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Ruslan Baysarov at the forefront

The success story of Russian entrepreneur Ruslan Sulimovich Baysarov. Infrastructure projects that change for the better life in Russia.

Ruslan Baysarov at the forefront

The well-known entrepreneur and industrialist Ruslan Sulimovich Baysarov, the owner of the Tuva Energy Industrial Corporation JSC (TEPK), the chairman of the board of directors of the IC Most group of companies, is considered by some to be a darling of fate. He was born in the small village of Prigorodnoye of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in a large family and by his personal example he proved that you can make a rapid career without anyone's patronage. Since 2014, Baisarov has been annually included in the prestigious Forbes rating "200 richest businessmen in Russia", and his companies are entrusted with infrastructure projects that are significant for the country's economy. 

For example, now in the Far East, SK Most, controlled by Ruslan Baysarov, is building two cross-border bridges across the Amur River in cooperation with Chinese colleagues. One of them - the road between Blagoveshchensk (RF) and Heihe (PRC) - journalists have already called the "Bridge of Friendship." The news reported that in May 2019, the docking of the two parts of the ferry took place, and currently the construction process is close to the final stage. Builders are working around the clock to complete the necessary work before the end of the year. Another bridge, a railway bridge, will connect the village of Nizhneleninskoye in the Jewish Autonomous Region and the Chinese Tongjiang, located in the Heilongjiang province. 

Experts note that after the commissioning of these facilities, we can expect a more dynamic development of trade relations between Russia and China, as well as the implementation of the project will seamlessly integrate the economy of the Far East into the market of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. 

Ruslan Baysarov at a meeting of the Commission for Investment Cooperation 

Parents and childhood 

Those who are familiar with the biography of Ruslan Baysarov emphasize that purposefulness was inherent in him from an early age, and the difficulties encountered in his life only tempered his character. A businessman was born on 9 on August 1968 of the year. Baysarov’s clan belongs to one of the largest and oldest Chechen teips of Khachara. The family lived modestly, so in early childhood Ruslan tried to earn pocket money himself. The boy was selling fruit, which he bought from watchmen in state gardens in the vicinity of his native village. 



Baysarov graduated from high school and received a certificate of maturity in the 1985 year in his homeland. Then he moved to the capital to enter the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering. After the start of training, when Baysarov was a university student, he was drafted into the army for two years (1986-1988). After demobilization, Ruslan did not drop out of school, but transferred from the capital to Grozny. Continued to study at the Grozny State Oil Institute. Academician M.D. Millionschikova. He graduated in 1996 year, having received a diploma of higher education in the specialty "engineer-economist". In 2001, he was awarded a master's degree in sociology at Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov. In 2018, he defended his thesis on the basis of NITU MISiS and received a degree in technical sciences. The topic of the dissertation was related to the mining industry. 


Career start

He began to earn his first money while still studying at the institute. Baysarov was engaged in the IT sphere - he adapted computer equipment for the Russian market. Things were going uphill - hence the entrepreneur's start-up capital. 

In 1997, a businessman opened a beauty salon in one of the central metropolitan areas. After some time, Ruslan together with his companion friends established a company providing entertainment services. Around the same years, a restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine was opened, which was very popular among the capital's elite.


Fuel business

Gradually, the beauty and entertainment industry ceased to be interesting for a businessman. His attention was attracted by the business in the field of extraction and refining of petroleum products. In the 2000, he founded the company Infant. The company served several thousand gas stations throughout the country, as well as commercial and state enterprises. Infant developed software that allows companies with large fleets to automate the calculation of fuel consumption. Later, Ruslan Sulimovich, according to Wikipedia, was part of the top management of several large holdings related to the fuel and energy industry. Among them were: 

  • OJSC "Moscow Oil Company". 
  • OJSC "Central Fuel Company". 
  • CJSC MNK-Autocard. 
  • OJSC Moscow Oil and Gas Company and others

One of Ruslan Baysarov's investments in 2008 was the shares of SibirEnergy, which he acquired. Later, the securities were sold to Gazprom Neft. 

Ruslan Sulimovich Baysarov at the workshop 

Infrastructure construction

Today, the business of a Chechen businessman is mainly focused on the construction of significant infrastructure facilities in the capital and other regions of Russia, as well as in the field of mining. In particular, the SK Bridge Most Group owned by Ruslan Baysarov has all the necessary technical resources for organizing and carrying out work of varying complexity. The working potential of the company is more than 5 thousand units of construction machinery, equipment and vehicles. The most significant projects of the company:

  • Construction of distillation tunnels on the section "Okskaya street" - "Nizhny Novgorod street" Nekrasovskaya line of the Moscow metro. 
  • Driving a new string of the Baikal tunnel at BAM as part of its modernization.
  • The construction of a railway viaduct in the Danube floodplain on the line between the cities of Stara Pazova and Novi Sad in Serbia.
  • A unique and unprecedented in scale project related to the reconstruction of Sakhalin's railway infrastructure from the 1067 mm gauge to the federal standard - 1520 mm. 

From 2011 to 2019, Baysarov served as CEO of the Tuva Energy Industrial Corporation, which provides integrated development of Elegest - one of the largest coal deposits located in the Republic of Tyva. Currently, Ruslan Sulimovich is focused on the strategic development of the company, because in addition to the construction of a mining and processing plant, the company is also constructing a coal terminal in the area of ​​Cape Burny, Khabarovsk Territory, for storage and transshipment of minerals. Also, in the framework of the Tuva project “TEPK“ Kyzyl-Kuragino ”, a subsidiary of Ruslan Baysarov’s company, is building the first Elegest-Kyzyl-Kuragino railway in Tyva. Its length will be more than 410 kilometers. During the laying of the railway line, which will connect the region with the federal network, more than a hundred bridges, eight tunnels, as well as six avalanche galleries will be erected. Experts note that the work ahead is large-scale, since the area along which the road will be laid differs in complex geography and geology. According to experts, the volume of cargo transported via Elegest - Kyzyl - Kuragino per year will be approximately 15 million tons. The contractor is Russian Railways. 


Family and children of Ruslan Baysarov 

Ruslan Baysarov has six children. The eldest daughter, Camila, was born in 1993. Denis' first son is in 1998, his mother is famous singer Kristina Orbakaite. The couple was not painted, but performed a wedding ceremony according to Islamic traditions. Son Ilman was born in 2003. In 2005, the daughter of Dali was born. A few years ago, Ruslan Sulimovich married Madina Gaitayeva. The couple has sons - Amir and Amin.

All the children of Ruslan Baisarov are friendly with each other, and the businessman himself tries to spend as much time as possible with his family and pays great attention to the upbringing and education of the heirs. 

Baysarov Ruslan with his son Denis   

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