulus. This is an international joint project of RusHydro, the Japanese government agency NEDO and the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The new facility will significantly improve the reliability of power supply to the isolated Arctic village of Tiksi, with a population of almost 5000. Its planned annual output is over 12 million kWh. Saving diesel fuel will be up to 500 tons per year. And modern diesel generator sets can run not only on diesel fuel, but also on significantly cheaper crude oil, which will also reduce the cost of generating electricity.

In early December, we opened the largest facility of Sakhaenergo JSC - a new diesel power plant with a capacity of 4,7 MW in the regional center of Oleneksky ulus. It has become the largest power facility in terms of capacity in the entire history of our company. The main equipment of ADES includes seven modern and reliable diesel generator sets. The new station is the most important infrastructure object of the district administrative center. It will provide electricity and heat to consumers in the village of Olenek and the village of Kharyyalakh across the river. 

Also in 2020, we put into operation diesel stations in the village of Uritskoye of the Olekminsky ulus, the villages of Tokuma and Alysardakh of the Verkhoyansky ulus.

- Each energy company in Russia has its own specifics of work. It depends primarily on geography, but also on how the traditions of work in the region have developed. What distinguishes Sakhaenergo's work from the work of other colleagues in the shop?

- Indeed, there is specificity. Sakhaenergo is a subsidiary of PJSC Yakutskenergo and is part of the RusHydro group, one of the largest energy holdings in Russia. Our area of ​​responsibility is two-thirds of the territory of Yakutia, the largest region of the Russian Federation in terms of area. A significant part of the territory is located above the Arctic Circle. Our climate is sharply continental, the temperature difference is 100 degrees or more. The most complex transport scheme can also be called a feature, it significantly complicates the logistics of delivery of material, technical and energy resources. Hence the high cost of electricity.

- How did the preparations for the autumn-winter period go this year?

- The outgoing year was really difficult for everyone. But despite all the difficulties caused by the pandemic, we managed to fully implement all the planned activities to prepare for the autumn-winter period. Sakhaenergo facilities are fully supplied with fuel. As part of the navigation campaign, we delivered 70,9 thousand tons of diesel fuel, 16,1 thousand tons of coal and 300 tons of oil to our destinations. Fuel and energy resources were transported along the Lena, Aldan, Kolyma, Indigirka, Yana rivers. The deposit volumes of fuel were shipped and delivered in full - 1,95 thousand tons for the power plants of the Kolyma group of regions.

A large amount of repair work was carried out, which will positively affect the reliability of energy supply to consumers. We have repaired 107,9 km of power lines of all voltage classes. The plan for clearing the glades from trees and shrubs was fully implemented and amounted to 8,64 hectares. Since the beginning of the year, 36 generators and 19 transformer substations and transformers have been repaired. Also, the personnel of Sakhaenergo JSC repaired 98 diesel generators in 20 regions of the republic.

- Gavril Nikolaevich, tell us how prepared is the company for emergency situations and their quick elimination?

- We are constantly working to prevent emergencies. This set of measures also includes a well-developed plan for liquidating emergency fuel spills. An agreement has been signed with the emergency rescue team, whose employees must leave or fly to the place of emergency with all the necessary equipment within XNUMX hours. An emergency team has been created, which is in constant readiness mode. They regularly conduct trainings to eliminate possible emergencies. All large facilities are provided with their own backup sources of generation.

- In the area of ​​innovation, Sakhaenergo is undoubtedly the flagship of the region. How are your facilities for alternative energy sources developing?

- Since 2011, we have been successfully building solar power plants, of which we already have 21. Every year we evaluate the efficiency of their work - how many kilowatt-hours are generated, how much diesel fuel is saved. Based on these data, the main indicator is derived - KPI, a key performance indicator, which allows us to judge the degree of implementation of our development programs at the end of the year.

However, it should be understood that alternative energy sources in the North can only work together with the main sources of generation in order to reduce the cost of expensive diesel fuel. But it is impossible to completely replace traditional diesel stations due to the climatic and geographical features of our region, as well as high requirements for the reliability of power supply. We have clear requirements and criteria for such systems, we know and understand how they should function in order to bring the maximum effect and real profit to the energy company.

- How do you solve the problem of lack of personnel in the districts?

- The lack of qualified personnel is a problem not only in our region, but also in the whole industry of the country. The issue of attracting professionals to the regions of the Far North is especially acute. In addition, the natural and inevitable process of changing generations of power engineers requires the most thoughtful and active personnel and social policy. This year we have adopted a program to attract and retain highly qualified personnel in Sakhaenergo branches. A long-term contract was signed with the Training and Production Center for the training of energy personnel. We are waiting for them to build a base in Markha with all the necessary equipment and simulators, which will not only improve the level of knowledge of working specialists, but also train new ones. We also work closely with specialized educational institutions of the republic, we take students for industrial practice and give them the opportunity to master every chain of the production and technological process. A special feature of the energy sector is the presence of labor dynasties, and it is quite possible that in a few years the children of our employees will work at our enterprise.

-  What has changed in Sakhaenergo over the past five years?

- For five years we have seriously expanded the geography of our company. Since 2016, all diesel stations that were on the territory of the republic have joined us. These are stations in the villages of Lekechen, Vilyuisky ulus, Tuobuya and Yuryan, Verkhnevilyuisky ulus, Isit, Kytyl-Dyura, Sinsk, Chkalovo, Toyon-Ary, Khangalassky ulus, Uluu, Verkhnyaya Amga, Ugoyan, Chagda and Kutana, also Dachka ulus, and villages Ust-Mil, Troitsk and Ezhantsy of the Ust-Maisky ulus. As a specialized energy company, we were able to establish the operation of facilities and increase the reliability of power supply to consumers in these settlements.

- What are your plans for next year?

- Next year we plan to complete the design of a boiler house for oil in the polar settlement of Deputatskiy in Ust-Yansky ulus. We will also seek funds for the construction of a diesel station in the village of Chersky, Nizhnekolymsky ulus. The need for its construction is associated with the decommissioning of the Bilibino NPP and the deterioration of the power transmission line coming from it. We will have to completely switch to our own sources of generation, this is an important step on the way to a stable and reliable power supply of a remote village.

In addition, the first energy service contracts that we signed this year will be implemented. Within their framework, we will not only build new facilities, but also update the equipment of already operating power plants. In short, interesting and noble tasks await us.

- Your congratulations and wishes to colleagues on the upcoming Power Engineer Day.

- Today Sakhaenergo has a professional team capable of solving the most difficult and important tasks. I sincerely congratulate all colleagues and industry veterans on our professional holiday! I wish you good health, successful, fruitful and trouble-free work, happiness and prosperity to every family! Powerful vitality, prosperity and good luck in all your endeavors!


JSC Sakhaenergo (a subsidiary of PJSC Yakutskenergo, part of the RusHydro group) provides uninterrupted electrical and thermal energy to residents of 23 regions of the republic, located mainly in the North of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). As part of the enterprise -144 power plants, 21 solar power plants, 2 wind power plants, 5 boiler houses and a combined heat and power plant. The total installed capacity of power facilities is 213,583 MW of electricity and 87,916 Gcal / hour of thermal energy. The length of power transmission lines serviced by JSC Sakhaenergo is 2055 kilometers, the number of transformer substations is 826 units.
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