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Roman Kopin: "Chukotka is another planet"

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Roman Kopin: "Chukotka is another planet"
The governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug Roman Kopin told about the pearl of the TOR "Beringovsky", the energy bridge to Kolyma and who is going to rest on Chukotka.

- Roman Valentinovich, please tell us, what is the territory of the advanced development "Beringovsky"?

- TOR "Beringovsky" is not similar to other territories of advanced development of the Far East. It occupies a large area and includes a group of various fields - gas, oil, precious metals, rare earth metals, but its main pearl is coal. Separately, these fields are not so interesting, and, given their location in Chukotka, entering into projects is rather complicated, expensive and, of course, makes it difficult to implement them. But if you combine the fields with the infrastructure - the airport, seaport, energy, roads, then they begin to work as a large site. This is our uniqueness, and this is the first TOR, the first experience in the Far East, which was formed around the mineral resource base.

- Do you already have investors?

- The project we developed jointly with the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the development of the Far East, he has so far an anchor investor - is an Australian company "Tigers Realm Coal Limited", which is developing a coal deposit. Within the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum, we signed an agreement with the Far East Development Fund (FEDD) and Tigers Realm Coal Limited (TIG) on the joint development of the project "Development of the Bering coal-and-coal basin deposits". The FRDF plans financial participation in the creation of infrastructure - road construction.

- How will the resource potential of the project be revealed?

- Development of the Amaam Group's field of high-quality coking coal, located near the seaport, in 35-37 kilometers, Has already begun. Modernization of the seaport will increase the transshipment of coal to 1-2 Million tons per year. Thus, we will become the closest point to potential buyers - Japan, China, South Korea, other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. This is more than two times closer than traditional suppliers of APR countries in Australia, and much closer than South America, which traditionally holds a strong position in this market. We actually have a high-quality project on the oceanfront, close to potential consumers.

- When can a TOR project be implemented?

- The project has already been launched, the infrastructure and the seaport are being built, as this is the main goal. As part of the signed concession agreement with the FRDF on the road, the field will be connected to the port, which will allow the export of products. We expect that the scheme will work from next year, and in two years we want to reach the figure of up to one million tons of coal exports.

The total investment of the first stage is about 13 billion rubles, five billion already attracted. This is mostly private money, we do not ask for federal money.

- When foreign investors get acquainted with the site in absentia, according to the documents, they are not deterred by the fact that Chukotka is a remote territory, very difficult to implement projects?

- It just does not scare them. Investors, of course, are worried about the general situation on the market, and as for distance, they know for sure that Chukotka has good positions in subsoil use. We are for the last 7-8 Years cardinally changed the gold component of the subsoil user and are one of the leaders in Russia for gold mining - we have experience working with different groups of companies - both Russian and Western. Kinross Gold, for example, thanks to the Chukotka project, has become one of the leading gold mining companies in the world. We work with Polymetal, Millhouse Group and many others. These success stories form the image of our region.

- How will the TOP affect the life of the population of Chukotka?

- We will create new high-paying jobs. At the first stage, there will be about 450. The effect of the development of sites of the territory of advanced development will also affect the budget sphere, since the wages of state employees are tied to the average for the region. The project will need to be serviced - it means that small and medium businesses will be involved in it. This will also help stimulate economic activity within the region.

- An agreement on cooperation was signed at the Eastern Economic Forum between Chukotka, PJSC RAO Energy Systems of the East and LLC Regional Mining Company. Can we say that the creation of the energy bridge "Kolyma-Chukotka" was started?

- Laying the energy bridge "Kolyma-Chukotka" is a very "tasty" project, which is potentially capable of changing the energy and industrial map of the entire northeast of the country. The project has already started. We received the principle approval of the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Energy. We proceeded to design.

At the Eastern Economic Forum, we with PJSC RAO Energy Systems of the East and the company Regional Mining Company signed a tripartite Cooperation Agreement, which will unite our efforts to implement investment projects to unify the energy system of the Chaun-Bilibino energy center and the Magadan Region (Kolyma-Chukotka ").

We will work on the development of design estimates for the construction of a high-voltage line at 110 kV "Bilibino-Kekura-Peschanka" and allocate 150 million for these works. 70 million rubles for the development of the project will be allocated to GDK Baimskaya. GDK Baimskaya will also work on the development of design estimates for the construction of the line 220 kV "Peschanka-PP-Omsukchan". RAO ES of the East will carry out design and survey work and develop design and estimate documentation of the energy center in Bilibino.

Thus, the construction of Bilibino-Kekura-Peschanka-Omsukchan electricity transmission lines will fully provide the necessary energy for the mining activities of the Baimskaya and other investment projects in the region, provide electricity to the settlements of the Chaun-Bilibino node, and create new workers in the territory of Chukotka Places. The task is not simple, it will require many efforts, including the removal of obsolete ones and the construction of new generating capacities, replacement of the old network infrastructure and the development of new lines for prospective consumers of electricity - to one of the world's largest copper-porphyry deposits Baimskaya area and the gold deposit Kekura.

If we give cheap, affordable energy to the region, then this, of course, will greatly change the socio-economic situation in Chukotka and the Far East.

- The implementation of large-scale projects in Chukotka will require the recruitment of new specialists. Where to take footage?

- Chukotka is a small region and there are not enough specialists: we are only in the past 6-7 Years have created more than 2,5 thousand jobs. Obviously, we will not physically find all the vacancies for specialists in Chukotka, so we are attracting staff both from within (companies employ local specialists) and from outside - mainly by shift work.

- And you did not think about attracting people to permanent residence, providing them with a full social package?

- Chukotka is an incorrect place for permanent residence. If you do not mine gold or coal there, if you do not have economic activity, then it's difficult to live in Chukotka.

One of the advantages that we have for the formation of the TOR, is the village of Beringovsky, which is the starting point where the company’s employees can be accommodated - approximately 30 kilometers from the field. Therefore, in order to carry and populate specialists in Chukotka, there must be economic justification, and people must make their own decisions.

- Chukotka - an attractive region in terms of tourism?

- Potentially attractive. Chukotka is definitely not a resort, it's another planet. Therefore, they are coming to us. And this is not a massive and not cheap tourism. I believe that we will develop extreme, cognitive, ecological tourism with ethno-cultural elements. First of all - cruise programs, tourist routes for small groups within the region with a visit to the Wrangel Island, the Whale Alley, the Ergav folklore festival, the Arctic Olympic Games. Next year will be 25 years of dog sledding race "Hope", to which we invite guests from different countries, first of all, of course, circumpolar - those who are close.
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