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Fish are preparing an alternative container

Kamchatka terminal "Norebo" will enter into competition with all Asia

The group of companies "Norebo" through its structures, which received the status of residents of the Free Port of Vladivostok (SPV) in Kamchatka, plans to build a large logistics complex in the local port by the time of 2021. The investor believes that he will be able to convince Far Eastern fishermen to transfer fish to containers not in Asia or Vladivostok, but in Kamchatka. As the prospects of the project are linked to the Northern Sea Route and TOP, EastRussia found out.

Fish are preparing an alternative container
Photo: Dmitry Shcherbakov
Special project TORA and Free Port

Nearly 880 million rubles. will direct the structure of the Norrebo group to the creation of a large logistics center in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky "with a focus on the development of the Northern Sea Route," said Deputy Prime Minister of the Kamchatka Territory, Yuri Zubar. The corresponding agreements were signed by the JSC "Corporation for the Development of the Far East" - the managing company of the Free Port of Vladivostok - with OOO "Terminal" Seroglazka "and JSC" Stevedore Company "Avacha"). The first undertook to invest in the creation of a hub port for the integrated servicing of fishing vessels and the organization of reloading of refrigerated and dry container cargoes 709,1 million rubles, the second - 43 million rubles. According to the register for 3 March, the status of the resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok in Kamchatka has already received nine companies. 

Over the past year, the Seroglazka terminal has transshipped 16 thousand TEU (containers in 20-foot equivalent) and about 30 thousand tons of fish products, says its CEO Vladimir Walter. The plans of the terminal for 2017-d - doubling of volumes. The company now also provides a range of services for servicing fishing vessels - from supply and replacement of crew to bunkering, organization of MRI and storage of supplies. "The plans to bring the annual cargo turnover to 800 thousand tons, of which fish products - not less than 300 thousand tons. To this end, the company as a resident of the Free Port will create a refrigerator for 15 thousand tons of one-time storage and a refrigeration area for connecting containers to 300 units. In October, additional land plots and a pier were purchased for this purpose. Last year, an agreement was signed with MAERSK - it is the leader in the transportation of refrigerated cargo in the world, providing us with containers, "says the terminal's CEO. 

According to Rosmorrechflot, the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky includes 56 berths with a length of 6,09 km and a throughput capacity of up to 2,06 million tons per year. The largest stevedore is OJSC Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Commercial Sea Port - the operator of 11 berths with a length of 1,16 km and a throughput capacity of up to 1,15 million tons per year. OJSC handled 2016 thousand tons of cargo in 860. Seroglazka Terminal LLC received in trust the infrastructure of the fleet base of Akros Fishing Enterprise JSC - eight berths with a length of 1,52 thousand meters and a throughput capacity of up to 500 thousand tons per year, as well as about 6000 sq. m of warehouses. 

EastRussia Help. Both "Akros" and "Seroglazka" Terminal are part of the Norrebo group: 100% of the terminal, according to, belongs to JSC Norebo Holding. JSC "Stevedoring company" Avacha "belongs to 50% terminal, another 50% to the seaside LLC Poseidon-Shipping. The Norrebo group brings together 12 fish-producing companies that own, in total, about 15% of Russian quotas for pollock, cod and herring catch. Since June 2016 100% "Norrebo Holding" with its head office in Murmansk is controlled by Vitaly Orlov. The capitalization of the holding Bloomberg Billionaires Index at the beginning of the year estimated at $ 1 billion (in the "Norebo" this estimate is called overestimated).

“Historically, directly from Kamchatka very small amounts of fish were supplied to foreign markets - there was simply no such service. Most products were exported to Vladivostok, and for further export to China and South Korea. There, it is also transported in refrigerators, placed in containers and transported by suppliers all over the world - both to Europe and to America. We are now trying to create an alternative. And last year we started exporting from our terminal, for example, to Germany and Japan, America, Holland and St. Petersburg via the South Sea Route, ”explains Vladimir Walter. 

The appearance in Kamchatka of a complex capable of receiving from fishermen and stocking cargo with products will contribute to a general increase in the freight turnover of the region, Vladimir Walter is sure. "Those fishermen who are now sending their catches to the transshipment in Asia, will be able to do this with us. Companies in the Far East are annually harvested up to 2 million tons of fish. I think we can fight for a part of these volumes. And the prices for services will be lower than in foreign ports, "he said. The terminal "Seroglazka" is ready to work with transportations along the Northern Sea Route, he adds, but the specific scheme of sending depends on the carriers themselves. "We will try to make sure that this year the goods have gone through the NSR, but it does not depend on us," says the head of the terminal.

It should be noted that the plans of the "Seroglazka" Terminal are only part of the overall work to develop transit container transportations in Kamchatka. Earlier, the region's governor Vladimir Ilyukhin said that the subject of the Russian Federation "needs to develop the port infrastructure". "We did a lot of work so that the end of the Northern Sea Route here, on the Pacific coast, became the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The outlook is very good. But those capacities that we have today will not be enough, they need to be developed, "the head of the entity admitted. 

Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Kamchatka Territory Yuri Zubar emphasizes that there are vessels in Russia that can effectively serve the Northern Sea Route, reaching Kamchatka - these are lighter carriers with a nuclear power plant, which have no restrictions either by the sailing period or by regions. But in order to receive them, specialized platforms are needed. “Now there is such a vessel transferred for the transportation of containers. In the idea of ​​the Kamchatka priority development area, we have prescribed that the port will have a platform for handling containers, sorting and processing them. When the Northern Sea Route starts working, we will be ready, ”the official assures. 
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