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FPV resident paved his way with good asphalt

Tiger Mix produced about 200 thousand tons of mixture for seaside sidewalks and roads in a year

The Tiger Mix enterprise, in the literal sense, has paved the way for the residents of the free port with high-quality products. Initially, the tiger-named enterprise was engaged in the production of dry building mixtures. In 2019, entrepreneurs decided to expand production, in May they began to prepare a site for the installation of an asphalt concrete plant on Rudneva Street in Vladivostok, and in September the new plant produced its first products. The test asphalt was laid in the same place on the opening day, and it is still in good condition.

FPV resident paved his way with good asphalt
Photo: Courtesy of Tiger Mix

Despite the high competition, the new player quickly got used to the market thanks to the quality and wide range of products, 24/7 shipment, individual approach to customers. Today, among the objects to which ABZ "Tiger Mix" supplies asphalt are Vladivostok courtyards within the framework of the city program "1000 courtyards", seaside highways under the federal project "Safe and High-Quality Roads" and other objects.

“We made our choice in favor of a ready-made, fully-equipped asphalt concrete plant from the world leader - the Swiss company Ammann with a perfect level of automation,” says Ilya Nemaltsyn, General Director of Tiger Mix LLC. - The cost of the equipment is more than 180 million rubles. This is a major investment for the company. It is possible to launch such a project and recoup all investments only if a resident of the free port of Vladivostok works in a preferential mode. Our ABZ, like any other, provides for the drying, preparation and storage of materials. The peculiarity of this plant lies in its configuration, we produce almost all types of asphalt: road, sidewalk, modern crushed stone-mastic asphalt concrete (SMA) - with increased strength due to the addition of various components. We can also produce colored asphalt - with the addition of dyes, although this type is not yet in demand. In addition, in our plant, in the production of new asphalt, the function of using used asphalt, the crumb that the milling cutter cuts off the road in preparation for repair work, is provided. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, up to 95% of this crumb can be used to obtain a ton of new asphalt, while in Primorye, about 30% of secondary material is still used. "

Part of the raw materials - crushed stone products, from screening to large fractions, and mineral powder - Tiger Mix buys from the Vostokcement company. The binding agent - bitumen, as well as special additives such as fibers, is purchased from a number of other suppliers. The plant can operate on three types of fuel: gas, diesel fuel and fuel oil.

“As a socially responsible enterprise, Tiger Mix ABZ pays special attention to the issue of environmental safety of production. Experts from independent laboratories make the necessary measurements and air sampling. I have not seen a better aspiration than in our factory. This is achieved thanks to modern filtration systems. We work on fuel oil, but we have absolutely no emissions and dust. The greatest amount of dust is separated during the drying of the components in the drying drum and their heating, but bag filters do not allow the suspended matter to enter the atmosphere. Inert materials are supplied and stored in sealed containers. The asphalt concrete plant is fully automated, the operator's task is to control the work of the plant. When producing asphalt, the temperature and particle size must be carefully monitored. Unlike concrete, which mixes with water, in the asphalt, on the contrary, there should not be a drop of water, and it must be heated to a certain temperature. If he violated the temperature, he spoiled the products, ”explains Ilya Nemaltsyn.

You can "burn yourself" even on premium quality asphalt concrete mix: if the temperature is not observed, the compaction is broken or the roller is used incorrectly, the asphalt will not lie for three years according to GOST, and SMA - five. The same applies to laying in the rain or snow, about which scandalous videos are often filmed: such a mixture cools down sharply, and the workers simply do not have time to compact it, the result is holes and cracks on the road. But this does not apply to the Tiger Mix ABZ, it is engaged in the creation of asphalt concrete mixtures and their testing in its own certified laboratory. Quality control is carried out at all stages of production - from raw materials to finished products. Each batch is tested.

“Have you seen when squares of asphalt are cut out on the road? Third-party organizations turn to our laboratory, they bring both ours and other people's asphalt. We test these fellings, issue a conclusion, a quality certificate. I distinguish our products by their shade and grain composition, - Ilya Nemaltsyn notes. - Our work is seasonal, in winter part of the state goes on vacation, but the main team, and we all are residents of Primorye, remains. Unfortunately, such a profession as an operator of an asphalt concrete plant is not taught. There is a tough competition for experienced specialists, therefore we conduct training at the enterprise ourselves. In the cold season, preparations are underway for the next construction season, we check and repair the equipment. "

In the laboratory of the plant, work is in full swing all year round: process engineers and laboratory assistants are developing and testing new compositions, correcting old ones. Based on GOSTs and the preliminary national standard, they are looking for the best options, and having chosen, they improve the recipe. In 2021, Tiger Mix plans to globally modernize its laboratory, equipping it with the latest technology.

“We hold the highest standard for ourselves in quality, we are developing together with the asphalt production industry in our country, we are constantly learning and are ready for the growth of demand. The road construction industry is now in a transitional phase: a number of standards have been introduced that set new requirements for the main building materials, as well as for their testing methods. The requirements for the production of asphalt concrete mixtures are changing significantly, the granulometry of asphalt concrete, including crushed stone-mastic asphalt concrete, is changing radically. New requirements for the physical and mechanical properties of mixtures are becoming much more stringent, which ensures their high-quality performance indicators throughout the entire service life. For this, it is necessary to modernize our laboratory. The purpose of equipping the laboratory is to maintain the highest level of quality of manufactured products in accordance with new standards, sums up Ilya Nemaltsyn.

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