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With ecology in priority

“Terminal Astafieva” completes the environmental review

OJSC Terminal Astafieva on Tuesday, 21 May, presented to the residents of Nakhodka an environmental program on the activities of the enterprise. Some of the activities included in the program are already successfully implemented by the stevedore. Public hearings are an important step in passing the state environmental review in the framework of the execution of the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation, announced last spring.

With ecology in priority

The developer of materials on the assessment of the impact of the company's work on the environment (EIA) and the terms of reference for the EIA was made by Ecoproject Auditing and Consulting Center LLC.

“In general, the environmental impact assessment of an enterprise includes the determination of the impact on the air, water, animal and plant world, but due to the specifics of the company’s activity at public hearings, we focused on the assessment of the impact on the atmospheric air. They told the public about the qualitative and quantitative indicators that were obtained during the assessment, the developed measures that have already been partially implemented and whose effectiveness has already been evaluated. The results obtained allow us to say with confidence that with the introduction and application of all the developed measures, it is possible to achieve an effective reduction of coal dust emissions by more than 90%, ”said Tatiana Parshukova, Chief Engineer of ECProject CAC.

As for the concrete measures of Astafyev’s Terminal, this includes wind and dust protection, a whole fleet of water cannons, and irrigation of coal piles at the stevedore warehouse, and finally the use of a unique vacuum sweeper in the port area. In general, Astafieva Terminal today introduces the best practices and technologies at every stage of transshipment operations - hence the high efficiency of measures. For example, the height of the grapple opening in the work of stevedores plays a significant role - if it is more than two meters, the emission of coal dust increases 1,5 times. To ensure that this does not happen, the company is strictly monitored - confirmed residents of the neighborhood. Another example of respect for nature is the use of protective canopies when loading bulk cargo onto a ship, which excludes spillage into the water area.

Tatiana Parshukova focused on the fact that the result of the program implementation is already obvious - regular laboratory measurements of the quality of atmospheric air at the control points and at the border of the sanitary protection zone of “Terminal Astafieva” did not show exceeding the established standards. And all items of the environmental program will need to be implemented before the end of 2020.

Residents of the neighborhood noted that the dust was much less, but they sounded questions in the continuation of the recent statement by the Governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako about the transition of all stevedores to the closed transshipment of coal.

“Within the framework of public hearings, we are talking about today's events, but I can say that by the end of this year, the company plans to completely close the rail front with a canopy. We have already completed negotiations and received technical solutions for this project. Plus, as part of the transition to a closed transshipment this year, we will gradually begin to install a conveyor system, ”said Alexander Ganin, executive director of Terminal Astafieva OJSC.

Public hearings are only one of the stages of obtaining a positive conclusion of the state examination. It is worth noting that information about the hearings themselves, as well as the questionnaires were placed in free access (in the official media, on the city’s website and on the stevedore’s website) a month before the hearings themselves, so not only residents of the Astafyev’s residential district came to the event, but also other areas of Nakhodka.

At the hearings, a representative of the public was chosen, who was entrusted with the control to ensure that all voiced opinions were reflected in the minutes of the hearings - a resident of Astaf'eva microdistrict, Interior Ministry veteran Natalia Semenova.

“I am familiar with all the events that stevedore holds. And today, the residents of the city were fully presented with an environmental program that is being implemented and will be implemented in the future. But today, residents of the neighborhood note the huge difference between what was even in 2016 and what is now. Heaven and earth - the air has become much cleaner, and the ecological condition of the area as a whole is better. I am very pleased that private business has turned to people, ”the activist said.

According to her, not only the environmental program, but also the social program of Terminal Astafyev deserves high praise. The large-scale program includes the resettlement of emergency houses located on the border of the industrial zone, the program for replacing old window and balcony structures with new ones, sponsorship of the sponsored school, targeted assistance to residents of the microdistrict, as well as participation in community work days.

Note that in pursuance of the President's order, Terminal Astafiev LLC, on December 25, 2018, entered into an agreement with federal executive authorities and agreed on a plan of priority measures for dust suppression. Within its framework, measures worth more than 399 million rubles have already been completed.

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