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"With entrepreneurship, we are always in a dialogue"

Curator of the economic block of the Government of the Kamchatka Territory Marina Saturday on the "May Decree", business confidence and municipal competition

- The new "May decree" of the President puts serious tasks, which in the next six years will need to be addressed, including the regions. There is already clarity in Kamchatka, where to get the required funds?

- There are no exact figures yet, we consider them. The range of tasks is large, and we are talking about the achievement in the Far East of the average Russian level in many areas. So, we are counting on the help of the federal center, and we are not denied it. The issue of co-financing the activities necessary to fulfill the tasks of the "May Decree" is being discussed. We hope that the volumes and approaches to the distribution of funds will be clear after the September meeting of the State Council.

- What will be the most expensive?

- The issues of logistics and infrastructure development for such northern regions as ours are the most serious. We have a "Roads" project, for us development of air and water transport modes, development of regional transport are important. Infrastructure - it's always a lot of money, and even more so in the northern conditions: staff need to pay "northern surcharges", expensive delivery of materials in conditions of low transport availability - all this further increases the cost of any construction.

- Kamchatka has considerably improved its position in the national rating of the investment climate by the results of this year. Problems remain? Administrative pressure on business, for example?

- If we talk about pressure on the business, we are in this year's national rating in Group A for this indicator. A little below the position by the number of procedures and checks. In general, business assesses the situation quite positively, and if it is a question of pressure, as a rule, at meetings with entrepreneurs, the main issues are to federal structures.

The last sensational case in the whole country - the owner of the Kamchatka company "Autoworld" Sergei Mityushin was accused of splitting business and non-payment of taxes. Entrepreneurs were going to go to rallies. We have reduced the situation to a more constructive discussion. Employees of the Federal Tax Service told us: why did you stand up for "Autoworld", you are defending a dishonest business. But we are not defending a dishonest business! We protect the people who are behind this business - 250 employees can be on the street, this is wrong. You can also use the mechanisms of installments, which would allow the business, if tax evasion is really allowed, gradually all to reimburse the budget. Therefore, we are for sitting down for the "round table" and agreeing.

- It turns out to negotiate with federal agencies?

- Of course, moreover - our businessmen have an interest in a dialogue with representatives of federal authorities. This year we held several forums, including a regional forum of entrepreneurs. We invited our federal colleagues and experts. We are asked to hold such forums more often, and departments respond to such invitations. In October we will prepare a conference with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and with the invitation of federal authorities on the national level including. Now I have returned from Vladivostok, where the Ministry of Oriental Arts held a meeting with ASI on individual indicators of the national rating. We do not have very good cadastre indicators. At the meeting, the Deputy Head of Rosreestr was present, and we agreed that in October we will meet here and analyze all the positions.

- What about the tax, is it going to a dialogue?

The indicators for many business procedures are complex. For example, the registration of an enterprise includes the opening of an account. The Federal Tax Service does not seem to have any relation to this - banks open accounts. Nevertheless, the tax service as a whole is trying to control this indicator, realizing that this is important. And they promise us assistance in reducing the duration of the procedure, we even collected special banks on this occasion, the Federal Tax Service promised to connect.

- A story with "Avtomir" than in the end ended?

- We sat down for a "round table" with tax, arrived representatives of the federal department. It is clear that there is a court decision, however, the dialogue has gone. There is no result that the entrepreneur expected, but not all is lost, we will continue to work.

- Are there any pressure on the part of entrepreneurs regarding pressure in the region?

- Business says that the levels of municipal and regional control, we have worked well, they have no complaints. There are no questions to Rospotrebnadzor, everything is clear and transparent. There are questions to individual structures. But here we are improving, not in vain we are in group A on this indicator in the national rating.

- How are the municipal districts of Kamchatka today? What are the conditions for the development of entrepreneurship?

- In the north it is more difficult with the development of business. Nevertheless, all districts are included in the work on creation of conditions for business, everywhere there are councils for entrepreneurship. I will not say that they work actively everywhere, but there are work at the municipal level: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is the most progressive in this respect, of course, but they work well both in the Elizovo district and in Milkovo.

This year we will develop a rating of municipalities on the investment climate in order to add some competitive effect. We are now moving to implementing the best management practices. Now in Russia, the effectiveness of municipal authorities is being assessed, it was developed by the Ministry of Economic Development, and the region in this part can not influence anything. But we propose to watch how the municipalities grow their own incomes, and to introduce some sort of stimulating surcharge - as we have done for informal employment. There is a fund of 100 million rubles, which we are ready to distribute among the best.

- And how much power is interested in hard-to-reach northern regions, how ready is it to be ready to give budget funds there?

- We are seriously developing measures of grant support for the creation of this or that business. They exist through the Agency for Investment and Entrepreneurship of the Territory, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Agency for Tourism and External Relations. An entrepreneur, declaring a project, undergoes a two-week training, draws up a business plan. When distributing grants, as a rule, the northern regions are considered first. For example, grants were given for baking. An initiator of the development of animal husbandry has appeared in the Milkovsky district: we help him with the whole world - this is interesting, it is employment, development.

Is this a demanded measure, entrepreneurs "scoop up" the limits on grants?

- There is always not enough money in the line of the Agency for Entrepreneurship, everything is sorted out in the first half of the year. Earlier there was more serious support from the federal center, now it has become smaller. In general, the dynamics of indicators that characterize the development of small and medium-sized businesses, shows that the business situation is improving. We have been entering the top ten in terms of the number of small business entities per capita for several years, the number of SMEs in the last year or two has been growing - we have already exceeded 19 thousand. In general, the need for business support in Kamchatka is high, and this fact speaks for itself.
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